Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!

 I'm so glad that the weekend is here!

 What kind of adventures do you have planned for this weekend??

I just wanted to thank you all for leaving me such wonderful and encouraging comments on my last post! You are all such lovely people and I'm so lucky to have you all in my life!

 I know that I promised to keep blogging so I decided to end my very difficult week with thankfulness!

 What Makes My Happy This Week??

A very comfy bed to sleep in, cry in, and be lazy in!

Pink Roses!! I'm seeing them everywhere and their delightful smell fills my heart with glee!

Waking up to the sound of a purring kitty laying on my face! Apollo loves to sleep on me!

Wearing my sexiest lingerie underneath my normal clothes and feeling sexy all day in secret!

Heart shaped food!!

The cute fairy lights I put up in my bedroom! Like??

 Sex and the City marathons under the covers!

Cups of warm tea! Especially on rainy days!

 Cleaning and having a clean space to create!

Reading this month's Glamour magazine and seeing Alessandra Ambrosio along with other models on the cover to promote feeling beautiful no matter size you are while buying a swimsuit. Apparently, she was considered a "curvy" model this season. I think she is so pretty! Definitely my girl crush of the week!

♥  Cute lunches!!


Shoes with bows on them! 

Late night noodles in bed!!

Watching Spongebob in the morning while I'm waking up! It makes me happy first thing!

♥ Snacking on animal crackers and making the different animal noises!

My boys!! George and Apollo! They love me!

Fresh Fruit!! Yummo!

My mom making me some comfort food!

 What makes your happy this week????

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Jamie said...

yum! That comfort food looks delicious! Love your twinkle lights. And everything else on your list! =) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take care of yourself!!! xoxo

Lindsay said...

this is such a cute post!!! Journaling makes my heart super happy :)

miss lucille said...

those are so cute! here's what makes me happy this weekend:
sunshine (finally!)
having all of my family home
staying in bed extra long and reading
wearing flowy summer dresses outside!


Victoria said...

This is such a happy post - cute pictures too! x

Alexandra Mason said...

I love your fairy lights so pretty, and George and Appolo are gorgeous! Hope you have a great week xx

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