Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Glimpse of Me!

Random pictures taken during the weekend
A Little Glimpse of Me!

Hello, Lovely!
I have had several people over the last week mention through email & comments that they wish I would share more about my personal life. The main reason I don't share a lot of personal information on this blog is because I don't want it to become a personal blog. My main goal for this blog is to be a place of positivity & life-loving. I guess I get so wrapped up  sometimes in my happiness, sunshine, and blue birds. My friends call me Snow White because I'm a very happy & positive person, plus I love to clean! While my life is far from perfect, I feel like my blog is my way of filtering out the yuckiness in life and focusing on what makes life amazing. Maybe that sounds silly to some, but it works for me. 

Anyways, I decided to take the advice of a few readers and start sharing more about my life.


Photobooth Fun!!

My weekend in a nutshell:

♥ Lots of Netflix! I'm an avid cartoon-watcher, so I loaded up on my favorite toons!

♥ Major Headache! I was stuck in bed for most of Saturday because my head felt like someone was hammering nails into my sinus cavity. It was awful. 

♥ Bar-b-que with some friends! My boyfriend dragged me out of the house, and we went over to his best friend's house for a little bar-b-q. It was really lovely. My boyfriend and his buddy grilled the most delicious chicken & salmon. We visited, munched on the juiciest pineapple ever, giggled, and baked some easter cookies. It was a lot of fun.

♥ Cleaning & Laundry!! I did a little bit of my spring cleaning. I absolutely love to clean. It's kind of freakish. I actually get excited about buying cleaning supplies at the store. I actually did a little happy dance the other day in the store over a decorative container of Clorox wipes. Lame, right?

Tomato Salad made by yours truly!! 

Sunsets in West Texas snapped while I was out for a walk!

George loves clean-sheet days!

Zeth & Jacque!! 

Have a Happy Happy week!!

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Alexis said...

Didn't know if you knew this but I visit your blog whenever I get frustrated or overwhelmed because you, my dear friend, always have something to make me smile. I love that you are exactly who you are with no apologies and I am so glad we have become better friends this year :)

Stephanie ;) said...

Is that a mini schnauzer that you have? My bf has a one of that breed too! She's named 'Twinkle' and is super cute! :)

P.S. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. It's nice to know the sweet shy girl behind this blog. :)

Kelley Kronic said...

I love to clean!! I get excited too
Its like my only time to be really alone so I turn on some jazz dance around and sing while im doing it

Miss Peregrin said...

Your weekend sounds great, and I'm loving all your happy snaps. I think it's always nice to know a little bit about the person behind the computer screen, so here's to getting to know you!

Jennifer said...

You don't have to share anything about your personal life if you don't want to. I think that you're blog is already BEYOND AMAZING!!!

Looks like you had a nice weekend. :) Take care!

Natasha said...

Those sunsets look beautiful, I love the red and pinks in the sky. xxx

amyschmamey said...

I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. There is my dilemma. It's nice that someone out there likes to though :) Lovely pics.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

The feet pic is my FAVORITE. This was beautifully amazing family facing "d's" challenges with grace and making a difference...WOW
German Shepherd Puppies

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