Friday, April 9, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!

Happy Friday, LOVELIES!!
I'm so glad that the week is over! Whew!!
I'm so exhausted! Lots of naps are in my near future!!

What sorts of adventures did you have this week??

I'm so thankful for all the loveliness in my life that makes everyday worthwhile!

What Makes My Happy This Week??
♥ my iPhone! iPhonie!! My favorite phone ever!! I have a red hello kitty case for it, but I just recently bought a teal Gir (from Invader Zim) case that is squishy! The squishyness is a plus!

♥ Bunnies!

♥ Reading away an afternoon!!

♥ Pale Green Nail Lacquer! So pretty!!

♥ Cute Puppy faces!! 

♥ Sailor Moon Marathons with yummy chicken noodles, snuggles with my dog, and a fuzzy pink snuggie!

♥ Daydreaming about pretty cupcakes when I should be paying attention! AH!

♥ Anything Little Red Riding Hood inspired! I really want a cute red cloak like Little Red's!

♥ Colorful Sidewalk Chalk Art!

Hakuna Matata! Seriously! Can you stay grumpy after singing just one verse?? I know I can't!

♥ Finding reminders that the universe really is a beautiful place to live in filled with loving hearts and creative souls!

♥ Hello Kitty High Tops! *hyperventilates!* Ah!!

♥ I tell myself this anytime I'm feeling down, stressed, or freaked out! I love when inspiring words are incorporated into art or scrapbooks!

♥ A cute floral sundress! The perfect outfit to feel cute all day long!

♥ Quirky coffee mug!! With my main man, Al! I love me some Einstein!

♥ Easter Egg hunts!! Especially when it's not Easter!

♥ Watching The Little Mermaid before bed and having ocean themed dreams!

 What makes your ♥ happy this week, Lovelies?
Sending you lots of positive vibes!! And lots of gummi bears!!


12 Quirky Comments:

Sam said...

cupcakes pupppies and floral skirts make me happy too! :) oh, along with everything else you mentioned. i want an iphone!

brittanyjoy said...

I love the last one "being human is exhausting so I'll be an owl" haha so cute

Lindsay said...

cupcakes, puppies and the little mermaid make my heart super happy!!! Happy Friday to you lovely!

Tuesdai Noelle said...


My hearts happy off of the cupcakes and MAC makeup!

Have a fab day :)

Jennifer said...

I had to stop after iPhone because, (1) I'm jealous you have one and I do not, and (2) I WANT A GIR CASE THAT IS SQUISHY! NO FAIR!

I just saw the rest of the pictures.
Those things make my heart happy, too. :D

Alexandra Mason said...

Watching cartoons, eating chocolate, playing with my dog, sewing and walking in the sunshine has made me happy this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

10Yen said...

girlie girl! you made me happy again :) I love this post, because now I've forgotten what got me down! Thank you, and I totally agree with you about the red riding hood cloak.

Mary Lee said...

omg you have 2 iphones? lucky"!!! ahhh i want one so baddd

Aury said...

I love romantic comedies! They make me really happy :) Also bday celebration ice cream cakes that my amazing roommate got me :)

Erica Leigh said...

ohh i wish i had an iphone (so i could accessorize it like you! hehe). a hello kitty case?? AWESOME. my phone has hello kitty stickers on it, actually. :D

things that made me happy last week? cupcakes. like usual. oh, and my mom bought me a cupcake stand, so that was awesome (and still cupcake-related!).


Jacque said...

Mary Lee: I don't have two iphone! That is just a picture I found on weheartit of iphones! I just have one!

iPhone 4s Case said...

Super cute! I love these cupcakes!

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