Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All I can do is stay positive!!

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting very much lately! I've been going through some pretty rough things and it has really affected my writing inspiration. I'm so appreciative of  all the support I have received, especially in the past week! It has made me feel like I'm really not alone in the world.

I think that I need a little break from life! I'm planning on spending some time away from the rest of the world in two weeks when school lets out. I would love to go somewhere that has lots of nature so I can reflect on life. I think that would do me a lot of good. I would love to find a comfy place to read away an entire afternoon and drink lots of yummy strawberry lemonade!

I hope that you are doing well! 

Sending lots of positive energy your way!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!


How was your weekend, Lovelies??
It feels like the weekend flew by in a crazy rush!

 Unique Unicorn wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!

Unique Unicorn lives in a magical world amongst the clouds and stars in the sky! She loves to daydream about far away lands and adventures! And she is very proud of her well-groomed mane and tail! She dreams that one day she will grow wings and become a Pegasus! She hopes that you will never give up on any of your dreams and hopes!

 I'm wishing you a WONDERFUL week!!!!

 I have a new blog button!! 
Do you like it???

Let me know if you would like to exchange blog buttons!!

I wanted to post a picture of myself as part of my penance for being so mean to myself lately.
 I promised that I would continue to post pictures of myself as I strive for more self-acceptance and self-love! I'm wearing the earrings my Sweetie gave me for Valentine's day!

Make this week amazing!! Infuse your day with adventure!! Live vivaciously! Count your blessings and jump for joy!! Sing in the shower!! Happy dance in all those free moments! Share your good moods with others!! Be generous with your good fortune and your love! Accept yourself completely and embrace that person with the most rib-crushing hug ever!! Laugh off negativity! Shoot positivity in the direction of someone in need! Cut yourself some slack and stop trying to perfect all the time! Just BE! 


Friday, April 23, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!!

Happy Friday!!!!
My list of things that make my heart explode with joy is rather long today!! I'm feeling very thankful, spunky and joyous!

What makes my happy this week?!

♥ Pink Bows!! So cute!

♥ Hello Kitty cupcakes!!

♥ BUBBLES!! If you don't have any bubbles handy, you MUST go purchase a small bottle!! They will make you happy in seconds!

♥ Quirky Tea Parties!

♥ Domo!!

♥ HAPPY MAIL!!! Thank you so much Jamie!! I was really touched that she found stuff that she knew I would love! 

♥ Noodles to warm my heart!

♥ Watching Spongebob with my bestie!! It's our favorite cartoon!

♥ Eating enough baby carrots to qualify to be a bunny rabbit!!

♥ My Cat, Apollo!! He's my little Meow Baby!! 

♥ Carrying every possession I own in my handbag for all of those just-in-case scenarios!

♥ Pink sparkle nail polish! I need some! 

♥ Baby Animals!

♥ Making Lots of Playlists!! And discovering new music!! When I find an album I love, I listen to constantly until I know all of the lyrics!

♥ Anything gray! I'm really into gray, teal, and periwinkle blue right now!!

♥ French Fries!! Ah, I know they are so bad for me! I swear I don't eat them as often as I crave them!

♥ Princess Jewelry!!

♥ Colorful Markers!! I love having lots of options when it comes to markers!

♥ Glancing up at the stars and feeling content with my life!! The stars are very comforting to me!

♥ Baking cookies for all of your favorite people!!

♥ Waking up after lots of lovely dreams and thinking about all of the loveliness as it slowly slips out of your memory!

♥ Leaving the bed un-made so that you can jump back into it a few hours later for a quick power nap!!

♥ Strawberries!! They are so yummy!

What Makes Your Happy, Lovelies??????

Thursday, April 22, 2010


 Happy Earth Day!!!!

 Earth Day was founded 40 years ago on April 22, 1970!! It was founded to raise awareness of the environment and appreciation for our home planet! 

To celebrate Earth Day, I'm watching Spongebob's Last Stand with my best friend!! That will be the only thing I watch on television tomorrow. I also plan to take a long walk outside and appreciate Mother Earth!
 I've asked many people in past few weeks what they are doing to celebrate Earth Day. Many people were unaware that there was a day to celebrate Earth. Others scoffed and said that Earth day was stupid and pointless. And a few said they felt like there was too much pressure and it was impossible to be green and environmentally friendly. 

 I think Earth Day is important! Trying to be green is not about being perfect. It's about trying our best to do what is right for our planet.  I don't think that it's necessary to ostracize each other in order to raise awareness of the ways to help the planet.  Being "GREEN" starts with our attitudes. If we encourage others in positive ways, we can work together in the best interest of our planet's future.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day??