Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Peek Into My Life Via Instagram!

Today felt like it was Monday...thank goodness it's actually Wednesday instead! I think I would have died if it was only Monday and we all had an entire week ahead of us. I'm normally very positive about Mondays, but I haven't been feeling very motivated lately. I think I'm just in a third-week-of-school funk. I think I just need to bake some cookies, watch a few of my favorite movies, and take a little time to just relax. I've always been sort of a spaz when it comes to stress. I'm sure it will pass soon, and I'll be back to my cheerful, positive, and excited-about-Mondays self.  

Here is a little peek into my life via instagram pictures! My user name is happytobequirky if you want to follow me. I'll follow you back as well.

Lots of love & positivity!

6 Quirky Comments:

Olivia said...

LOVE the Hello Kitty clock!! (i have a HK obsession!)

Katie said...

Cute pictures!

PHILO said...

hihi sooo cute!

xoxo ♕♕♕

Valerie September said... have a nice life. (or is it just the positive pictures?) :)

Love and hugs.

O. said...

Loving the instagram!!!!

Ana said...

It feels like everyone i talk to feels that same lack of motivation! *shakes fists at school*!!! I hope your cookies turned out super yummy!! <3

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