Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thankfulness: My Gratitude List

Hello, Sunday! I am extremely excited about the long Memorial day weekend.  This week has been extremely long and treacherous, including long hours inside a stuffy office at work and a week of antibiotic eye drops for my eye infections. Summer beckons me to enjoy my days while stretched out in the sun by a pool or at the beach. Instead of office casual, I want to don my vintage-esque emerald green bathing suit and dive like swan into the nearest body of water. That may end up being a pink plastic kiddy pool, but a girl can certainly dream of glamorous beach side resorts and Mediterranean beaches.

One of my favorite things about the summer time are the snow-cone & shaved iced stands. I think they put a small dose of happy inside each rainbow-colored ice treat. I also love long walks in the evening, flip-flops, popsicles, outdoor festivals, cat eye sunglasses, pink lipstick, coconut scented body wash, and picnics. What is your favorite thing about the summertime? I may be a little premature on the summer talk, but the rising temperatures here in Texas have signaled the start of our hottest season. I'm ready for long evening outside on the porch with cool glasses of lemonade or walks to the park to swing in the breeze. I'm ready for summertime.

Now that my vision has started to return, I look forward to happily transitioning back into my old routine including my blog writing. In order to stay positive, especially through my stress, I enjoy chronicling my daily happiness via Instagram.  Here are some of the things that I am thankful for today. 

 Starbucks with Zeth during our San Antonio adventures! We found that a cool drink from Starbucks was the only things to chase away our grumpy moods. 

 An extremely cute owl lunch sack that I found at the San Antonio Zoo gift shop. I'm such a sucker for owls.
 Re-organizing my makeup case. I'm such a makeup addict. 
 Healthy eyes.

 Pretty blossoms on my nightstand.
 Midnight taco dates with Zeth.

 Fresh basil pizza.
 My stack of nightstand books. I love to read before bed.

 Apollo built a nest with the covers in my bed. 
 Frozen yogurt date with Zeth.

 My haircut after 4 months of mermaid length, I shortened up for the coming summer.
  Seeing Shamu at Sea World. Zeth bought me the most adorable & gigantic Shamu plushie as a souvenir.

 Penguin duct-tape...enough said.
♥ "I Heart Paris" stationary. 
 ♥ Posing with Zeth after I graduated from college. You can't tell from the pictures, but Zeth is wearing his hood after being hooded with a Masters degree in English. Talk about sexy!

 Graduation smiles with one of my closest friends, Trina. 
 Red velvet cheesecake!

 Adorable erasers!
Little bursts of HUGE thankfulness

My boyfriend, Coconut scented body wash, manicures, Instax pictures, heart shaped post-its, antibiotic eye drops, otters, Chiffon Pink from Bath & Body Works, basic flipflops from Old Navy, big stacks of un-read magazines, iced black tea from Starbucks, sweet cards from my best friend, label makers, vintage perfume boxes, sun hats, big sunglasses, bubble baths, and sleeping in on the weekend.

What are you thankful for today?

Lots of positive vibes & lovely thoughts,

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Kato said...

I love your gratitude lists!!

Indigo Blue said...

Well I'm kinda from New Zealand so Summer finished a while ago here! But one of my fave things about Summer was inviting all my friends down to the beach on our bikes for a giant mud fight!We would take the kayaks down 2 and have a very entertaining and immature mud/kayak war!FUN.I also <3 in the Summer: Mangos,photography,making banana icecream (put bananas in the freezer 4 a bout a day) and browsing on we heart it!

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