Friday, August 12, 2011

What I Wore: Glee Movie Date!


This is my first outfit post EVER!!

And I'm very very very nervous about posting pictures of myself up on the interwebs. First of all, I really don't want to appear narcissistic or give off a snobby vibe. That is definitely NOT what I'm all about. I know some blog readers out there aren't into the whole daily outfit blog post thing, and I think that's awesome for them. If this kind of thing isn't your bag, you may want to come back later on for some more of my usual programming. 


In my opinion, outfit posts are enormous amounts of fun. I absolutely adore reading about and seeing the lovely outfits on all of my favorite blogs, fashion or otherwise. I thought it would be fun to incorporate some of my own outfits into the mix. My style is sort of girly and feminine. I wear an unusual amount of skirts and dresses. I own cardigans in every color known to man, and I wear mary jane flats almost every day. 


I've been very interested in makeup ever since I took a stage makeup class a few years ago. I've been studying makeup on my own since then. Although I'm far from being an expert, I definitely enjoy makeup artistry. I always feel like a big time movie star whenever I get glammed up for a date. My favorite makeup books are by Kevyn Aucoin. I also watch makeup tutorials on youtube, read beauty blogs, and pick up every morsel of knowledge from my makeup guru friend, Trina. I adore eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and false eyelashes (although I only wear wings because my eyelashes are already quite full).

 I'm hoping to feature some of my lovely friends in a small beauty tutorial very soon. I'm just easing into the beauty & fashion niche because I don't want to frighten off readers who aren't interested in those things. My blog has always been a little bit of everything, and I constantly feel like dabbling in new topics. I just hope my eclectic taste will not scare off anyone.  I've been perfecting my smoky eye look which is pictured above. 



I know the phone camera picture is a little cheesy, but my Nikon camera still needs to be repaired. I'm actually considering buying a brand new camera soon!




My lovely friends & I went to go see the Glee 3D Movie at midnight and it was AH-MAY-ZING!!! We sang, danced, and clapped through the entire movie.

For my Glee date I wore...
★ A Thrifted White and Blue Ruffle dress 
★ Grey shrug from Forever 21
★ Mary Jane shoes by Jessica Simpson
★ Grey bow from Hot Topic


I think my hair gets bigger everyday! I have the thickest hair in the world. All I have to do to get a little volume is tease two or three section on the top and fluff it out. I had it pinned up in a mini beehive, but my head started hurting so I took it down. I have straight across bangs, but they are overgrown and in need of a trim, so I combed them to the side. I constantly have hair-drama!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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Raphaela said...

I love outfit posts too! I think your outfit is really cute and you should post more of your outfits.

Peggy said...

Just adorable! LOVE the mary janes (MJs are my favourites too) and I too have cardigans in every colour.

It is not narcissistic to share your outfit Jacque, isn't that what blogs are all about, sharing?

I look forward to the next outfit instalment. :)

Råchel Opål said...

ADORABLE! I love the nail polish, did you do it yourself?

Db said...

First, you have beautiful hair that I dream about owning. Dark, thick, with a wave in it. I have thick straight regular brown hair that I've fought for most of my life. What I suggest is to give into your hair. Let it win the fight, and everyone is happier. I may be a fan of more natural hair styles, where it looks like you woke up, ran your fingers through it and BAM done. Your hair already has that look (from what I see in the pics), so be proud of it.

Also I LOVE those shoes! I've been needing black flats for years but can never find the right pair. Mary Janes have just made the list as the black flat I want.

Vixel said...

Your eye make-up looks fabulous, it's the kind of look I spend ages (and make loads of mistakes) attempting to achieve for a night out!

vinayak said...

how are you

Amy said...

Never been to your blog before. I just stumbled upon it. I Googled "quirky girl outfits" because I have an audition today to portray a quirky girl. LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! It's adorable, and has given me some great ideas . . . You are so cute! :-) Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

my hair is WAY thicker

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