Monday, April 12, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!

Terrific T-Rex wants you to make you Monday MARVELOUS!!!

Terrific T-Rex is the great ancestor of Imaginative Iguana!!
Although most people are afraid of him, he is actually quite friendly!! He really enjoys making new friends and spending time hanging out with his buddies! He doesn't like to brag about it, but he is a champion ballroom dancer in his spare time! And he definitely like to boogie!! He wants you to have a TERRIFIC day and put a giant stomp on any negativity today!! 

Giggle, bounce, and leap for joy!! Spread happiness and discover inspiration! Doodle cheerful creatures like pandas, squirrels, and penguins!! Do sometime nice for yourself!! Wake up on the right side of the bed!! Fill your day with a million reason to be thankful and then give thanks!! Write an appreciative note to someone and leave it anonymously! Bake cupcakes for all of your friends!! Smile just because today is MONDAY, the best day ever!!

Hope your day is filled with wonderfulness and fantabulous adventures!!

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Jana said...

Hi Jacque your cheerfulness leaves me ashamed on Mondays as I am usually grumpy and grouchy on this day. It is the thought of the entire work week stretching in frone of me that is my downfall…However I will do better I swear!

~~Lina~~ said...

He is so cute! Happy week!

Jamie said...

So cuuuute!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!! xoxo

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Monday to you too!

I am Danielle and you are? said...

I LOVE TERRIBLE T-REX! He has to be my favorite dinosaur ever...well unless you make a Vivacious Velociraptor!


Lucy said...

Hope your day has been lovely :)

Alexandra Mason said...

Have a wonderful week! xxx

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