Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A T-Rex in His Natural Habitat:

Eating chips at McDonalds!!
Ah, the simple things in life!!

Have a day filled with smiles, laughter, and a million reasons to happy dance!!

Quirky Resolutions for JULY!

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Hello, Lovely Friend! I cannot believe that July is almost here (as in TOMORROW!) and I haven't even done half of the things on my summer to-do list. I feel like July snuck up on me this year. I've actually been very attached to June, and I'm sort of sad to see it go. BUT alas... I must prepare for another month of summer fun! 

Summer has always been my favorite season! I love the possibilities and adventures that come along during the warm months of the year. I imagine the perfect summer to contain snow-cones, sandals, picnics, romantic rendezvous, late night movies, and at least one trip to the beach. What about you??

I've definitely a big list-maker. I make to-do lists every week in my planner and tack off the completed tasks as I finish them. It helps me stay organized and keeps me on track. I actually get kind of antzy when I don't have a list of things to do. I decided to compose a little list of resolutions to kick off July with a BANG!! I'm giddy & excited about all the summer activities still to come!

Quirky Resolutions for JULY!

  Do something AMAZING for Zeth: He's been so wonderful and encouraging to me lately. I've sort of been stuck in funk and struggling a little with depression. That's sort of why my blogging has been a little scarce. He's been spending loads of time with me and cheering me on the whole time. I really want to do something for him that will make his jaw drop from surprise! Any ideas??

 Finally learn how to drive: and get over my ridiculous fear of car accidents. I MUST make this resolution come to fruition! I MUST DRIVE!! I'm very determined to become a licensed driver this summer. Wish me luck!

 Take about a million more photos: because I've been lacking on my photography lately. I actually stress myself out a little and worry about getting the perfect shot. Sometimes I don't even take a picture if I know it won't turn out just right. I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. I think that perfectionists have the tendency to limit themselves by worrying too much and avoiding the chance of failure. I don't want to be afraid of failure anymore. I guess another resolution for me would be to take more chances and create more. Do you struggle with perfectionism? How do you cope??

 Start writing in my self love journal again: I used to write in my little love journal all the time. It's been almost 8 0r 9 months since I've written anything, and I really want to start writing again. 

 Go on another adventure day by myself: While I was in London a few weeks ago, I went on a little day of adventures by myself. I went to a quaint Italian restaurant, ordered a glass of wine, and had a meal all by myself. I also walked through Regent's Park and went to the London Zoo. I took lots of pictures of all the animals, squeed while watching the penguins splash around their habitat, and enjoyed the most delicious sponge cake while writing in my journal on the deck of the zoo cafe. I had an AMAZING time all by myself. I think that spending time on your own is really important. We all have a tendency to make decisions based on what other people want. It's such an incredible feeling to be a little selfish and spend a day just doing whatever your little heart desires. I need another day of self-loving adventures!

Other little resolutions...

Tweet more positive messages and encouraging quotes ★ Spend more time doing things that make me smile★ Attend one musical concert ★ Color an entire coloring book ★ Clean out my closet ★ Read all the books sitting inside the little library on my iPad ★ Talk to strangers & break out of my shell a little ★ Eat more fruits & veggies ★ Bake cupcakes for my grandparents ★ Walk George more often ★ Instagram at least once a day ★ Finish my sketches from earlier this year ★ Smile & laugh out loud about a kazillion times more often ★ Go to an aquarium ★ Make homemade soup Blog about life whether it's happy or sad!

What about you, Lovely?? 
What are your resolutions for July??

Sending lots of positive vibes your way,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Reminder

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"All human wisdom is summed up in two words - wait and hope.”

--Alexander Dumas

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Big List of Love!! What I'm Lovin' RIGHT NOW!

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WOW!!! It's been ages since I've posted a love list on my blog! I've noticed a lot of my friends have been compiling gratitude lists on their blogs & facebooks lately, and I felt inspired to tally up my own gratefulness. I truly believe that life is more wonderful & worthwhile when you are aware and thankful for all the little moments in your daily life. I feel like loving life is all about the little things that make your heart smile. It's about squeeing & happy dancing over the silly things that we usually take for granted. My heart is actually bursting with lots of love!! 

Spending time with Zeth after nearly 7 weeks apart...He is what I'm most thankful for at the moment. I know that sounds kind of sappy, but I really could care less! He makes my heart the happiest it has ever been in my life. I find myself smiling just by thinking about him. I cannot believe that we've been seeing each other for ONE YEAR! It's a big step for me. I know I've dated several people for longer than a year, but one year with Zeth just feels incredible. It feels like we're dancing, skipping, and hopping towards something more.

Little Bursts of Love!

Purring kitties ♥ colorful office supplies watermelon ♥ Disney movies ♥ Sonic drinks ♥ bright pink sparkle nail polish ♥ brand new sketchpads ♥ The London Zoo ♥ dark chocolate covered almonds ♥ Paris at night time ♥ Netflix before bedtime ♥ handmade jewelry boutiques ♥ Instagram on the iPhone/iTouch♥ sour pickles hiking ♥ emails from lovely readers ♥ reading my favorite blogs while snuggled in bed♥ stargazing ♥ chai tea lattes & sweet tea from Starbucks ♥ playing games with a big pool filled with swimming penguins ♥ adventure walks ♥ singing loudly in the shower ♥ the smell of freshly baked bread ♥ Pims biscuits ♥ cleaning sprees ♥ getting autographs from David Tennant & Catherine Tate after seeing Much Ado About Nothing in London ♥ sleeping in my own bed after a month away ♥ calligraphy pens ♥ my brand new Fifi Lapin LeSportSack satchel ♥ the most delicious brownies from a Parisian patisserie ♥ catching the "travel bug" ♥ French Macaroons ♥ pretty much anything pink & sparkly ♥ cotton candy

What are you lovin' right now, Lovely??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel Diary: Little Me, Back from PARIS & CANNES!

Hello, Lovely Friend! I finally made it home from a month long voyage across Scotland, England, & France!! I'm just bouncing off the walls with excitement to get back into my blogging! I tried to blog a little while I was abroad, but I just didn't have enough time or internet access to blog a lot. We landed in Dallas on Sunday afternoon and flew home later that evening. Oh, lovely! It was so amazing to sleep in my own bed and snuggle with George & Apollo!! I've also been glued to Zeth's side anytime he's free. There really is no place like home.
I'm already working on several blogs chalk full of travel pictures & accounts of my adventures while abroad. I have about a million pictures from my travels, so I need to narrow it down a little. I've been trying to unpack, visit with family & friends, and get over a little bit of jet lag. I've definitely missed all of you lovely people!!

I changed the look of my blog a little!! I was really in the mood for something new & colorful! I feel a lot of other changes on my blog percolating in my brain! So STAY TUNED! :D
IN OTHER NEWS...Zeth & I had our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this past weekend!! AH!! He gave me the most beautiful pearl necklace!! I'm seriously head over heels in love with him!! 

What have you been up to lately, Lovely??

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bonjour from Paris!!


I have heard so many different opinions regarding Paris ever since I first announced my study abroad trip. I knew that I would have to decide for myself whether I liked Paris. Turns out, I ADORE Paris!! 

Everyone is incredibly nice & friendly! My sister helped me with my French a little, and we have been trying our best when we go to cafes & shops. A lot of the people in Paris speak English, especially in the tourist-heavy areas. And the people are very friendly if you attempt French. My sister went to a sandwich shop and played a little game of charades with the clerk in order to place her order. She said he was very friendly and tried to help her. We went to a patisserie earlier today and had the most delicious pastries. I have had so much fun just exploring Paris & shopping with my sister.

Ah, quirky adventures in Paris!

Au revoir, Lovely!

Sending lots of positive vibes your way from Paris!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Style Crush

I absolutely adore her in every possible way! I think she's both gorgeous & quirky! I love her strange factor mixed in with a very unique and  eclectic style. I also adore the fact that it seems like she always plays very unique characters. 
It has become part of who she is as an actress, and I also think that her work with Tim Burton has only added to that sense of originality & her attraction to eccentric roles. 

 “I love dressing up and playing weird women.
It would be boring for me to try and look as beautiful as possible on screen."

-Helena Bonham Carter

"I drink booze, I smoke, and I'm hooked on caffeine. I actually have been known to swear at times and belch and even raise my voice when provoked. And I'm not physically repressed!"

Helena is also know for not taking fashion too
Helena in Marc Jacobs for the autumn/winter 2011 season! Isn't she just adorable?!
She kind of looks a little like Audrey Hepburn in this picture, no??

I'm just in love with her hair!
Helena is also known for shucking the many labels put on her over the years. She absolutely detests being called "the corset queen".

"Journalists are always calling my features Edwardian or Victorian, whatever that means. I am small, and people were smaller in those times. I'm pale and sickly-looking. I look fragile-like a doll. But sometimes I just wish I had less of a particular look, one that was more versatile."

In my opinion, her look is quite versatile & eclectic!
“I was Alice-like as a child, actually. Quite precocious, absolutely. Dreaming out loud."
By far, The King's Speech was one of my favorite of her films! 
"I'm the kind of actor who has ventured into escaping from me."

-Helena Bonham Carter