Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday!


I have had such a crazy week, lovelies! As much as I love being busy, I hate it when I'm so strapped for time that I don't even get a few moments for blogging or eating. Both are necessities in my life. I have made a personal resolution to make more time for the things that make me happiest. I think we all should spend a little more time investing in our own happiness. Although Thursday is almost over, I felt inspired to reflect on all the things in my life that make me smile. Being thankful is an amazing feeling.

♥ The people in my life...I came down with some awful sickness yesterday, and my boyfriend, friends, and family have all been incredibly supportive. I have such an amazing support system. 

♥ My filofax...It has been my lifeline all week. When I start freaking out or stressing, I just open up the lovely pages of my bright pink filofax and organize my madness. I have started making weekly & daily to-do lists. It's insanely easy to keep track of my lists with my filofax. 

Little Bursts of gratefulness...

Iced caramel macchiatos, pink post-its, singing in the car, vanilla bean petit four, running a mile in 7 minutes, grey converse, colorful sharpies, sharing a smile with a stranger, smiling puppies, old mix tapes, Zooey Deschanel's New Girl, silly polaroids, my brand new glasses, peach bellinis, the sound of my kitty purring loudly, One for the Money, cooking gumbo like a pro chef, travel sized hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, finding an amazing Kate Spade purse at Marshall's marked down nearly 75% from retail, being referred to as quirky & stylish by one of my professors, the accomplished feeling after a rough workout, pink hair bows, glitter nail polish, my new tervis cherry blossom tumbler, and snuggles with my fox terrier in the morning.

What are you thankful for today?

Lots of love & positivity,

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Mary Has Sound said...

great list! you keep making my urge to get a filofax larger every time I read something from you! ahh.

I'm thankful for: mild & gorgeous winter weather, balloon bouquets, 35 cent magic wands, friends being eager to participate in life (with me), interesting college classes with good professors, and digital cameras! <3

Lauren said...

Cute post as always!!

greyskysaturday said...

awesome post! Can you do a what's in my filofax post if you don't mind?

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