Friday, December 23, 2011

List of Thankfulness Friday!!

Hello, Lovely Friend! I apologize for my lack of posts lately. Like I have mentioned on twitter & facebook, I came down with all kinds of nasty winterized sickness. I rushed to the doctor yesterday only to find out that I have walking pneumonia, an extreme sinus & ear infection, and a kidney infection. GROSS. Thanks to a steroid shot, a super powered antibiotic shot, and some sugar free strawberry lozenges, I'm feeling MUCH better after only one day in bed. 

I was actually supposed to go out of town with my boyfriend for the holidays, but I had to cancel our plans because of my illness. Fortunately, my sister gave me an amazing flat screen tv for my bedroom. I'm snuggled up in bed with George, watching all of our favorite movies on Netflix while composing this blog post. I'm feeling pretty grateful for all of my blessings right now and thought it was the perfect time to compose a gratitude list.


My friends...for all of their support & love. I seriously have the most amazing people in my life. They never fail to make me smile, cheer me up, and fill my days with sunshine. I absolutely adore my lovely friends.

My Mom...for taking care of me all the time, especially when I'm under the weather. 


 Little Bursts of Thank-ful-ness!!

Red velvet cupcakes, Christmas movies on Netflix, hot tamales, baking parties with my favorite people, going on a Christmas light tour date with Zeth, We Rule for iPhone, cooking my sister's recipe for beef tips over rice, being told I'm an organizational wizard by my OCD grandmother, gingerbread houses, "ginormo starbucks drinks" in the words of my mom, hot pink Christmas trees, The John Rutter Christmas Album, cinnamon sticks, holiday cookie scented candles, pink sugarplum hand lotion from Bath & Body Works, going to see Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, silver and magenta tinsel, holiday cookie dough, my heating blanket, spending time with my mom, Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Pencil (my absolute favorite lip stain & chapstick in the world), loaded potato soup, tea roses, building fires in our fireplace, and snuggling with my sweet pets on a cold night.

What are you thankful for, Lovely?

Lots of positive vibes & warm fuzzies,

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Heidi said...

Glad you're feeling better! Cute post!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! God bless you! xoxo ♥

Ana said...

I hope your feeling better!!!! I am thankful for been given the opportunity to get to know you! You are an amazing person!! love u!!!

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