Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Filofax Mania!

So...about a month ago, I wrote a blog post all about planners called Mad About Planners: Moleskine, Filofax, and More! 
A week later, I purchased my very own FILOFAX!! I definitely spent plenty of time doing my homework and researching organizers  & planners of all types. It was a frustrating task filled with many planners of sub-par quality. I'm ridiculously picky about my organizer, and it was a difficult task to find the perfect planner for my organizational needs. 

I came across several blog authors who wrote about how wonderful their Filofaxes were. I was still skeptical, but I decided to take a big risk. I excitedly ordered a Personal Metropol in raspberry along with a few accessories and spent the next few days waiting around for my package to arrive. When my Filofax finally arrived, I immediately started organizing and personalizing. I've been employing my lovely little organizer for the past two week, and I'm absolutely smitten. I absolutely adore my Filofax! 

I ordered line-less week on two pages calendar inserts. I have gigantic handwriting, and I always find it impossible to squeeze my writing in between tiny lines. I was tempted to order day on one page inserts, but I didn't want my calendar to be too bulky. I like having the entire year inside my planner so I can look ahead and plan dates and appointments. 


I created a front page for my Filofax using some spare scrapbook paper and a few of my favorite pictures. I really wanted to be inspired with color and visual images on the very first page of my planner. I filled the credit card slots with my gift cards and other important cards. I use the inside pocket of the planner to stash important papers. Right now, I have the rehearsal schedule for the play I am going to be stage manager for. 

I use the to-do list inserts obsessively. I'm an extreme to-do lister, and I love having a place to jot down tasks and check them off when they're completed. I need to order some more of these inserts soon!

I have a pocket sheet in the very back of the organizer with some of my favorite pictures. The top picture is Jamie's from Inspired Mess. I received this picture a long time ago, and it's been hanging up on my inspiration board since then.

I use my "All the World's a Stage" pen from Shakespeare's Globe. It's one of my favorite pens and it has a lot of sentimental value. I also use a pink Penmate for doodling and a black fine point sharpie to make labels. I have several different labels such as "quotes", "blog ideas", and "to-do lists". I also use star and heart shaped post-its to jot down little reminders.

What kind of organizer do you use?? Are you a Filofax diehard or convert? What are you thoughts on the iconic organizer??

Lots of love & positivity!

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Katie said...

I have a green A5 filofax and its awesome. Loved looking at how you personalized yours.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing! Funnily enough I was actually reading another blog earlier today about the joy of Filofax, and I've also been debating for a couple of weeks about splurging on one... I think I am now officially convinced :)

Holly said...

Love your pink planner!
Plain old black 18 month Moleskine for me! I wish I remembered to doodle in it/use it more though! :P

S M Secchi said...

I'm a Filofaxist too!
I have a pocket green Chameleon which is all my world *_* I love customizing it, I just changed the A-Z index with a coloured tab set... Absolutely lovely!

VerĂ³nica said...

Hi Jacque, i'm a new follower.
I have two planners similar to filofax, ones a Hello Kitty personal size, and a Vogue (a present from this magazine) and i'm in love!
Congratulations for your blog!

Laurie said...

I love this post so much I've added it to my list of Filofax Love Posts, which you can see here!


And in case you haven't seen www.philofaxy.com yet, come on over and talk about Filofaxes with us! :)

Sarah said...

I'm an organizer nerd too! I used to carry a planner in high school and college. Now, not so much. Since I'm always near a computer I use iCalendar and my iGoogle page a lot. I was always interested in the Filofax... but like they're kind of an investment lol - I am a bit intimidated but would love to get one some day :) I'd have to look for one in blue or teal or purple!

I think your filofax is lovely. I like that you use different colored pens!

Valerie September said...

I Need To-DO lists! Without them I would get nothing done. Ever! I'm lovin' the signature, btw, it's so cute!

Ana said...

that Filofax is really adorable! I love planners and being organized especially for school, because if there is no To Do list or jotted down in my planner I will totally forget!!!! =)

Lola said...

I love this post! I have been looking for a new planner and now I really really really want a filofax!!

twoninethree said...

Your filofax looks gorgeous!! I love mine too, think I'd be lost without it!! :) xx

terriknits said...

Great post - I love how much thought you put into your purchase and usage. I can't use use lined Filo refills because my handwriting is atrocious and the wee, tiny lines make it worse!

White Rabbit said...

great post!
Im currently using an A5 Malden in vintage pink & love it!

GothBarbie said...

I JUST bought mine! I can't believe it took me 33 years to discover this thing! It's so perfect for me - so much better than the little blank books I used to carry around. I'm IN LOVE!

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing, & your filofax looks lovely & colourful! I have a crimson personal Malden & an A4 Strata & converted to them in 2009.
If you pop over to http://philofaxy.blogspot.com you'll find lots more of us fans there :)

Zara M. said...

I LOVE your fun girly pictures! Your very pink and spotty blog has put a big smile on my face for the day :)

Zara M.

Nikki said...

How funny! I have the exact same Filofax AND I use the same Shakespeare's Globe pen - I'm an obsessive visitor to the Globe. I love that place.

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