Saturday, February 20, 2010


Happy Saturday!

This week was rough on me, Lovelies! I caught a cold sometime earlier in the week and it slowly revealed itself until I was quite ill on Thursday morning. I'm starting to feel better today though! Yay! 

How are you feeling lately? Have you struggled with a cold or bad allergies? 

I'm so relieved that it's the weekend!!
Are you making some wonderfully exciting plans??

This weekend, you could...
  Make some sugar hearts!! Very simple and so cute!! Eat them like candy or use them to decorate cupcakes, cakes, or brownies!  Recipe and instructions at Such Pretty Things!

REST! Especially if you have been sick or feeling extra tired! Make a date with your bed and sleep! Lounge in your favorite pj's, put comfy linen on your bed, and eat all of your meals while under the covers!

Rent a big stack of your favorite movies! Pop lots of yummy popcorn and have a movie marathon!! 

Go to your local market and buy some delicious fruit! Make smoothies, fruit salad, or just have a quick fruit snack! 

Spend some time with your dog or pet-sit a friend's dog! Take your buddy for a walk, play tug-o-war, and romp around in the grass together! Being around a happy and playful canine will make you happy and leave you with lots of positive energy!

Spend an afternoon reading a book you have always wanted to read!! Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to read! Lose yourself inside the world in your book for a while! 

Doodle some happy and silly faces on your fingertips! Bust into a mini puppet show randomly during the day and make your friends giggle!

Buy yourself some flowers!! Everyone loves receiving flowers and what a wonderful way to show yourself some love! Make sure to arrange them in a vase and put them somewhere you can see everyday!

Write in your journal or diary! If you don't write in your journal/diary everyday, it is easy to forget about it and never write. Take some time to write down your thoughts, current feelings, frustrations, and happiness. You will be surprised how nice it feels to vent in a private place where there is no fear of someone judging you. I started keeping a journal two years ago, and I write in it almost everyday now. 

Make cute shaped sandwiches for yourself!! Have them for lunch or with your afternoon tea!

Get ready for spring and paint your nails in pastel shades!! So pretty! Pastels are my favorite!

Eat cotton candy!! So pretty and colorful!!

Put on some lovely costume jewelry, brew your favorite tea, grab some pink cupcakes, and watch Marie Antoinette!!

Write a list of your dearest wishes! Collect some dandelions, blow on them, and set out to make your dreams come true!

Make some chocolate covered pretzels! Use pretty colors and sprinkles!! Wrap them up in cellophane and give them to all of your friends!

Go through your makeup! Organize and categorize! Clean your makeup brushes and through away old products! Make a list of what needs to be replaced!  Plan to use some of the products that you have neglected! I always discover a forgotten lipgloss or eyeshadow whenever I do this!

Make some aqua colored cupcakes! Take them to a homeless shelter, give them out to all of your visitors or share them with your co-workers at work!

Spend some time outside in the sun! Being inside all day away from the sun can cause you to be vitamin deficient! Go for a walk and enjoy nature, but make sure to protect your eyes with some sunglasses!

Have high tea with your friends somewhere fancy or host it at your home!! It's such a lovely experience! 

Get ice cream cones with extra sprinkles!!

Watch Disney's Alice in Wonderland while in anticipation for Tim Burton and Disney's version to hit theaters!

Have a SPIFFY and FANTABULOUS weekend!!

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cait said...

You always post the best ideas! I love them all :)
ps those aqua cupcakes are to die for! mmmm

Dan said...

Big J, you are a walking form of Prozac, do you know that?

I hope you are feeling better and your weekend is filled with everything that only someone as nice as you can have.

Harriet said...

I am currently on the edge of a cold, and I'm not sure if it will jsut go away, or get a whole lot worse, so I am crossing my fingers and toes and trying to look after myself to make it the former!

I love all your suggestions, especially a walk in the sun. Today was the first sunny day we've had for ages, and it was so nice, even though it was cold, to go out and feel the sun on my face!

cris (cristal) said...

everythings so nice (:


laura may said...

I love this post. I have read the bell jar, and I have to say, it's one of my absolute favourites. Keep up the great blog doll!


Sher said...

You always have the loveliest ideas to spend the weekends! I love every single thing you listed here:)

Happy Sunday!


Alexandra Mason said...

what a lovely post...great ideas xx

LovelyLor said...

As always I am overwhelmed with cute and happiness from your blog! I love love LOVE cotton candy mmmmm

chelsea rebecca said...

mmm POPCORN and a stack of movies!! my fave! such a wonderful list of things to do for weekend happiness!

passport in my pocket said...

aww, this is a really cute post. Love the doodling on the fingertips.

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