Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Fun!

I always love these posts because I take the most random pictures with my iPhone. Here is another batch of my adventures with iPhonie!

My best friend, Lauren and I together at a wedding. 


Lots of Pet Pictures!!! 

Yummy food!!

I really wanted to buy this giant stuffed dog, but it was super expensive!!

My boyfriend, Zeth.

All of the girls who participated in the bridal showcase Lady Gaga dance a few weeks ago.

George got caught eating dog kibble out of the bin! 

6 Quirky Comments:

Juliette Rose said...

All your photos are really cute! You have the most adorable pets too!

Jennifer said...

You look beautiful! Hope your life is as quirky as ever!

durbansweatheart said...

holy cow that was a big plush doggie.

sophiewearing said...

MY goodness lovely, your pets are awesome! I just found your blog and am absolutely in love with it that I cant stop pressing on the olde "older posts" button. I too suffer with anxiety (especially for no reason and unexplained!) and really loved your posts on it. All your posts are just right up my street!

Much love

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Doggie pictures! I bet you watched the Puppy Bowl this year huh? ;) Great photos!


Kato said...

I love all of these!!! You are amazing at coaxing beautiful pictures out of an iPhone!!


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