Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Happiness!!

Happy Saturday!!!
I'm so happy that the weekend has finally come!! This past week really kicked my butt! 
How was your week, Lovelies??

I'm slowly starting to feel better about things. It's funny how much you can heal if you just give yourself time. Thank you for all the warm fuzzies you all sent me!! I definitely needed them!!


♥ Have cupcakes for breakfast!! 

♥ Adopt a baby hippo and give him a bath!!

♥ Gaze up at the clouds with someone who makes your heart flutter!

♥ Have a photo adventure!! Take lots of pictures of everything you encounter!

♥ Buy your favorite flavors of ice cream!!! It's always best to have them waiting for you in your freezer for those days when ice cream is essential!!

♥ Go to a local park or playground and have fun swinging on the swing set! Let your hair down and sail through the air with glee!!

♥ Go to your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to something yummy!

♥ Pack up a picnic lunch and go on an adventure!!! 

♥ Bake chocolate chip cookies for someone you care about!! 

♥ Enjoy all of the spring flowers that have sprung!!! Breathe in the fresh smell of roses!!

♥ Paint your nails bubblegum pink!! So pretty!!

♥ Spend the afternoon thrifting in search of some vintage jewelry!!

♥ Get lost inside a book while reading away the day!!

♥ Go for a brisk jog!!! It will make you feel super energized and spunky!!

♥ Have fun with your old art supplies!!! Make something creative and colorful!! Remember what it was like to be a child artist without any inhibitions!! Make art without any plans or organization!! Splatter colors every which way! Have fun!

♥ Day dream about ponies!!

♥ Send some warm fuzzies to someone in need!!!

♥ Watch Beauty and the Beast! I love this movie!!

♥ Stop the daily euthanasia in overcrowded animal shelters!! Adopt a pet in need of a good home and lots of love!!

♥ Sit outside and enjoy the miracles of nature!!

♥ Pick some flowers, remove the stems from the blossom, and let the flower blossoms float on a small pond!! So pretty!!

Have a weekend filled with joy, curiosity, and adventure!!!


7 Quirky Comments:

Luana said...

So lovely! I would love to adopt a baby hippo/elephant/pig/anything! Soso cute hehe. I will be sitting outside tomorrow to enjoy the amazing weather we've been having, and to relax a bit before finals, eugh.

*Peonies and lilies* said...

Great post, some lovely tips x

Alexandra Mason said...

Beautiful post :) xx

janel. said...

Yay for super cute Happy Mail partners :)

Jamie said...

Glad you're feeling better! I got you something at the zoo yesterday! Hehehe hopefully you'll have a little day brightener in your mailbox soooooooon! :) happy day to u! Xoxo

Jennifer said...

Three things I have to say!
1. I haven't seen your latest layout, probably because I've been a bit inactive... I love it! The background is wonderful!
3. I LOVE all the pictures you found. That hippo you posted is actually a pygmy hippo! My best friend told me about them after hearing about them in her biology class and so we ended up searching a ton of pics for them and that was one of the few shots I stumbled upon. SO ADORABLE! I want it! Hahaha

Jacque said...

Jennifer!! I love pygmy hippos!! I think they are just as cute as normal sized hippos! We saw a mother, father, and baby pygmy hippo at the Edinburgh Zoo last summer! They were so adorable!!

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