Friday, September 23, 2011

I Heart Fall!

There is a subtle chill in the air, the rainy days have started to creep in, and the winds are stirring the trees as if to announce the arrival of autumn. As the leaves begin to transform into golden, orange, and crimson masterpieces, we see the beginning of the most magical & enchanting of the all the seasons. Autumn has come, and now it's time to unpack your favorite sweaters, scarfs, and wooly hats. It's time pick out your favorite pumpkin from the patch, bake warm pies for your friends, and prepare for the winter to come. 

Happy first day of Autumn, Lovely friend!!

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Gemmi said...

I had no idea was the first day of fall! Thanks for the reminder!!

Alejandrita said...

Happy first day of Autumn for you too Jaque!! ^^
I love this season <3

Holly said...

Heheh! It's slowly becoming spring over here in NZ! :)

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