Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!

 Happy Weekend!!
Ugg, Lovelies...I was planning on posting this blog yesterday while up at my school  on their wireless internet network. But when I got up to blow my nose (still recovering from my cold!) I got locked out of the building. I had to wait 45 minutes before someone came out of the building and let me back in. By that time, I was too grumpy to work on a blog. 

I hope that you are having an amazing weekend! What sorts of adventures are you up to?? My wild plans include naps and laundry! Whoo! I really need to make a list of the things that made me happy this week because I have been super grumpy for the past few days.

 What makes my happy this week?
Glow-in-the-dark stars!!

Getting pedicure with my bestie! Like my toes?

Watching fairy tale movies like Disney's Beauty and the Beast in my film class!


My new Betseyville purse!! I'm so addicted!!

Lilac colored nails! So pretty!

Taking myself on a date to see Sex and the City 2! It was lovely!

Yummy petit fours!! 

My cute puppy! He took care of me when I was home sick with a bad cold this week!

Chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting! So yummy!

Hair bows! My life would be incomplete without them!

Watching Big Fish before bed!

Hippos in large quantities!

This picture of floating cats! It makes me giggle!

Eating lots of strawberries while studying!

Owl jewelry!!!

My Sailor Moon dream! I dreampt last night that I was Sailor Moon! I love dreams like that! Except where the heck is my Tuxedo Mask??!

Crawling into a comfy bed after a super long day!! It is especially lovely right after you have changed your sheets!

 Receiving loves letters from my Bestie!! 

What makes your  happy, Lovelies??


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I am Danielle and you are? said...

Glow-in-the-dark stars: I have them all over my ceiling. Some of them fell down because they lost their stickiness so I need another box!

My school did a production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast last week...and we have NO AIR CONDITIONING. The kids were puddles by the end of the production. If I can get a copy of the video....


Aury said...

The floating kitties are soo cute!!!!

And dont worry about feeling grumpy Jacque we all have off times :)

I love owl jewelry too. People may think its sort of odd but I think that may be why I like it :)

Jeannette said...

Hippos my dear! Definitely hippos... *sigh*

Oh and I am officially attending your college again... wish me luck to FINALLY finish this stupid degree lol!

Stephanie ;) said...

Hey! I love the glow in the dark stars and cute toes! so lovely! Coincidentally, I did a 'Happiness is..' post today! :)

韋成 said...

最偉大的天才如果終日躺在草地上,讓微風吹拂,眼望天空,那麼溫柔的 靈感也不會光顧他的。 ....................................................

Courtney said...

Is your puppy a wired fox terrier? Because your little boy there looks SOOOOOOOOO much like my old dog Pookie! (She's not living anymore, poor thing!)

Jacque said...

Courtney, yes he is a wired fox terrier!! No one ever recognizes his breed!! Aw, poor Pookie! That makes me sad!

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