Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Tour of Edinburgh!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! We spent the day wandering around Edinburgh and touring the city on a bus. It was a lot of fun to visit Edinburgh and see how it has changed after two years since my last visit to the UK. We returned to one of my favorite places in Edinburgh, the Royal Botanical Gardens. I took way too many pictures of flowers, trees, and grassy hills. I'm afraid this post is going to be very photo heavy!!

Several Buildings from the Old Town in Edinburgh

Several Churches from the Old Town Edinburgh

An adorable tea party in Princes Park! They were dressed up in fancy dresses and had a little spread with fairy cakes & cups of tea.

 A trail called Radical Road leads up to the top of this hillside to a place called Arthur's Seat.

The back end of the Scottish Parliament building.

An enchanting forest inside the city called the Royal Botanical Gardens!

Blossoms inside the Royal Botanical Gardens

A lovely park across the street from the gardens. There was a cricket game going on, lots of dogs playing catch, and a large group of swans swimming in the pond.

Lots of love!!

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Deer Donna said...

wow the buildings are gorgeous! as are you!! :D xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh my gosh, your images are beautiful. Hope you're having a great time!

Kato said...

Thank you for the photo tour! I was in Edinburgh in 2008 and I have been DYING to get back there!

Have so much fun!

Jacque said...

Deer Donna: Aw thanks!!! You're so sweet!!

Jacque said...

Miss Peregrin: Thanks!! I've been trying my hardest to become a better photographer!! I'm not the most experienced photographer, but I'm very interested in photography. Your comment made my day!!

Jacque said...

Kato: Omg!! That's so awesome that you visited Edinburgh in 2008! I was here in 2009 and have been dying to return as well! Hope you have a chance to return sometime soon!!

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