Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sundays are made for MAGIC!!

Can you feel it?? That magical feeling on a lazy Sunday that envelopes you with warmness and wonderment! Every Sunday should be magical, but especially today because it is the present moment! Sundays should be filled with ballerina daydreams and cupcake escapades! Unicorn wishes and Princess tea parties!!
Fill your Sunday with MAGIC!!

♥ Skip merrily everywhere you go!! Pick colorful flowers for yourself and build a princess crown out of the blossoms! 

♥ Put on your most colorful socks and prance around your house with giggles!! Mis-match your socks for extra fun!

♥ Make cute cookies and decorate them like your favorite characters!! 

♥ Have a Sunday get-together with your friends!! Spend the day doing quirky things like posting signs up everywhere that say, "You're amazing!" or "Why are you so wonderful?!"

♥ Watch The Princess and the Frog!! I've already learned the words to the songs!! ♥ it!!

♥ Make an inspiration wall in your room! Designate this a place where things go if they excite you or inspire you!! Make sure to take down things that no longer inspire you every once in a while to keep it fresh!

♥ Fold a cute origami crane and name him something quirky!! Fold lots of origami cranes and give them to all of your friends!!

♥ Make breakfast for someone who has been sick! Prepare their favorite breakfast dish and serve it to them with a bright smile so they will recover quickly!

♥ Paint your room in your favorite color!! If painting isn't a possibility, incorporate your favorite color into the decor! Put up bright pink fairy lights!! Post orange wall art above your bed! Buy some lamps in your favorite shade of robin's egg blue!! Get creative!!

♥ Cat nap!! Especially if you have someone fuzzy to snuggle with (teddy bears count!!)

♥ Build a fairy wand out of spare craft materials!! Make sure to use lots of glitter! Flit about granting wishes to all of your friends!!

♥ Spoil all of your besties with an ice cream cone!! Make sure to get their favorite flavors!! 
Tell them that the treat is because they are such wonderful friends!! 

♥ Go to, type in "Who's the cutest?", and click I'm feeling lucky!
That's right!!

♥ Have a nice warm cup of coffee and enjoy your day with a thankful smile while thinking about those who can't enjoy the same luxuries!!

♥ Sing "You are my sunshine!" to someone who needs to be cheered up!! Sing it extra loud if they are particularly grumpy!

♥ Indulge in an ice cream sandwich!! Yummo!

♥ Paint your nails like a butterfly wing! So cute!!

♥ Bake some cupcakes and take them to a children's shelter!! They will be greatly appreciated!!

♥ Watch Amelie and enjoy the loveliest movie soundtrack ever!

♥ Make fruit smoothies for your friends!! Use their favorite fruits!! So delicious!

Have a magical Sunday, Lovelies!!

10 Quirky Comments:

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Love the Cat Nap! It's my favorite one.

CAPow! said...

this was an awesome, inspiring collection! infact, that smiling coffee photo just inspired me to go brew a pot of coffee!

cait said...

Your posts always make me SMILE BIG!! Thanks for always reminding me of the little happy things ♥

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Love love love this post! You always have great suggestions!


Jamie said...

I always love when you do posts like this. Such a day brightener! Hope you're having a magical Sunday, Jacque!!!! xo

Lindsay said...

your blog is always so happy!! I love love it!!! Hope your Sunday is just as magical!

cupcake cutie said...

you're such a cutie!
loved this post, and all of yours!
check out my giveaway!!!

Jana said...

Hi Jacque, hope your Sunday was as lovely as it could be. I can't wait to try some of these things...

miss lucille said...

how fun! princess and the frog is one of my FAVORITES right now! i love it. love it. love it. - oh and you already follow my blog ( but i am doing a give away if you want to enter! ;) have a wonderful day!!!

M. said...

What a wonderful post. Just tumbled over your blog and LOVE iT! :)))) I will stop by more often!

Have a happy day! :)

xo Mimi

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