Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Peak Into My Life Via Instagram!

I have finally returned to world of blogging after what seemed like an extremely long hiatus. My summer was incredibly busy & stressful, but with the support of my new fiance, I made it through in one piece. I spent most the summer working, travelling, and taking the final classes of my undergraduate degree. I took Spanish 3 & 4 along with Public Speaking during the months of June and July. The day after I finished my undergraduate, I packed up all of my belongings and moved to Amarillo, Texas. It feels like my entire world has turned upside down now that I live more 300 miles away from family. The transition has been difficult, but I'm starting to love my new apartment & home. I have greatly enjoyed organizing my apartment & exploring my home. 

This is my favorite spot in my brand new apartment. I took me several days of rearranging before I finally settled on the placement of my desk. 

Here is a peak at my new bathroom. I have already added a set of shelves for my cosmetics since snapping this picture. This is the first bathroom that is completely mine because I have always shared with one of my siblings. I love having my own space to apply makeup and get ready in the morning.

I bought this side table dish when I was unsure of my decision to move. I bought it to remind me to always seek the things that make my heart flutter. 

I had an impromtu ice cream fest because my wisdom teeth started to come in and the pain only subsided with cool foods. It was a lot of fun to try several new flavors.

One of my best friends made me this cute cross stitch for my new home; Apollo sensed that I needed some extra love; A peak at my grocery cart; Some gorgeous cupcakes from the bakery across the stress from my apartment.

Here is a peak at my new haircut. 

Lots of positive vibes,

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Ana said...

I'm glad you are loving your new apartment!! :) Your desk is super cute! You are so organized!! I need to learn something =) <3

KARA said...

Lovely Desk layout, I am an IG crazed nutter too, hope you settle in quickly xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacque,
I stumbled across your blog when looking for a picture and I just wanted to let you know that you are wonderful! Thank you so much for posting your little reminders, they were just what I needed to read today! You've made an awesome collection of quotes and pictures, great job, I certainly like it :D
Thank you for sharing your blog
-Miss B

Andiepants said...

Hello beauty and welcome back!!!
Your new place looks so nice and inviting! Happy to hear you are doing well and getting adjusted to all that's new! I need to either go and do some crazy shopping or just go buy some cupcakes-just for me!

Have an amazing week!!!!

Andie's Traveling Pants

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Glad you are back to posting & to blogworld.

Maggie said...

You are so amazing and so strong!! I genuinely am in love with your blog! Really hoping to see more from you soon!!

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