Friday, April 23, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!!

Happy Friday!!!!
My list of things that make my heart explode with joy is rather long today!! I'm feeling very thankful, spunky and joyous!

What makes my happy this week?!

♥ Pink Bows!! So cute!

♥ Hello Kitty cupcakes!!

♥ BUBBLES!! If you don't have any bubbles handy, you MUST go purchase a small bottle!! They will make you happy in seconds!

♥ Quirky Tea Parties!

♥ Domo!!

♥ HAPPY MAIL!!! Thank you so much Jamie!! I was really touched that she found stuff that she knew I would love! 

♥ Noodles to warm my heart!

♥ Watching Spongebob with my bestie!! It's our favorite cartoon!

♥ Eating enough baby carrots to qualify to be a bunny rabbit!!

♥ My Cat, Apollo!! He's my little Meow Baby!! 

♥ Carrying every possession I own in my handbag for all of those just-in-case scenarios!

♥ Pink sparkle nail polish! I need some! 

♥ Baby Animals!

♥ Making Lots of Playlists!! And discovering new music!! When I find an album I love, I listen to constantly until I know all of the lyrics!

♥ Anything gray! I'm really into gray, teal, and periwinkle blue right now!!

♥ French Fries!! Ah, I know they are so bad for me! I swear I don't eat them as often as I crave them!

♥ Princess Jewelry!!

♥ Colorful Markers!! I love having lots of options when it comes to markers!

♥ Glancing up at the stars and feeling content with my life!! The stars are very comforting to me!

♥ Baking cookies for all of your favorite people!!

♥ Waking up after lots of lovely dreams and thinking about all of the loveliness as it slowly slips out of your memory!

♥ Leaving the bed un-made so that you can jump back into it a few hours later for a quick power nap!!

♥ Strawberries!! They are so yummy!

What Makes Your Happy, Lovelies??????

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Erica Leigh said...

i think if everyone wore more pink bows and had tea parties, they'd be much happier.

what makes me happy?

cake. BOWS, of course hehe. bright colors. aaaand my dog.

lots of other things, but can't think of them right now. ;)

your blog is always fun to read! so refreshing. most people just complain about stuff, you know? and those are such downers. you blog is filled with pretty, happy things that make me smile whenever i visit.

♥ erica

Jamie said...

This post makes me happy!!!! =)
Happy Friday to you, Lovely!!!!
xoxo -j

I am Danielle and you are? said...


I love Domo too! David always buys me bubbles..I have four bottles of bubbles in my room...


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :) always have the BEST things to LOVE!!! I'm droolin' over those fries and awhhh @ the elephant and his soccer ball :) Have a fab weekend :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Friday!! I love love all the pics you posted!! and wow for cute Happy Mail!! love it!

Kayla said...

Pretty much everything you have posted makes me happy. :D

cupcake cutie said...

you're so sweet.
a lot of those things make me happy to!
but to name a few ;
snuggling, red lipstick, the beatles,my boy, hockey, christmas time, picnics, tea parties, blogging, family time, traveling, sailing the sea, memories, photographs, home videos, fresh fruit, and of course anything to do with cupcakes!

Alexandra Mason said...

Love your pictures, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thrifting, sewing, reading and snuggling with my animals has been making me happy this weekend :) xx

cait said...

Love that pink nail polish.. I have to find some now! I find comfort in the stars too. Just knowing that they'll always be there when I look up at the sky while other things in life are constantly changing. Nothing is permanent, but the stars are forever ♥
xo cait

Jonette said...

Cute piggy kamaboko in noodles! Ahlovet! :D

Good for you on the carrots. did you know that if you eat enough carrots, it could make your skin turn orange? Just a thought. :)

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