Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happiness is...

Hi Lovelies!!!
Hope you're having an amazing week!! 
Happiness is...
...Your favorite ice cream flavor after a long day!


...Cute penguins!

...A long bath with your favorite music playing in the background!


...A fuzzy kitten waking you up from a nap!

...Gelly Roller Pens!

...Freshly made brownies!

...Finding your old favorite toys from your childhood!! Remember old school Polly Pockets??


...fruity chapstick!! My favorite!!

...shabby chic!!

...Feeling like this at night and waking up feeling completely refreshed!

...A warm cup of your favorite tea!

...Chocolate chip cookies made by your best friend!

...Having someone to hold you when you are feeling down.

...When the swings are free!!

...Freshly made cinnamon rolls!! Yum-zilla!

...This fuzzy face!!! 


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

11 Ways to be More Positive

Hello Starlight!
Positivity is a BIG deal in my life. It is something that I am constantly striving for and searching for. I attack my problems with positivity and resolve my mistakes with a positive attitude. 
I wanted to share my top 11 ways to be more positive!! I would also love to hear what you do to stay positive!

  Spend some time taking stock of all the influences in your life. This includes friends, family, television shows, magazines, blogs, etc. Think about which aspects of your life motivate you and push you to live positively for yourself. Think about those aspects which pull you down and drain you of your positive energy. Spend less time around the negative influences and more time around the positive!

  Set aside more time for yourself where you can be alone. Sometimes it is easy to become depressed and grumpy when you give all of your energy to others. Having scheduled "you" time will guarantee that you  will be able to pamper yourself and participate in your favorite hobbies.

  Try changing your perspective about situations. Sometimes that is all it takes to turn a crummy day around. I try very hard to find something positive that will come out of the crappy things that daily life deals us. It doesn't always happen naturally, but it gets easier when you push yourself to see the good in life.

  Have friends and family in your life who can cheer you up and encourage you to be positive when you fall down. It's inevitable that you will have a bad day, stress attack, or an emotional melt down in the future. It happens. The difference between you and a negative person is that you have the courage to get back up and keep going. We all need to be reminded that life really can be amazing if we take the time to see things positively.

  Fill your space with reminders of how wonderful your life is. Write your favorite encouraging quotes on colorful post-its and paste them around your home.

  Write letters and cards to your close friends and family with positive wishes and joyful greetings! Spreading positivity helps you feel positive in general!

  Encourage the people in your life who take on pessimistic attitudes to be more positive. If those people are not willing to hear you out, limit your time around them. Negativity is very draining and you can only be around it for so long before it takes over.

  Get excited about the little things that make you happy!

  If you are feeling down and depressed, own your feelings. Don't deny that you are grumpy. Accept that you aren't feeling 100% and give yourself time to just be.

  De-clutter your life! Get rid of things that you don't love, things that you never use, and things that aren't sentimental to you. Clutter can weigh you down and fill your life with unnecessary negative energy ! Make room for new things that you adore!

  Channel your inner child every so often. Do things that the child within you would love! Blow bubbles, ride the merry-go-round, drink chocolate milk, play hop scotch, color, take photos of random objects, play dress-up, etc.

"Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity" -Doreen Virtue

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine =D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!

How was your weekend?? Was it filled with wonderfulness??

Walter the Wonderful Whale wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!
Walter is good friends with Boris the Whale! He lives in the cerulean blue waters of the pacific ocean with all of his whale friends! He loves to munch on plankton while he is out and about! His favorite sport is synchronized swimming, and he can often be found practicing routines with his swim team! He likes to make a list of things he is thankful for when he first wakes up in the morning!
He enjoys life thoroughly and celebrates all of the small things that make up everyday life!!
He hopes your day is AMAZING!

George also wanted to wish you a HAPPY MONDAY!
*Woof woof!! Roo roo!*

Use all of your energy to fill your day with magical moments! Manifest positivity in everything you do today!! Take notice of everything! See all of those little things that you normally pass right by! Smile at a stranger! Say hello to an acquaintance! Take deep breaths and enjoy the feeling of peace! Make small occasions important and special! Do things that put a smile on your face and be thankful! Celebrate all of the small victories that happen today! Be filled with joy and spread your joy to everyone you encounter!! Stop beating yourself up for those days when grumpiness and gloom reigned over you. Let the sunshine in today! Glow with radiant joy and happy giggles!!

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” -Ashley Smith

Have a SPIFFY day!!

p.s. I hope you liked Walter the Whale! He was inspired by the plushie Boris the Whale made by Lindsay! She has the cutest blog and she is super duper nice!! I'm sure she would love it if you stopped in to see her!! 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sir Bubbleton Says!!

 You're beautiful inside and out!!
It's easy to let those voices in the back of your mind tell you otherwise, but the hateful things you hear are not the truth. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend: with love and respect! Shine like the beautiful star you are!!

"Attractiveness and magnetism of one's personality is the result of their inner radiance." -Yajur Veda

Hope your week is filled with lots of sunshine and smiles!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!

 Happy Monday!!

 I hope your weekend was AMAZING!
I was sick the entire time, and spent most of my time lying in bed coughing. I ate lots of yummy soup & crackers though! My favorite soup is cheddar broccoli or chicken tortilla!

Vivacious Vixen wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!!!!!
Vivacious Vixen lives in a warm cozy fox den decorated in her favorite shabby chic decor! She loves to read fashion magazines, do yoga in the mornings, and get manicures! Her favorite color is blue and she always wear a flower pinned in the fur by her ear as her trademark accessory!  She is usually giggling and enjoying life! She thinks that life should be lived vivaciously filled with adventures, simple joys, and lots of love!!

 Have the most splendid day!!! Enjoy all of your favorite things like morning lattes and chocolate muffins! If you feel a grouchy Monday mood coming on, make a list of 5 things to be thankful for! Stop carrying your stress around with you everywhere you go! Stress will only eat up all of the joy you have in your life! Make boring tasks fun by changing your mindset! Spend time with love ones who make your heart happy! Be silly!! Stop wasting energy thinking about people who have hurt you or treated your badly! They are not worth a second of your time! Dismiss negative thoughts with a whirl and skip! Let this FABULOUS day lead into a MAGNIFICENT week!!
Hope your Monday is filled with MAGIC!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!

 I'm so glad that the weekend is here!

 What kind of adventures do you have planned for this weekend??

I just wanted to thank you all for leaving me such wonderful and encouraging comments on my last post! You are all such lovely people and I'm so lucky to have you all in my life!

 I know that I promised to keep blogging so I decided to end my very difficult week with thankfulness!

 What Makes My Happy This Week??

A very comfy bed to sleep in, cry in, and be lazy in!

Pink Roses!! I'm seeing them everywhere and their delightful smell fills my heart with glee!

Waking up to the sound of a purring kitty laying on my face! Apollo loves to sleep on me!

Wearing my sexiest lingerie underneath my normal clothes and feeling sexy all day in secret!

Heart shaped food!!

The cute fairy lights I put up in my bedroom! Like??

 Sex and the City marathons under the covers!

Cups of warm tea! Especially on rainy days!

 Cleaning and having a clean space to create!

Reading this month's Glamour magazine and seeing Alessandra Ambrosio along with other models on the cover to promote feeling beautiful no matter size you are while buying a swimsuit. Apparently, she was considered a "curvy" model this season. I think she is so pretty! Definitely my girl crush of the week!

♥  Cute lunches!!


Shoes with bows on them! 

Late night noodles in bed!!

Watching Spongebob in the morning while I'm waking up! It makes me happy first thing!

♥ Snacking on animal crackers and making the different animal noises!

My boys!! George and Apollo! They love me!

Fresh Fruit!! Yummo!

My mom making me some comfort food!

 What makes your happy this week????

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Heart was Broken

Hi Lovelies,
I just wanted to stop in and let you all know what is going on with me lately. I have been posting blogs very sparingly for the past few weeks. Only my close friends know what is going on. I have never posted anything very personal on here before because I was always afraid that people were not interested in reading about my personal problems. But I realized that this is MY space and the safest place for me to voice my thoughts is HERE. I consider all of my readers to be close friends because we peek into each others' lives everyday and reach out to each other through our blogs. I love knowing that I have so many people in my life who actually care about me and who I greatly care about. I want to be honest with you all. 

So this post is going to be extremely honest.

On Sunday, I ended my 3 year relationship with my fiance. 
It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have been in many relationships prior to this one, but I have never been so wrapped up in emotion and conflict before. We called off our wedding two weeks ago at his request ( I kept this information pretty secret from friends) We didn't actually end our relationship then, but things were very weird. I tried so hard to keep us together, but he was never interested in repairing our relationship. He was very cold and unfeeling toward me most of the time. It really hurt to be treated like that from someone who claimed to want to marry me just weeks ago. He constantly tried to justify his actions by saying that he was confused and needed time to think. I quickly realized that what he really meant was that he wasn't interested in putting any more effort into our dwindling relationship. On Sunday, I was at the end of my rope. I was done with being treated badly in an attempt to get ME to end things. I decided that if he didn't have the courage to be honest with me and end our relationship, then I would. 

I confronted him about everything while sitting in his car in my driveway. I was very angry at him and I let it show. I finally asked him if he loved me and still wanted to be with me. He never actually gave me a clear response. He just reverted back to the same things he had been telling me since we called off the wedding. After a lot of arguing, he finally admitted that it was too difficult for him to be in a relationship right now. That was all I needed to hear and I ended things.

The initial shock of the breakup left me very depressed and hurt. I kept thinking that I had just lost the person I had once thought was the love of my life. I had just ended a relationship with someone I had once loved with all my heart. I had just walked away from someone who I once dreamed was my soul mate. Someone who once told me that he loved me in return and wanted to build a life together. But after a few days to think, I'm starting to feel better about my life.  To be honest, I'm not devastated . I'm still happy about my life in general and I'm excited about my future. I've always been the kind of person who adapts to the ups and downs of life quickly. So although the pain of the breakup is still there, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ahead of me. I have faith in myself and my abilities. And I have faith that I will find someone else who will know for sure that what they want is me. 

Until then, I'm happy just being me.
Just living in the moment and enjoying my life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Lovelies,

You are such an incredible person filled with a million different talents and hidden abilities! 
I am in awe of everything that you do everyday and everything that you have been through! You are such a brave and strong individual! Never let anyone make you feel like all that you have endured isn't a big deal, because it is!! You are still alive! You are still here in this world, struggling and trying to be happy!! You fill your days with sunshine and positive energy! You make depression and self-hate quake in their boots! 

You are powerful and a force to be reckoned with!! If you snap your fingers, the universe will conspire to grant your every wish! Send out your dreams on a cloud in the night sky! Believe in your vision! Trust in your intuition! Stop beating yourself up about every little mistake you have made in the past! Except yourself just as you are!

Shine like the bright star I know you are!! Beam with pride at how wonderful you are!!

Have a MAGICAL Sunday filled with love and joy!


p.s. Happy Mothers' Day!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


One of the questions many people email me about is what type of beauty products I use. While my blog isn't strictly beauty related, I thought it would be fun to post what products I'm using and loving right now!

I'm very excited to post some of my very favorite beauty products!


♥ Favorite Concealer: MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional 5 Camouflage Creme Palette No. 1
Now, I have used many different types of concealers including the Lise Watier Concealer Portfolio Wheel and Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer. I prefer this Creme Palette above all the others that I have tried. It is just the right amount of creamy and with many different shades of salmon/flesh to chose from, it blends very well with many different types of skin tones. It also looks wonderful alone, under mineral powder, and under liquid foundation. In my opinion, the best way to apply concealer is to apply a small amount of concealer to the area with a concealer brush or your finger and lightly press all over the area continuously with said brush or a makeup sponge which works to blend the make up. Apply a light powder over the concealer to keep the makeup in place. 

♥ Favorite Liquid Foundation: Clinique's Even Better 
I don't wear liquid foundation everyday, but I really love Clinique's liquid foundations. I tried many of the different types of foundation they offer and was pleased with all of them. My mom has never worn liquid foundation before so I picked out Clinique's Repair Wear Anti-aging for her. She loves it and her skin look so healthy and even!! The reason I love Clinique's foundation is because it looks very natural and doesn't feel heavy on my face like many of the foundations I have tried in the past.

♥ Favorite Mineral Powder: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Matte 
I wear this mineral makeup almost everyday! I can even wear it over liquid foundation and it looks amazing! I love their Matte foundation, but their regular bareMineral powder also works wonderfully. 
I have tried many different types of mineral makeup including many drugstore brands and Clinique's mineral powder. I have yet to find anything that I like more than Bare Escentuals. They sell a starter kit for those new to mineral makeup which includes brushes and some of their other products. I started out with one of their kits and I loved it. They even include a tutorial on how to apply the makeup.  I was a little scared of the price when I first started using this makeup, but the containers of makeup last for a very long time. It's definitely worth it, in my opinion.

♥ Favorite Powder Blush: NARS Blush in Orgasm
Their color names really make me blush! But I love this blush so much!! I have also tried NARS DeepThroat, LoveJoy, and Super Orgasm. I found that Orgasm and Super Orgasm look amazing on anyone! I've applied this blush to many people with different skin tones. I also use Estee Lauder's blush, but I don't like it as much as NARS.

♥ Favorite Creme Blush: Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting
I'm not the biggest fan of creme blush, but this is my favorite brand. I only wear creme blush when I'm going all out with my makeup. It looks really dewy if you apply it under a little powder blush. 

♥ Favorite Eyeshadow: Estee Lauder's Pure Color Eyeshadow
I adore this eyeshadow! This is probably my favorite Estee Lauder product. I wear this eyeshadow in Honey Drop quite a bit. The quality of this makeup is superb! They have so many different colors to choose from and they all come in a very cute little compact case. I also like Revlon's eyeshadow for everyday wear.

♥ Favorite Mascara: DiorShow Mascara
I wear several different brands of mascara, but my favorite is DiorShow and DiorShow Waterproof. I think that mascara is really all about personal preference. My mom hates this mascara because it doesn't lengthen her lashes. I love it because it give my lashes full volume and holds a curl. It just really depends on what you need your mascara to do. I also really love Maybelline's XXL Pro's Extension mascara.

♥ Favorite Pencil Eyeliner: Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in Place Eye Pencil
I probably only wear eyeliner once a week or so. I don't think it looks very good on me. I've tried lots of different brands of eyeliner and this is my favorite. Estee Lauder also has their Writer pencils, but I don't like those as much. This pencil stays on like liquid eyeliner so it doesn't smudge when I accidentally rub my eyes. I'm sure there are lots of other brands of eyeliner out there that are just good. I just don't wear eyeliner enough to really know what is the ultimate best.

♥ Favorite Lip Gloss: Smashbox Limitless Longwear Lipgloss
I'm constantly finding different lipglosses that I like. This is my current favorite. I wear it in Forever and Infinite. I also like Lancome's Juicy Tubes, Lip Smackers, and Cover Girl's Wetslicks!

I would love to hear some of your favorite makeup products!!
I will post another installation of Beauty Awards later on!!