Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Makes My Heart Happy!

Hello Lovelies!!

I hope that you are all making fabulous plans for your weekend!! Make sure to include lots of relaxing!!

I'm cleaning a lot this weekend! Which is something that makes me happy!! 
I'm getting my nails done and going Valentine's Day shopping tomorrow! 

What are you up to,  Lovelies??

Now it's time for my happy heart list!

What makes my happy!

♥ My kitten, Apollo! He's getting so big! I just love my little purr factory so much!

♥ Laughing Cow Cheese! It's so yummy!! And delicious packed lunches!

♥ My favorite dessert!! Apple Skilletini! So yummy!!

♥ Tea Parties!! 

Spirited Away! One of my favorite movies!

♥ Rainy days! They make me feel so relaxed and peaceful! 

♥ Hearts!! They are everywhere right now for Valentine's Day!!

♥ Llamas!!

♥ Giggling!! It's so good for the soul!

♥ Snoopy!! He's my favorite!

♥ Manicures! They make me feel shiny and new!

♥ Tire swings!! So much fun! This makes me miss my bestie so much! We have a tire swing song and lots of tire swing anecdotes! 

♥ Pink Lipstick! It's a staple item in my makeup bag!!

♥ Shark Week! I wish every week was shark week! I have the coolest Shark Week DVD set! And I have two stuffed animal sharks! Rawr!

♥ Receiving comments that make me happy like Domo!! You are all such wonderful people and you fill my life with your splendor and loveliness!

♥ Sending my thoughts, hopes, and dreams out into the universe!!

♥ Being inspired by Audrey!! She is my idol!

♥ Receiving lovely mail!! I wish I got more of it!! 

♥ Having more sunny days and less gloomy ones!! AND feeling well more often!! 

 ♥ Listening to soothing ocean noises before bed!!

 ♥ Waking up from lovely dreams filled with inspiration!

What makes your happy, Lovelies???

13 Quirky Comments:

Jamie said...

Love these lists! Posts like this make me happy!!! And I looove laughing cow cheese! I'm actually posting one of my favorite eats from the week that includes some on my Shrinking Saturday post in a bit! hehe Yum!!!

Happy Saturday to you, Lovely!!!

Leah said...

Have a fabulous weekend Jacque... your post always make me smile... never fails. xoxo

Alexandra Mason said...

Lovely blog :) xx

Luana said...

This is such a lovely blog! Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro are my favorite movies ever. Well, in animation I suppose because there are many others I love ^_^

Katie-Jane said...

I love posts like these! I love Spitited Away too! And that nail picture is really cute! :)

Meg said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE laughing cow cheese - i stock up every time i visit costco, because it's too expensive anywhere else! and ps, your kitty is adorable!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Your kitty is so cute! And hearts make me happy too :)

Lindsay said...

Your posts always make me super happy :) Love all the pics ;)

chelsea rebecca said...

mmm laughing cow cheese my favorite!!
sunflowers, a freshly baked cookie, and a nice cup of tea! plus uncontrollable fits of laughter with the bestest of friends!

LovelyLor said...

I love spirited away! It's interesting that you chose that picture to represent it because when talking to people about it they either love or hate that character I think he goes by no face?

I am actually quite mutual towards him. I'm really curious as to how you feel about him?

Overload on cuteness I could go on for hours about each of these pictures! Great post!

Inka said...

this was a cute and happy post :)

p.s. word verification: "afterpee". lol. ;)

The Haute Bitch said...

your cat is so cute. i miss my cat :( :(

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

eep! your kitten looks like my cat marty! Hooray for orange cats.

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