Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Ways to Find More Happiness

Sometimes it feel like all of us are on a lifelong mission to find the ultimate happiness and make it stick. It's easy to forget that happiness isn't something which can be packaged or bought. It's something which comes out of our own actions, experiences, and attitudes. I also think our own personal idea of total happiness is different for every person. 

10 Ways to Find More Happiness

Find more satisfaction in what you already have...rather than dwelling on what is missing or what someone else has. This is something I do every single day, and it helps me to appreciate all the little things in my life. Modern society prompts us to constantly yearn for something bigger & better, but I feel like that type of thinking only distracts us from all the wonderful things we already have in our lives. 

Transform awkward situations into adventures...which is easier said than done, of course. There is no getting around the fact that sometimes things happen to us, and we have no control over them. The way to find happiness, even in the crappy situations we all find ourselves in, is to maintain a positive attitude & be proactive about finding a solution to any problems. I was just in an awful situation a few days ago, and I refused to give in. You see, I have been trying to save a very large amount of money for a study abroad trip next month. My sister had a tooth fall out a few weeks ago, and because she didn't have any health insurance, we had to pay for her emergency root canal with my trip money. I decided to drop out of the study abroad program, but I was informed that I would have to pay back the entire cost of the trip if I dropped out. Yikes! So I decided to beg, borrow, and steal the money for the trip...hahaha just kidding...I took out a student loan to pay for the remainder of the trip, and now I'm going to study in Scotland, London, and Paris in May! 

Grant yourself more personal time...and spend time getting to know yourself better. I love to go for a long walk by myself when I start feeling stressed or worried. There is something therapeutic in spending a little quiet time with yourself. 

Stop comparing your life to others...because there is always going to be someone out there who has more. We are all guilty of comparing our lives to others, and I really think it makes us feel inadequate at times when we aren't in the same place as someone else. Ultimately, you have do what works for you and what makes you the happiest. Trying to be like someone else isn't going to make you truly happy. Accepting yourself for who you are and being thankful for the things in your life will get you closer to real happiness. 

Live life in the present moment...rather than constantly stressing and worrying about the future. Although it's important to plan ahead and stay on top of things, it's also important to live each day fully & enjoy your life as it is right now. I know I can't enjoy myself if I'm always worrying about things which are out of my control. I try to live everyday in the present moment and take every experience in. 

Open yourself up to new experiences...and learn to say 'yes' more. I made a promise to myself that this year would be a year of new experiences. I was tired of living my life inside a little bubble and hiding behind my shyness. Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man? I really like the concept of this movie, and I think it encourages people to open themselves up to new experiences. 

Give in to all of your emotions...even the negative ones. If you're having a bad day or feeling grumpy, don't try to stifle it or deny your feelings. Be honest with yourself about how you are feeling. You are going to end up more unhappy if you are constantly putting on a happy face, even when things are less than stellar. Be realistic about life. You aren't always going to have a day full of sunshine & bluebirds. You might have a really bad day, curse like a sailor, hit something, and end up in tears. That is called life, and it happens to all of us. Don't feel bad about it and never apologize for being human.

Be more supportive & loving to others...rather than competitive & hateful. I truly believe that we get back what we give to others. If you are constantly putting others down, even if it's just behind their backs, you are going to end up with that negativity in your own life. I think the main reason we feel the need to trash-talk others is because we all have insecurities about ourselves. Putting someone else down makes us feel better about our own shortcomings, but it only harms you as a person in the end. I try very hard to be supportive & kind to everyone in my life, regardless of what I think about them. It's difficult at times, especially when a big group of my friends are gossiping with one another, but it makes me feel like I'm being more genuine when I refrain from involving myself in that kind of negativity all the time.

Laugh out loud...and do it often. The benefits of laughter are vast. I think we all would be a little happier if we learned how to laugh more. At one point, I realized I wasn't always laughing out loud when I found something funny. Isn't that kind of weird? I started making a conscious effort to laugh out loud while watching a movie or talking with friends, and it has made a remarkable difference in my level of daily happiness. I know it seems kind of silly, but I think laughter really is the best medicine. We even have tickle-wars sometimes to get the giggles going. It's one of my favorite past-times! 

Focus your life on the things which make you happiest...Think about what makes you smile from ear to ear. Make that the most important thing in your life. Simple as that.

These are just a few of my own ideas on happiness. Everyone is different, and you have to figure out what works best for you. 

How do you find happiness in your own life??

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hi, My Name is Jacque!

I found this cute fill-in-the-blank survey on tumblr the other day and thought it would be a cute way to share a little more about myself. 

♥ Hi, my name is: Jacque.

♥ Never in my life have I been: surfing, snowboarding, or skydiving, but I'm interested in all of them.

♥ The one person who can drive me nuts is: my mom, but I still love her.

♥ High school: was four year of lameness.

♥ When I’m nervous: I start talking very quickly. I also get the jitters and start asking a million questions. 

The last song I listened to was: Get It Right from the GLEE cast.

♥ If I were to get married right now, my best man/maid of honor would be: my sister,' sho!

♥ My hair is: dark brown and usually down in curls.

♥ When I was 5: I was in the hospital from like 2 weeks with pneumonia, strep throat, & chicken pox...not fun. 

♥ Last Christmas: was a lot of fun. Tons of family time, food, and movies.

I should be..: working on my research for my research class, but alas I am blogging instead.

♥ When I look down I see: my black lace babydoll dress.

♥ The happiest recent event was: spending the weekend of spring break with some pretty amazing people.

♥ If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be: a combination of Monica & Phoebe. I'm sort of neat-freak like Monica, but I'm quirky and silly like Phoebe. 

♥ By this time next year: I may have figured out what I want to do after college.

♥ My current gripe is: my bangs!! They are seriously out of control!!

♥ I have a hard time understanding: the complexity of the human condition.

♥ There’s this girl I know that: lives down the hall from me and always puts her chihuahua in bed with me when she has early morning sis. 

♥ I like you when: you make me laugh, take the time to break through my shyness, and treat others with respect & kindness.

♥ If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: Zeth. I tell him almost everything.

♥ Take my advice: live life in the present moment and stop worrying so much about your next move. Enjoy all the little things in your daily life that make life so wonderful.

♥ The thing I want to buy is: the Kate Spade iPhone 4 case & Tangled on DVD!

♥ If you visited the place I was born: you would visit Del Rio, Texas.

♥ If you spent the night at my house: we would cook you something delicious for dinner, watch movies, play board games, and go to bed extremely late. You would also probably be stalked by my dog and end up sleeping with him glued to your hip. He adores new people. 

♥ I’d stop my wedding if: I wasn't marrying the right person.

♥ The world could do without: hateful people.

♥ I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: have to touch a public restroom toilet.

♥ Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: was a Spongebob coloring book. It even came with stickers!

♥ Most recent thing someone else bought me: Zeth bought me a really cute olive green Fossil wallet. It's really vintagey & I love it so! 

♥ My middle name is: Amanda.

♥ In the morning I: listen to music, blog, and tidy. 

♥ The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: polar bears and hippos. My favorites!

♥ Last night I was: eating a tomato salad and watching The Jetsons Movie with Zeth.

♥ There’s this guy I know who: lives way too far away from me, and I miss him way too bro.

If I was an animal I’d be: a dolphin, of course.

♥ A better name for me would be: Ah, no idea. Something classy like Isabella or Gabriella.

♥ Tomorrow I am: going to class and a study-abroad meeting.

♥ Tonight I am: going to bed soon.

My birthday is: August 1st

All done!! That was fun. Feel free to fill this out on your blog. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Glimpse of Me!

Random pictures taken during the weekend
A Little Glimpse of Me!

Hello, Lovely!
I have had several people over the last week mention through email & comments that they wish I would share more about my personal life. The main reason I don't share a lot of personal information on this blog is because I don't want it to become a personal blog. My main goal for this blog is to be a place of positivity & life-loving. I guess I get so wrapped up  sometimes in my happiness, sunshine, and blue birds. My friends call me Snow White because I'm a very happy & positive person, plus I love to clean! While my life is far from perfect, I feel like my blog is my way of filtering out the yuckiness in life and focusing on what makes life amazing. Maybe that sounds silly to some, but it works for me. 

Anyways, I decided to take the advice of a few readers and start sharing more about my life.


Photobooth Fun!!

My weekend in a nutshell:

♥ Lots of Netflix! I'm an avid cartoon-watcher, so I loaded up on my favorite toons!

♥ Major Headache! I was stuck in bed for most of Saturday because my head felt like someone was hammering nails into my sinus cavity. It was awful. 

♥ Bar-b-que with some friends! My boyfriend dragged me out of the house, and we went over to his best friend's house for a little bar-b-q. It was really lovely. My boyfriend and his buddy grilled the most delicious chicken & salmon. We visited, munched on the juiciest pineapple ever, giggled, and baked some easter cookies. It was a lot of fun.

♥ Cleaning & Laundry!! I did a little bit of my spring cleaning. I absolutely love to clean. It's kind of freakish. I actually get excited about buying cleaning supplies at the store. I actually did a little happy dance the other day in the store over a decorative container of Clorox wipes. Lame, right?

Tomato Salad made by yours truly!! 

Sunsets in West Texas snapped while I was out for a walk!

George loves clean-sheet days!

Zeth & Jacque!! 

Have a Happy Happy week!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Reminder!

"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."


"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."

--William Shakespeare


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tips for a Weekend of Loveliness!

I absolutely adore the weekend! I try to fill up my weekend with lots of fun & adventures, especially when I have a stressful week. I hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are!

Tips for a Weekend of Loveliness:

♥ Go for an adventure walk with one of your close friends. Make sure to bring along something to drink in case you start feeling parched.

♥ Make some chicken or cheese enchiladas and have your neighbors over for an impromptu fiesta! Make some strawberry margaritas if you are feeling particularly festive.

♥ Gather a bunch of your favorite pictures and make a photo-collage!

♥ Put on some relaxing music and take a bubble bath.

♥ Have a day at the beach (if you live near one)! Pack a picnic, go swimming, splash around with your friends and collect lots of sea shells.

♥ Grab your best friends and take lots of silly pictures together! Drive around your city or town and take pictures in random places!

Watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice a new look. My favorite YouTube Beauty-Guru is Michelle Phan.

♥ Write out some friendly cards to the family member you don't get to visit often.

♥ Grab some popcorn and have a little marathon of movies or your favorite television series!

♥ Write yourself a little love note and detail all the amazing things about you! It's a letter of self-love. Hide it somewhere random or have someone hide it for you. You'll find it sometime in the future and it will brighten your day.

Have an AH-MAY-ZING weekend, Lovely!!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Happiness is...

Happy Friday!!
“The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the cultivation of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.”
--Dalai Lama

...a cup of your favorite tea.

...springtime flowers.

...the first bite into a freshly baked cake ball.

...a colorful hair bow.

...brightly colored pinwheels spinning in the breeze.

...springtime picnics.

...the clicking sounds of a vintage typewriter.

...finding something tasty to munch on.

...when your kitchen is filled with lovely smells of baking.

...finding the perfect springtime jacket.

...the fresh smell of new sheets.

Sending lots of positive energy your way!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life As A Shy Girl

Life as a shy pretty rough sometimes. 

I have blogged about shyness a few times before, and I always feel like there is so much more to say afterwards. I follow several bloggers who are outgoing & extremely extroverted. I love reading about their lives and adventures, but I often wonder where all the shy introverts are hiding in the blogging world. While I'm sure there are plenty of shy bloggers, I think it is a rare thing to find a shy & introverted blogger who is willing to share their struggles and experiences openly. That is the main reason why I enjoy writing about my own struggles with shyness. 

As most of you know if you've been around here for a while, I'm an extremely shy girl. I have struggled with shyness since I was a child. When I was younger, I often thought my shyness was something I just had to get over. While that has been partly true for me as an adult, I have also come to realize that being shy is part of who I am as a person. I can't just change who I am all of a sudden. 

I'm writing about shyness based on my own experiences. I'm not an expert on dealing with shyness, so please don't hesitate to ask for professional help if your shyness starts to interfere with your daily life. 



Outgoing people just don't get it...and they never will. I have had countless discussions with my outgoing & extroverted friends about shyness. The reason extroverts don't understand the paralyzing affect shyness can have on a person is because they don't have the same inhibitions. It really upsets me when someone tells me to just get over it and stop being shy. There was once a time when I use to find myself envious of my outgoing friends. I have slowly come the realization that I have to accept myself the way I am, shyness and all. I feel like asking myself to stop being shy is like asking a dolphin to stop being a water mammal. It's just not realistic. 

There are some benefits to being shy...such as the fact that people have to work a little bit in order to get to know you better. If someone is genuinely interested in you, they will make the effort to get you to open up. Also, shy people have an air of mystery about them.     I think guys are more interesting when they are a little bit shy. I'm less likely to approach someone who is loud & outgoing because I find people like that a little bit intimidating. 

Shy people are not snobby...and it hurts our feelings when people assume we are snobby because we aren't apt to strike up a conversation. I try very hard to be friendly & sweet to strangers because I'm terrified of being written off as a big fat snob. I also assume someone who keeps to themselves is shy rather than snobby. More often than not, I'm right about their shyness. Maybe it's easier for fellow shy girls to recognize each other. It takes time & patience to overcome extreme shyness. There was once a time in my life when I was even too shy to order my tickets at the movie theatre. I also have dozens of stories where I froze up when it was my turn to order at the restaurant. If you're outgoing, it probably sounds pretty ridiculous to be so overwhelmingly shy that you avoid certain situations & try your hardest to be invisible. If you're shy, you can definitely relate. The best advice I can give to someone struggling with shyness is to be patient with yourself. If you're frustrated with your shyness, take baby steps to break out of your comfort zone. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't comfortable with certain situations. 

If you struggle with shyness, I would love to hear about how you deal with it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello From George!

George wanted to pose for the camera! He just got a bath & was extra fluffy for these pictures!

Happy Wednesday!!
Hope your day is filled with lots of tail-wagging fun and a million reasons to smile!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Style Crush

Style Crush: Zooey Deschanel
I have always loved Zooey's style ever since I first saw her in Almost Famous. I absolutely fell in love with her when she played a seriously quirky girl in Yes Man, and I also loved her performance in (500) Days of Summer.  I adore She & Him and their retro sound.  I feel like her style is very cute and vintage-inspired. I love all of her cute little dresses, patterned tights, and vintage hairstyles. Honestly, her bangs give me extreme hair-jealousy. In my opinion, she's the bee's knees.

"I love old music, old movies, screwball comedies, vintage clothes and basically I'm an old-fashioned gal."

--Zooey Deschanel

"I don't think I'm very much like anyone else, really. I'm sure there are aspects of other actors that I share, but I don't see anybody and go, "Damn, they stole my thing". I'm me and I like that there are people who have an appreciation for that."

--Zooey Deschanel


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Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Things I'm Really Into Right Now

Hello, Lovely...This past weekend went by way too fast! What kind of adventures did you have over the weekend?? Did you meet any fairies, travel to a magical land, or have a enchanted tea party?? My weekend was pretty magical. We went out to a friend's ranch for a few days just to hang out and relax. It was really nice to unplug from the world for the weekend. Unfortunately, I was not ready to face the real world this morning. I had a little case of the Mondays, so I decided to compose a post about my favorite things of the moment.

10 Things I'm Really Into Right Now
10. Swans

9. Votive Candles

8. Vintage Keys

7. Avocado Sandwiches

6. Embroidery

5. Mermaids

4. Blossoming trees

3. Stars

2. Carrot Cake

1. Pink Office Supplies

What are you really into, Lovely??

I hope the rest of your week is filled with loveliness!!

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