Friday, December 31, 2010

Opening My Sketchbook

Hi Hi Hi!!

It's been a few month since I've shared any of my artwork with all of you Lovelies! 

I drew this for my best friend a few weeks ago! Her favorite animal is the giraffe and mine is the hippo. 
I made it in black and white so she could print it out and color it. Please feel free to click on the picture to make it printing size and color away if you so desire. I drew it on high density art paper and edited it in photoshop. It's one of my first attempts at photoshop after watching countless tutorials and reading all the chapters in my computer application textbook on Adobe Photoshop. I'm still sort of fail when it comes to the more advanced tools and editing options. 

Here is the same picture after being colored. I don't really like it as much as the black and white picture.

Here is a sample drawing from the online comic strip I've been working on with my sister and cousin. 

Here is another squirrel drawing. I have a weird obsession with drawing squirrels lately. 

I'm thinking about taking another drawing class because I'm not very good at drawing or designing backgrounds and scenery. 

Here is a super old drawing from my art journal of my love clock. I never told anyone about it, but it was about my current boyfriend, Zeth. We had just started seeing each other and I was enraptured with his every word. Honestly, I'm still deeply enraptured. :)

A few people suggested some super cute animals last week, and I promise to work on those drawings soon! 

Love Ya!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Little Things That Make My Heart Smile: HOLIDAY EDITION!


I'm wishing you all the happiness and joy in the world on this lovely weekend!!

What sort of holiday adventures do you have planned??

Things have been kind of rough for my family, but we are trying to hang in there and enjoy the holidays together. We had a very tragic and sad thing happen that has left us all pretty stunned and disappointed. Please send warm fuzzies our way if you can spare them! :)

The Little Things That Make My Heart Smile: 
♥ Colorful Christmas Lights!

 Snow globes!

♥ The Muppet Christmas Carol! My absolute favorite holiday movie!

♥ Cute Candy Canes!

♥ Old-Fashioned Stockings!

♥ Festive Fingernail Polish!

♥ Spongebob Christmas Special!

♥ Grabbing Sonic drinks with my sis during a busy day! My favorite is a Diet Coke with vanilla! Yummy!

♥ Steaming Hot Cocoa!!

♥ Glittery Ornaments!

♥ Nutcrackers!

♥ The Snowman! One of my favorite Christmas books as a child! 

♥ Icicles!!!!

♥ This exact moment in Elf!! My favorite part of the entire movie!!

♥ Christmas Eve Frivolities with my Family! And grabbing Starbucks during some last minute shopping! I love Caramel Brulée Lattes or Chai Tea Lattes!!

♥ Christmas Cookies!!

♥ Lots and Lots of Snow! We hardly ever get snow here, but I remember how much I loved the snow when I was growing up in New Mexico. Snow makes me think of Christmastime. 

♥ Pluto's Christmas Tree

♥ Adorable Gingerbread Men!!!

What Makes Your Heart Smile???

Sending lots and lots and lots of love your way!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quirky Girl's Wishlist!

There are only 2 more days until Christmas!! AH!!!

Are you getting excited??? 
What kind of traditions do you have for the holidays??

My family shares Christmas lunch and exchanges presents at my Grandparent's house. We usually have a mid-day nap and then we all eat dessert. My sister and I always go see a movie together in the evening. 

I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping! AHH! Here are some of the things I'm hoping Santa will bring me!

A Quirky Girl's Wishlist

Cute Overload Page-a-day Calendar!!

Panda Earmuffs

Invited to Dance Dress from Modcloth!

Despicable Me on Blu-ray!

Black ballet flats! All of mine are totally worn out!

Love Birds Banner from Wendy Brightbill's etsy shop!
Or really anything in her adorable shop!

Dear Lizzy Ribbon Pack from Hobby Lobby

Adorable Penguin Earrings from my friend Alicia's Etsy Shop

Legend of the Guardians of Ga'hoole on Blu-ray!

A cute Lion's Mane hat for Apollo! So cute!

Polished in Plum Dress from Modcloth!

Happy Bunny Mary Jane Shoes from Em and Sprout's Etsy Shop

Mary Engelbreit's 2011 Wall Calendar

What's on your wishlist???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling Squirrely!

I'm feeling pretty squirrely today! 

Spunky Squirrel loves to romp about the forest in search of his favorite acorns! 

I've been working on this little squirrel illustration for a few days, and I'm super excited to share the finished product! I absolutely adore squirrels!

My sister said that this squirrel was slightly creepy, but I think he's pretty cute and quirky. A quirky squirrel for a quirky girl. 

What's your favorite animals?? I would love some suggestions and requests for other illustrations for this blog. I'm definitely going to resurrect my doodle Monday posts!



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Reminder

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." -Frederick Keonig


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happiness is...

"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It's what you think about." -Dale Carnegie

Happiness is...

...a lovely journal to document your beautiful thoughts

...a bunch of colorful balloons

...lots of magical candles animals

 ...starry starry nails cocoa in your favorite mug

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, a lovely and quirky film that I recently watched on Netflix and fell in love with!

...ballerina apparel

...cute dogs like this one!

...leaning back while swinging on the swingset and feeling a rush of wind in your hair when you sit back up again!

...quirky things!

...Domo school supplies

...fuzzy mittens

...seasonal cupcakes

...a beautiful sunrise

...your favorite drink from Starbucks

...seeing your favorite animals in the clouds

...paper clips in the shape of hearts

...a cute pair of slippers for those cold mornings

Sending you lots of positive vibes!!