Saturday, January 30, 2010


I hope that you are all making fabulous plans for this weekend, eating all of your favorite treats, and feeling wonderful about life! 

There are about a kajillion things you could do this weekend! 


Go out for sushi with your best friends!! Yum-o!!

 ♥ Hop on your bicycle and have an adventure all around your town or city!! Of course, you will be wearing a very stylish helmet to protect your lovely noggin!

Start getting ready for Valentine's Day! Get creative by making Valentines for your friends out of non-traditional materials like old take away menus, wallpaper, and magazines!

Buy some tights in your favorite pretty pastel colors for the spring! Bust out of your dreary winter slump with a splash of color on your stems!

Get together with your besties and take lots of silly pictures for your scrapbook/photo albums! The silly pictures are the most special ones!!

Instead of filling all of your post-its with stressful reminders, draw yourself a storyline of fantastical creatures and silly doodles!! Hang them up to remind yourself that life is too short to be serious all the time!!

Make or buy your favorite sweet treat and devour it!! You had a long week and you deserve a treat!

Visit your local aquarium and get lost in the oceanic world of wonders! 

Have a lazy day filled only with loveliness: bubble baths, naps, cookies, and origami cranes!

♥  Go outside to get a little sunshine! We are inside and away from a natural source of vitamin D far too long! 

Have fun making silly shadow puppets!!

Make some good old fashioned Macaroni & Cheese!!  This is my comfort food!

Get a lovely pedicure and wear your favorite heels to show it off!!

♥  Spend hours shopping online and making polyvore collages! (This is my first collage ever! Like it?)

Wear some colorful bows in your hair!! So cute!

Go to your favorite bakery and pick up some yumminess!

♥  Have a tea party Alice in Wonderland style!! Wear colorful outfits, use mix-matched china, serve exotic pastries, and act as absurd as possible!!

Go see a ballet!! You will love it, I promise!

Put on your favorite pj's and watch Beauty and the Beast!!

Doodle!! It's good for the soul!

Hope your weekend is AMAZING! Sending you all lots of


14 Quirky Comments:

Shilka said...

HAHA love the first photo of the dog xD So cute!

Wanted to wear my red bow in my hair, but my little kitten and it's claws got to it first *sigh*

Hows your weekend? :)

Leah said...

Such lovely thoughts... hope your weekend is amazing as well. xoxo

Sher said...

I find it really amazing how you always come up with new lists of happy things! I'm sure you're just a naturally wonderful and beautiful person inside out:)


Dragonfly said...

Great suggestions!! Love the dog :-)

Lavender said...

wow, so creative in dressing up the dog!

visit me too. I have a beauty blog - nail art, makeup and reviews. Thanks

mangocheeks said...

What a lovely way to inspire friends and readers to enjoy themselves. Thanks for bringing a smile and warmth to my weekend. I especially love the recycled hearts.

Thank you.

Dan said...

My weekend was filled with sleep.

Lovely, lovely sleep.

I hope yours was a happy as you hoped it would be.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your posts about what you could do this weekend. They are so inspiring :) LOVE LOVE!!!

Hawaii Kawaii said...

Thanks for a lovely post. The dog totally cracke me up :D

Carrie said...

very inspiring great post!

I love those tight :)

blotchy_buttcheeks said...

I'm very inspired now.

Going to go wake the boyfriend up and go out. It's monday but my day off work so still techinically my weekend.

Costume Queen said...

I gave your blog an award!

Check out the award, rules, and blog feedback on:

Brown Girl said...

Wow, all of that sounds good. I particularly like eating some mac and cheese and then maybe going for sushi with friends. Hope you had a good weekend!

Miranda said...

I loved all the pictures especially the one of the dog ;)

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