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10 Reasons Why Introverts Are AMAZING People!

Remember when I wrote about being a shy girl? I recently took the Briggs Myers personality test for one of my classes and found out that I'm an INFP. I'm introverted...big surprise, right? I've written several blog posts about my own struggles as a shy person, but I still feel like there is so much more to say about it. I have received so many wonderful emails and comments from fellow shy girls & guys. I absolutely love connecting with others shy people. I actually think we should have our own little club & clubhouse à la The Little Rascals

One of the reasons I love being a shy girl blog writer is because there aren't many of us out there. That is the main reason why I tend to write about my shyness from time to time. It is my hope that by putting myself out there & chronicling my experiences as an introvert, many other fellow introverts will be encouraged and follow suit. Being shy in a world filled with extroverted people is very difficult. Most extroverts have a hard time understanding introverts and often make them feel like their shyness is just something that need to get over. 

It has taken me a very long time to feel comfortable in my own skin and express to many extroverts that being shy is a part of who I am. While I may work to get over some of my inhibitions as an individual, I also have to embrace myself wholly as an introvert. If you're shy like I am, I hope that you will attempt to accept your shy self completely. Stop punishing yourself for being an introvert and start loving yourself completely. In my opinion, shy people are brave, interesting, and extremely quirky individuals. So if you are an introvert, you're pretty amazing in my book.

10 Reasons Why Introverts Are AH-MAY-ZING People!
♥ Introverts are usually very creative, unique, and eccentric people. While some may view introverts are weird, I like to think of us as individualistic. 

♥ Many introverted people turn out to be actors, professors, doctors, lawyers, and many other professions that require public speaking. We may be shy, but we are brave enough to get over our inhibitions and do what we love the most. 

♥ We are usually quiet, so when we do voice our opinions, you know that we mean it.

♥ Introverts don't normally make a fuss about the little things. 

♥ Unlike some popular beliefs, introverted people love a good conversation. We just don't like all of the small talk or chitchat. Introverts love deep & in-depth conversations with good friends.

Introverted people are honest and give their true opinion when asked for it.

♥ Introverted people tend to be more patient and willing to wait. We are easily lost in our own thoughts and can amuse ourselves with daydreams when forced to wait around.

♥ We are very good listeners and make very loyal friends.

♥ Introverts tend to be independent and turn inwards when faced with difficult situations. In turn, we also take our time to make important decisions and refrain from impulsive choices. Because of this, when an introvert makes a decisions, you know that they have thought about it thoroughly. 

♥ We cannot "fix" ourselves and become extroverted. Being shy is part of who an introvert is as a person. While we can work on our inhibitions and overcome extreme shyness, being introverted is just part of our makeup. It's not something we can just get over.  Thus, we require a lot of patience if you want to get to know us.

Are you shy?? I would love to hear from you.

Lots of positive vibes,

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Mary Has Sound said...

In my personality psychology class last semester my professor told us there is a certain chemical that extroverts have low amounts of which is why they crave additional stimuli. It made me think about how cool it is that introverts can have a great time on their own, with their own thoughts and they don't need extra activities to find happiness. :)

AVY said...

I agree, but sometimes it would be easier to be an extrovert.

/ Avy

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for this post! Extroverts don't seem to understand that shyness isn't something that can be turned on or off at will, and I find it very insulting that there are so many people who think that it's something that needs to be "fixed."

Råchel Opål said...

As a pretty awesome introvert myself, I quite enjoyed this post :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog post! Check out the book: Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength by Laurie A. Helgoe. It's a great read about how strong and awesome introverts really are and how they can cope in an extroverted world.

Maryam said...

Great post:) I am a introvert and my mom always tells me to get over it but the fact is I get it from her. I think in ways introverts are sometimes better. there is a Hadith(saying) that says: modesty/shyness is the best policy. I'm trying to live with it and love it:) thanks for the inspiration:)

Db said...

I think I am an extrovert that is very shy. I want to shout at the world but I'm afraid I'll shout the wrong thing and then people will look at me and not listen to me.

My favorite people are introverts. I can't think about things well (short attention span) so I like to be with introverts who can do the thinking for me. I also love questioning introverts. They spend so much time thinking, their answers are always surprising to me and give me so much new stuff to think about.

My sister taught me about introverts. I always thought she was just kinda dumb because she never talked. Then I got older and found out that she's thinking WAY more than I have ever thought and that she's way smarter than me. Now I have such great respect for introverts and love to be their friends.

Justyna_Makeup said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog!! I am very introverted at school mainly; around my peers. I don't have very many friends...I'd say one friend and one best friend. My mom is my best friend and I love my family, they are my safe place to be and I can be myself! At school I am very very quiet and I don't make friends easily. I've seen my shyness as a bad thing since the 6th grade and I am now a junior in highschool. I lvoe that my therapist has been teaching me to see it as a good thing. I also like what you said that you like your shyness especially because not many people are shy. People always have given me a hard time about it saying, Why are you so shy? "say something" "are you sad?" " Youre being so quiet!" one kid the other day said, "why are you so quiet?" And I said "because I just am, does it bother you?"( I could hardly get those words out) and he said, " no, I just don't get it, it makes me sad that you are quiet." It made me feel so bad and angry at him and myself. I just want to accpet myself so I'm learning more about introversion. I always feel I have to socialize at school and have lots of friends, I feel like a freak most times. I dread going to school everyday. But I'm learning to accept it and appreciate it. Sorry I feel like I was kind of all over the place and you probably won't read this but I'm glad to have come across your blog! :)

Christopher Ocampo said...

Everything here is true.
We introverts may be quiet in real life we have more on our minds have more on my mind then other people can possibly know. Sometimes people are conversating beside me and sometimes I really agree with what they say. Sometimes I wanna tell Her that she is beautiful and that I dont see other girls the way I see her. However all of that stays rotting in my mind. It hurts sometimes. uhh so yea. >.>

I bet we are all talkative on the internet such as facebook. But when it comes to talking in real life oh my gosh >.< But yea. My only B this year in school was speech class....... I hope we all get to soon get over our fears. I guess I dont say much because I think my words will hurt or offends people in some way.

~Christopher Ocampo, a guy :o~

"I have more on my mind then you can possibly know"

Andiepants said...

If I remember correctly...I think I am ISFJ...need to go back and figure those out. But I'm pretty certain I made the "s" and "j" by very little. :)

joyce g. said...

ha! totally! i am an INTJ :)) funny that we have the opposite ends but i can totally relate with you :) *high5!

Anonymous said...

"Most extroverts have a hard time understanding introverts" Of course they do because they're always running off at the mouth about some trivial nonsense that has no intellectual weight whatsoever and they automatically assume it's cause we're shy that we don't like to converse..No, most other introverts I know don't like engaging in mindless banter and would rather have deeper conversations AND people assume introvert means anti-social...Any who nice blog girly
P.S I'm an INTP <3

Anonymous said...

I loved this :) I'm an INFP too!

Vanessa S. said...

This is a nice post but being shy and being introverted are two very different things. A lot of people can be introverted and not shy (for example not speaking up in class but still having a ton to say if they do happen to get called on by the teacher) or extroverted and shy.

Shyness is a milder form of social anxiety where someone actually fears social situations because they may feel they are being judged by others but introversion is more of a personality trait in which someone feels drained after too much social interaction. There was an article in Psychology Today that had a quote that clarified the difference pretty well: "The shy want desperately to connect but find socializing difficult... Introverts seek time alone because they want time alone. An introvert and a shy person might be standing against the wall at a party, but the introvert prefers to be there, while the shy individual feels she has no choice."

I love all the other points brought up in this article and i love that you blog about your introversion and shyness, bloggers like you are hard to find but totally worth it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm both shy and introverted too. The majority of people around me are quite extroverted so i often feel quite out of place and misunderstood. I've also been made to feel at times that I need to try and eliminate my shy-ness.

I'm really glad i'm not the only one. :) You're totally right about loving ourselves just the way we are right now. cheers! :D

Front Paw said...

While going through the 10 points you enumerated, I felt as if it was me and not you speaking. Great job. By the way I also took the test you mentioned and found that I am INFP too. Three cheers for the INFP gang :D

Anonymous said...

just waana ask you if the reason is that we can not come up with social people is that we are afraid that if we speak something it may result in embarassment therefore it is better that we do not speak atall may be of the fear that somebody may make fun of us as the only senseful things that we talk about would be simple as we can not come up with those jokes it does not come to mind and the other people think that being in group means enjoyment and this is against it and if we do talk what we can we are said stereotypes

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! I am an introvert myself and am passionate about standing up for introverts everywhere. I highly recommend you read the book Quiet by Susan Cain, which highlights numerous positive attributions and qualities introverts have within themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I am an INTJ myself and when I was talking with a extrovert recently, she said the reason I didnt have many friends was that I was not contributing anything to the relationship. I was taken aback at what she said, and after thinking about it for sometime, I realize that she was just being mean and totally wrong. Of course we are introverts, but if I have to just blabber on to keep someone entertained, I would rater not have that kind of relationship at all.
Reading up on so many comments I realize that I value one-on-one conversations more than anything else. I only hope I keep reminding myself about this, and not feel excluded.

Anonymous said...

Great post! As an introvert, I can agree with these things wholly. I had to take a speech class this year, and it was not fun. I felt kind of bad being the person who dreaded the class, because a lot of my friends and fellow students enjoyed it. The other day I was watching an old promo for the Twilight Zone, and Rod Serling said something like this: "We writers are at our best behind a typewriter, rather than telling a story vocally." I'm sure I got a lot of that wrong, but the gist of it was that we have great ideas, but we don't express ourselves best through speech. I think I'll always be that guy who stumbles through a simple conversation, but can write five pages easy on my feelings on a subject. Have a great day, my fellow introverts :)

Anonymous said...

This was a nice article. :)

I wasn't always shy, but a certain falling out with my best friend in middle school caused me to withdraw socially. It's very frustrating because there's so much I'd like to say and there's so much more to my personality than what meets the eye. Also, I only seem to befriend other introverts. I would very much like to befriend and extrovert and possibly learn how to cut loose and not be so awkward from him or her. Part of me does kind of like my shyness but another part of me finds it a curse because I feel stuck in my own head and I can't seem to conncet with others. :/

Anonymous said...

I am a shy introvert (see vanessa's comment) and it is really hard to find other introverts in school that I can relate with and on the web all the Introvert chat rooms are dominated by young adults. This blog is a nice refresher to being stuck within my own head because talking to kids in my new school kinda freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, 60% or people on the honors roll are introverts, and only 25% of people in the WORLD are introverts! I guess we're all special :D

My fellow classmates thought that I was mute, just I didn't talk much during the first few days of school. Luckily for me, I've got a few friends who would be willing to stick up for me any day-of-the-week. Thank you SO much for putting up this article! Now I realize that I don't need to change myself, I'll just let nature take its course, and become one with my "introverted self" :D

Anonymous said...

Would like to point out that not all introverts are shy people. I'm an introvert, and I'd sure as hell prefer being by myself than with a group of people I'm not close to, but I have no problems or fears making contact when it's needed. Don't limit yourself to being shy because you're an introvert. You can't change from being an introvert to and extrovert but you sure can overcome shyness. Here's a strange tip: watch anime. It really can change you. Tengen toppa gurren lagann was the first anime i watched. Builds confidence somehow.

Nassbass12 said...

I found this blog in an incognito window :D
I'm just an introverted guy trying to know an introverted girl.
Shits difficult.
I would say email me but im not about to throw that on here.
I'm just gunna read all your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hai, i'm also an introvert..(-'_'-)
for me, to speak with others is really a hard time.
nervous. I prefer to be alone. Trying to escape from friends and doesn't like to socialize..

Ajinkya Salve said...

Every single thing !!!
Well written :)

Austin Bailey said...

Intj, the problem with socializing is that I always come across as a serial killer

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacueline, I have been Shy my whole life, like you say most shy people can't overcome it but , learn to live with who they are.I am also an introvert, I day dream all the time and easily get lost in my own thoughts. sometimes I'm okay with that because, it takes to me some pretty interesting 'mental' places but, most of the time I hate it. I hate how I'm so shy and quiet and struggle to make friends.I'm also don't like getting my photo taken because, I am so shy. I hate it I wish I was more outgoing and confident and easier at speaking to people.

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