Saturday, March 20, 2010


 Happy Saturday, Lovelies!

Today is the first day of SPRING!!


What are you up to this weekend??

  ★ Have your favorite cereal for breakfast!

  ★ Read Calvin and Hobbes and lounge somewhere breezy like an outdoor hammock!

  ★ Go to Starbucks with your friends and indulge in your favorite drink!

  ★ Accessorize your pet with a cute bow in pastel colors!!

  ★ Paint your nails bright pink (or your favorite spring color!) and use a black nail polish art pen to create cute zebra strips!

  ★ Mix up some fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola for a yummy snack!

  ★ Spend the day at your local aquarium!! Make friends with all the dolphins!

  ★ Make some cupcakes and decorate them with colorful sprinkles and pretty Easter candy!

★ Create a cute heart-shaped collage out of your favorite photos or polaroids!

★ Go on an adventure outside!!

★ Buy some Lip Smackers in your favorite flavors!! They aren't just for little girls!

★ Bake something pink and yummy!!

★ Spend the afternoon reading!! 

★ Go antique store shopping for some vintage jewelry! 

★ Watch Garden State and then listen to the soundtrack!

★ Share some watermelon with someone special!

★ Have fun with stamps!!

★ Make a cup of your favorite tea and relax!

★ Give a bouquet of spring flowers to someone going through a hard time right now!! Write them an encouraging card to cheer them on!

★ Watch Beauty and the Beast!! Sing along!

  ★ Get excited about SPRING and EASTER!!

 Have a SPECTACULAR weekend!!


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Leah said...

The watermelon is just perfect... and I will try to put some bows in my little princess' hair/fur. She will look so dainty and so pretty.

Have a great weekend Jacque! xoxo

Lucy said...

I want to do all of these! However, today I am going for Starbucks with my friend and then we're going to get our nails done together. Next week I'm going to London zoo & aquarium with my big sis! Yay.
Your posts always make a good start to the day, thank you. x

Shep said...

happy first day of spring to you too, pretty girl!

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Spring! Don't you just love new beginnings? Thanks for all the suggestions!

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi, lovely post and gorgeous photos, hope you have a lovely weekend xx

I am Danielle and you are? said...

I LOVE SPRING! It is my favorite season! Even with a broken foot, I try and hobble outside at least for 15 minutes to get some sunshine. I am reading a lot and thinking about making that heart collage but with tickets for things David and I have gone to.


S and O said...

OMG I totally want to do all these things on your list!! It's like you've read my mind :) I've been wanting to go to starbucks, paint my nails, and watch Garden State!! This post is so awesome!

Have a great weekend! =)


Kato said...

I LOVED all those pictures and all those suggestions. I also love your enthusiasm!


cait said...

Great pictures as always love! It seems we have a lot of similar interests - I can always find something I love here!
Also, there's a happy award for you at my blog!
love love love
cait xoxo

LovelyLor said...

Bubblicious lip balm is good too! They have neat flavorsnd bigggg mega lip balms.

nail art is super fun!

Dolphins are always cuutttee
Great list as always! Sooo cheerful!
Easter is getting closer than I thought I am super excited

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Want to let you know that I gave you an award on my new blog:

Sam said...

Cute post! the baby chicks are adorable and I really do feel like watching Garden State right now :)

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