Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!!

Hi Lovelies!!
I hope you're having an amazing week!!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

I made a list of things that made my heart jump for joy this week!! Here goes!

 What Makes My Happy!
 ♥ Cute floral skirts!

 ♥ Aquariums!

 ♥ Ice Cream Cones! I just bought a cute t-shirt with ice cream cones all over it!

 ♥ Lots of candles!

 ♥ My stamp markers!

♥ Penguins!

 ♥ Cat-eye glasses!

 ♥ Watching this episode of Sailor Moon and crying my eyes out! I love me some Seiya!!

 ♥ My cat!

♥ Cozy places!

 ♥ Extravagant hair accessories!

♥ Squirrels!!!

♥ Teal hair!! So pretty!

♥ Girly cupcakes!

♥ Claddagh jewelry!

♥ Cute ducklings!

♥ Buttons

♥ This!! SO true!

♥ Puppies!!!

 ♥ This made me smile because it's so true!

What makes your happy this week, Lovelies???

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Courtney Lynn said...

I blogged a post nearly just like this! Only just a little different :) you should check it out!

btw, I'm SO SO SO SO SO happy you've been blogging this week!

Alexandra Mason said...

Those are lovely things to make your happy :) xx

Laura said...

lovely list of things! Oh and I love a guy who can cook ;o)

gina said...

Yay ducklings! They're so cute!

I love your blog, by the way. I've been a follower, and I nominated you for an award. You can find it on my blog, It should be posted in a bit.

xo, gina

Lindsay said...

this post made my heart super happy!!

Olivia RPS said...

ohhhh i love all of these! mm :)
Olivia x

KrisMcmillen07星美 said...


CHAR said...

HI! I'm Charlotte. I was roaming the Blogger world today and discovered you! I'm afraid I might have accidently created a blog that has a similar name as yours... It's called Quirky Girl Adventures. I hope you're not mad and that we can be friends instead. I'm sorry if I did make you angry but I really didn't mean to. I just didn't know :( But I love your stuff anyway :)

Sweet said...

Which Episode of Sailor Moon is this?? :O
Love your Blog! ♥

Jacque said...

Umm...I'm not sure what number episode it is, but it's during Stars. It's the episode where Usagi is targeted by the enemy and it is revealed that she hasn't heard from Mamoru since he left.

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