Monday, March 29, 2010

100 Random Things About Me!!

My day is going to be very stressful and busy today so I decided not to draw a doodle for today! I promise that next week's doodle will be super cute!! I'm thinking about drawing a really cute shark or maybe a squirrel!! Which one would you like more??

Instead, I'm going to share 100 random facts about myself with you! I got the idea from Lex's blog! I really loved reading all of her random facts and thought it would be fun to make my own post! Feel free to make your own list of random facts!! Let me know if you do so I can read it!!

100 Random things about me!

1. I like to make up songs while I'm brushing my teeth! And it makes me laugh when I hear myself !
2. I'm hopelessly addicted to using exclamations points excessively!!!!
3. I have trouble dealing with anxiety and I hate being alone.
4. I'm very anti social sometimes.
5. Sometimes I wake up my dog when he is asleep to make sure he is still alive.
6. I'm terrified of bees, snakes, and mice!
7. I love origami! It's one of my favorite hobbies!
8. It takes me a long time to be close friends with someone.
9. I don't trust people very easily.
10. I hate that I'm a very shy person, but the outgoing side of my personality is just a little too quirky to be exposed when strangers are about.
11. I love to eat!!
12. And I love to cook!!
13. I really love teaching! I'm extremely didactic and love being able to impart knowledge to someone.
14. I'm an extremely sensitive person and can be embarrassed very easily.
15. I love animals very much!
16. I cannot stand any type of animal cruelty!
17. I don't feel like I fit in with other people. This used to bother me, but I have learned that it's more fun to do my own thing.
18. I'm a very loyal friend.
19. I have an autoimmune disease which has caused me to have thyroid disease and to be pre-diabetic with the possibility of type one diabetes in my future.
20. I hate that I'm not a normal and healthy person, but I have learned to accept my body the way it is.
21. I'm an extremely empathetic person. I absorb the emotions and moods of others like a little Jacque sponge.
22. And I'm a sympathetic crier! Don't start bawling in front of me or I will lose it too!
23. I love Hello Kitty, and it hurts my feelings when people think that is childish and stupid.
24. My favorite animal is the hippo!
25. I have a small collection of hippos because they are hard to find!
26. I like to be different from everyone else, but sometime I like doing thing just like everyone does.
27. I love shark attack shows!!
28. Sharks are my 2nd favorite animal!
29. Sometimes I dream that I'm an alien who lived inside a faraway star system and came to live on Earth to escape war on my planet. It's weird and reoccurring.
30. I believe in soul mates, reincarnation, destiny, serendipity, and  karma.
31. I'm very respectful of the beliefs and views of others. I have no respect for someone who refuses to do the the same for me.
32. I am fascinated by all the different types of religions in the world.
33. I am a Catholic Christian and that means a lot to me.
34. I do not believe that there is one religion for everyone. It is hard for me to deal with people who think otherwise.
35. I'm not an openly religious person because my religion is something very personal to me.
36. I find people who are overly righteous and extremely religious to be annoying. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes I think people like that are all show.
37. Sometimes I get bogged down by the expectations of others.
38. And sometimes I care too much about what other people think about me.
39. I love anything that glows in the dark!
40. I've been terrified of marriage for many years because of the divorce of my parents and so many other people.
42. I have social anxiety!! It's so lame!
43. I love going to the movies!! We go to the movies almost every weekend when we have money!
44. I watch Nick at Night almost every night!
45. I love to sing in any choir!
46. People always tell me that I have a beautiful singing voice, but I don't believe them because my voice sounds kinda lame to me!
47. I have played the flute for 12 years. I started college as a music major playing flute, but I changed my major to drama. I still play flute in band, flute lessons and flute choir depending on my class schedule.
48. When I was a freshman in college, I played Maria in our college's production of "West Side Story". That is something I've been very proud of because I got the lead as a freshman.
49. Weddings make me cry!
50. I love sappy movies and action movies alike!
51. I adore Chai tea lattes from Starbucks!
52. Being fit and healthy is very important to me.
53. Exercise is a vital part of my day because it keeps me happy, healthy, energetic, and lean!
54. I drink water like I'm about to be stranded in the desert!!
55. And I'm ALWAYS thirsty!!
56. I think that I'm a good actor because I'm not afraid of anything when I'm acting. I don't let my own inhibitions affect my acting. I try to be extremely honest to my characters!
57. It makes me angry that people assume that drama is a cake major!! It's a very tedious and challenging major filled with lots and lots of reading, constant memorization, pressure to be attractive, extremely late nights in rehearsal, and lots of competition!! It's a lot of hard work!!
58. Butterflies make me feel inspired!!
60. I have a mondo sticker collection!!
61. I love buying stickers for all of my friends!!
62. I love playing with legos!! I have a small bucket of legos by my bed!!
63. I'm terrified of being pregnant and giving birth! I have an aversion to anything that relates to pregnancy.
64. I still haven't gotten my driver's license! Because of my health, my mom insisted that I remain a pedestrian through all of my teen years. Now I'm very scared of car accidents! I'm getting my driver's permit very soon!!
65. I hate it when people assume that they know you!!
66. I will not let any of my friends call themselves fat, but sometimes I call myself fat in my head.
67. I name everything that I own!!
68. I don't believe in buying something that I don't plan on using!
69. I own a lot of ballet flats!!
70. My feet are so sensitive!! I get gross blisters and bruises on my feet all the time!
71. I love commercials that make me smile!!
72. I can't keep up with any television shows!! I always forget when they are coming on! I usually just buy seasons on dvd and watch them at my leisure!
73. I feel lame and awkward around certain people.
74. I try to be myself all the time, but sometimes I feel like their is a different version of myself for every person in my life.
75. I like eating raisins alone, but I hate them if they are put into anything. Oatmeal raisin cookies make me vomit!
76. I have a 12 year no vomit streak! The last time I threw up was in 6th grade in my literature class while we were reading "Old Yeller" aloud in class. That was a miserable time of food poisoning!!
77. I mutilate my magazines with doodles and rip out pages and pictures that inspire me!
80. I love children's movies!
81. I'm a cartoon fanatic!!
82. I'm also a history nerd!
83. My favorite show is iCarly on Nickelodeon!
84. I love inspiring quotes!
85. Sometimes I feel all alone in the world and very depressed.
86. I like things that other people think are lame!
87. I love receiving letter and cards from my friends! My sister and I used to write each other letters when I was younger.
88. I love picnics!!
89. My favorite late night snack is noodle soup!
90. I eat a lot of strawberries almost everyday!! They are my favorite!
91. I love to scrapbook, but the mess it causes makes me nuts!!
92. My favorite thing to do is buy presents for all the people in my life! I'm a big gift giver!
93. I hate watching sports of any type on television! And I cannot stand football, which probably makes me un-American.
94. I do not like using public restrooms! Gross!
95. I wear skirts, dresses, and leggings most days. I don't get along with pants and jeans make me feel unattractive!
96. I think I dress like an old woman sometimes because I wear a lot of cardigans!!
97. I love the smell of play-dough!
98. All of my clocks are set for different times! One clock is set 5 minutes fast, one is set two minutes fast, and the other is set for the right time. And I always set my clocks this way. So weird, I know.
99. I love to clean!! It's very therapeutic!
100. I'm a pasta-aholic!!

Whew!! All done!!
I found this picture on tumblr and it made me smile!

Have an amazing and wonderful day, Lovelies!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Reminder!


I'm wishing you a Sunday full of loveliness!!

Don't forget:
...Sundays are the best days for extreme laziness and lounging!!

...You are extremely talented and wonderful in all ways!

...When you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

...It's crucial that you pamper yourself at least once a day!

...Life is happier when you put a positive spin on frustrating situations!

...Being positive and happy all the time is unrealistic!

...When you are happy, let it show!! Share your joy with others!

...Your everyday life can be turned into an adventure by doing things that are unexpected and exciting!

...Doodling is quite therapeutic!

...Always making your decisions based on the expectations and opinions of others will lead to dreary regrets and unhappy situations! Make decisions based on your wants, needs, and dreams!

...You should be honest with yourself and with everyone who matters to you! 

...People cannot read your mind! If you are upset about something, need something, or expect something from them, you need to speak up! Even when that is difficult!

...Being shy is ok!

...Being spunky and outgoing is ok too!!

...You should accept your whole self, even if you don't love every aspect of yourself!

...Eating an entire box of chocolate candies will not end the world as your know it!

...Small gestures like smiling at a stranger really do make a difference!

...You are important, you matter, and your life is irreplaceable! Never take a second for granted!



I have a new blog button!!!
Let me know if you want to swap buttons!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Reminder! Make Today Delicious!

 "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
—Oscar Wilde

I'm making some these today!! Yummy!!

What sort of deliciousness do you have planned today??
Fill your day with wonderment, delicious encounters, and whimsical adventures!!
Don't miss an opportunity for magic and merriment!!
Do what makes your heart the happiest!!
Eat something that makes you say,"yummy!"
Giggle with GLEE!

Have an AMAZING day, Lovelies!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!!

 Hello Lovelies!!!
How was your week??
Mine was rough, but I got through it with the help of some wonderful friends and some yummy ice cream!

 It's time to divulge what made my heart happy this week!!

What makes my happy this week!!

  ★ Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries!!

  ★ A cute pink kitty nose in my face waking me up from a nap!!

  ★ Minnie Mouse ears!!

  ★ Going to the park with your best friend to swing away your troubles and cares!

  ★ Rainy days!!

  ★ Watching HGTV and drooling over all the home make overs and extravagant real estate!

  ★ Shoes with all of my favorite things: tulle, pastels, beads, and sequins!!!

  ★ Watching Disney's Enchanted and singing along!

★ Spring inspired candies!! 

  This Sailor Moon bracelet that I found on etsy! I must have it!!

 ★ Side French braids!! Saves me so much time in the mornings when I braid my hair!!

★ Quirky cupcakes!

 ★ Heart shaped post-its!

 ★ Sparkly stars!

 ★ Dinosaurs!!! Remember Roy the Raptor??

 ★ Pink ballerina tutus!!

  ★ Smelling the spring flowers!

 ★ Coloring!


  ★ Cute puzzle erasers shaped like cute objects like pie, popsicles, and ice cream cones!

  ★ Jumping on the bed when I'm feeling blue to cheer me up!!

What makes your happy this week, Lovelies??

The weekend is so near!! We can make it!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's Inside My Handbag??

HIYA Lovelies!!
How is everyone doing this week??

I never post pictures of myself on here, but I'm having a really good hair day! I also want to start posting pictures of myself every once in a while to help me with my self-acceptance!

I just bought some Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and I adore it!
I usually only wear tinted moisturizer and some bare minerals powder, but I really love this makeup! It doesn't feel heavy on my face and it stays put all day. My skin is combination oily and dry, so I have to compensate for that when applying! I have a clear complexion, but I also applied this to one of my friends who has acne scarring and she looked amazing with it on!!! I'm going to do a makeup post sometime soon because I just adore anything that deals with makeup and I would love to hear about the products that you use!

Erica Leigh tagged me in her "everything but the kitchen sink" post and asked me to share what I carry in my purse! I just cleaned out my purse a few days ago so you won't have to see all the gum wrappers, empty water bottles and granola bar wrappers! This teal handbag is one of my favorites! I bought it last summer in Edinburgh, Scotland at Accessorize which is my favorite accessories store ever! I need to use it less because I'm afraid that it might start to become worn.

1.Keys! On my favorite Domo lanyard! I also have an Ugly Doll key chain named Mr. Kasoogi!
2. Planner! It has little pineapples all over it which I thought was pretty quirky!
3. My mini pharmacy! I have advil, claritin-d, pseudophed, band-aids, mini toothbrushes, upset stomach medicine, glucose tablets and lots of chapstick!
4. Hello Kitty Pen Pouch! It is filled with lots of gelly roller and glitter pens!
5. Wallet! Very organized!
6. My self-love bible! Perfect for jotting down a quote here or a random thought there!
7. Extra fruit sensations gum in strawberry banana! I'm a gum-aholic!
8. Lock for my gym locker! It always falls and hits my foot! Owie!
9. iPhonie!! I bought a Hello Kitty case for it over the winter break!
10. My self-love totem! To remind me to love myself!
11. My travel make-up case! It's full of lipstick, a blush and powder palette, and an eyelash curler!
12. Sweet Pea foaming hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works! The foamy hand sanitizer is lots of fun!
13. Accu-check glucose meter and lancet...not fun!

There it is! Nothing really very interesting!

Ok, I've decided to tag some of my favorite blogs!! Jamie, Lindsay, Lex, Cait, Lauren, TAG! You're it!! Lemme see what's in your handbag/purse!! Of course if you have already done a post like this, don't worry about it!
Please feel free to make a post about what you carry inside your purse even if you weren't tagged! Please let me know if you do so I can check it out!

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and warm fuzzies!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

 Happy Monday!!

Reserved Raccoon wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!

Reserved Raccoon lives in a very quaint tree house built in a massive oak tree deep in the woods.  He is a very shy creature and often has to get to know you before he shows his friendly side. Once you makes friends with Reserved Raccoon, he will invite up to his tree house for a lovely tea party! He likes to serve Scottish Breakfast tea and raspberry scones! Yummy!

Mondays are normally dreary so it take twice the effort to infuse your day with magic and positive energy! Wake up and spend the morning in bliss with your favorite breakfast, lots of happy music, a cup of tea, and some interpretive dancing around your home while brushing your teeth!

Be silly! Walk with that extra bounce in your step and share a smile with everyone you encounter! Say something positive and complimentary to anyone who is down in the dumps or appears to be having a case of the Mondays! Make this day count!!

Lindsay over at Pixies and Bears gave me this award!!
 Thanks Sweetie!
She has the cutest blog! You should go visit her!!

I'm supposed to give this to 15 bloggers, but I'm afraid that I might give it to someone who has already received it! So instead I'm going to give out some of my own awards later this week!!

Mwha! ♥!

p.s. Hope you like the doodle this week! I started drawing a rabbit, but it looked pretty ridiculous so I canned it! I need to post all the failure doodles sometime and give you all a big laugh!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


 Happy Saturday, Lovelies!

Today is the first day of SPRING!!


What are you up to this weekend??

  ★ Have your favorite cereal for breakfast!

  ★ Read Calvin and Hobbes and lounge somewhere breezy like an outdoor hammock!

  ★ Go to Starbucks with your friends and indulge in your favorite drink!

  ★ Accessorize your pet with a cute bow in pastel colors!!

  ★ Paint your nails bright pink (or your favorite spring color!) and use a black nail polish art pen to create cute zebra strips!

  ★ Mix up some fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola for a yummy snack!

  ★ Spend the day at your local aquarium!! Make friends with all the dolphins!

  ★ Make some cupcakes and decorate them with colorful sprinkles and pretty Easter candy!

★ Create a cute heart-shaped collage out of your favorite photos or polaroids!

★ Go on an adventure outside!!

★ Buy some Lip Smackers in your favorite flavors!! They aren't just for little girls!

★ Bake something pink and yummy!!

★ Spend the afternoon reading!! 

★ Go antique store shopping for some vintage jewelry! 

★ Watch Garden State and then listen to the soundtrack!

★ Share some watermelon with someone special!

★ Have fun with stamps!!

★ Make a cup of your favorite tea and relax!

★ Give a bouquet of spring flowers to someone going through a hard time right now!! Write them an encouraging card to cheer them on!

★ Watch Beauty and the Beast!! Sing along!

  ★ Get excited about SPRING and EASTER!!

 Have a SPECTACULAR weekend!!