Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

Happy Monday!!

Oh nose!! We're a little late today!! Sorry about that! You know how Llamas are though! They are on no one's timetable but their own!

Because we arrived a little late for Happy Monday, Lovely Llama wants you to have a WONDERFUL WEEK!!

Lovely Llama enjoys spending sunny afternoons lazing about a verdant pasture and munching on green grass salads! She loves to have her fleece brushed and shampooed with lavender and vanilla scents. And if you tie pink bows in her fur, she will share some of her apples with you! 

Have a wonderful week, Lovelies!! Take every opportunity to be spunky, cheerful, and thankful for all of your blessings!! Happy dance!! Giggle with glee!! Spread your sunshine to everyone in your life! Chase away any grumpy moods with lots of laughter, cookies, and gobs of hugs!!


7 Quirky Comments:

Lindsay said...

OH MY!! That llama reminds me of the movie The Emperor's New Groove! You ever seen that movie! It's super cute!!! LOVE your llama :)

Jacque said...

omg I didn't even think of that movie when I was drawing! I adore that movie! It's so funny!!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness i adore your drawings!
there are too cute!

Laurie said...

So...I do love the llama, she's super cute! But, um...where are her legs? :p


Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, this is such a sweet post, just what I needed today. I am doing my dance and giggling with a glee!! Have a lovely week my luv.

Love & Hugs

Sher said...

Oh, your dear llama is so adorable!! It definitely made me smile on a tuesday, never mind that it's not monday anymore here:P


cupcake cutie said...

you are just TOO sweet

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