Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Things I'm Really Into Right Now: Holiday Edition!


10. Holiday tunes

9. Festive nail polish

8. Candy canes

7. Homemade hot cocoa

6. Intense holiday baking

5. Patterned tights

4. Snowflake gingerbread cookies

3. Boots with a feminine dress

2. Vintage lights

1. Homemade ornaments

What are you really into right now??

 Lots of love & positivity!

4 Quirky Comments:

Natasha said...

Candy canes all the way! I absolutely love your blog Jacque, these lists always brighten my day. xxx

Gina said...

I'm loving the patterned tights and I love rockin' festive nails! So cute :)

Hope you have a warm and relaxing holiday!

xo, gina

Anonymous said...

Your words and thoughts r really inspiring..keep it up. I'm glad i stumbled into your blog the other day,you're such a beautiful person inside and out :) xx

Alejandrita said...

I love the post...I'm really into christmas ornaments and baking cookies...I love christmas ^^

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