Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!

★Happy Monday, Lovelies!!

Mellow Monkey wants you to make Monday MARVELOUS!!

Mellow Monkey spends his days lounging about the rain forest, eating lots of fresh bananas, and swinging gleefully on vines! The jungle is his playground and he makes use of every opportunity to have fun! He never stressed when something goes wrong and always keeps his cool! He hopes your week is AMAZING and STRESS-FREE!! If all else fails, chill out like Mellow Monkey!

Lovelies, right now I am taking part Gala Darling's Month of Radical Self Love!!
I'm very excited about it!! I definitely encourage you to take part in her loveliness!!

Click on her cute button if you are interested!

 Part of our first assignment for the month was to create a totem for Radical Self Love!
Well, I decided to put hearts in all of my every day places. I made origami hearts and put them around the house. I also decided to decorate my planner pages with hearts and love themed stickers!

I went a little overboard!! 
(I can barely fit in my appointments! Laugh at me, because I did!!)
I just wanted to share this with you!! 

Have a super wonderful Monday!! Be giddy! Eat cupcakes and dance!! Draw a picture of yourself and write lots of adjectives describing all of your beautiful attributes! Smiles in the mirror and say, "Hey Sexy!" Give out lots of hugs!! Watch your favorite show and kick back! Blow bubbles in your milk (or soy milk)! Make silly faces and giggle!! Try to put a positive spin on anything negative that comes into your life! Reject negative energy!  Breath in all of the positive vibes!! I'm sending lots your way!!

Let's all happy dance our way through this week together, ok??


11 Quirky Comments:

Alexandra Mason said...

Love your hearts on your planner :) xx

Sher said...

Aww, your heart-filled planner pages are such a delight my dear!!

Hope you had a beautiful monday:)


cait said...

Thanks for such a lovely post :) Totally made me smile, and I looove your stickers!
xo, cait

Leah said...

Love your planner... so cute, I love the Hello Kitty stickers.

I'm doing the happy dance now. Happy Monday Jacque!

♥cherry. said...

i feel like someone should beat me and MAKE me do the happy dance, but i always enjoy your posts so much! i'm heading to Gala's now to check out her new project!

yoli said...

just one word... lovely!

kimber doll said...

I love Gala Darling!! I can definitely see some similarities between you too, both refreshingly positive!! I love coming to your blog, it does it's job of cheering up all who visit!

Holly said...

Heheh I like your planner! That is an awful lot of stickers! :D

cupcake cutie said...

hehehe, i love all the stickers in your planner!
i always decorate mine with cute stickers and colours too! it makes it way more funnnn :)


Anonymous said...

the planner is tacky >O<
waaaayy too many stickers cluttering the pages :/

Jacque said...

I happen to love anything tacky, kitchy, or over the top. Just because something does not appeal to your individual taste doesn't make it wrong.

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