Saturday, January 16, 2010


Happy Saturday, Lovelies!!
It's SATURDAY!! The best day of the entire week!!

I hope that your Saturday is AMAZING!!
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So...what are you up to this weekend??
Not sure what to do on such a spectacular weekend?? Well, I have have a few ideas!


♥ Take some time to organize your belongings! Put all of your pretty jewelry and keepsakes in a special place!

♥  Have a tea party!! Invite your friends over, put on a pot of your favorite tea, and serve delicious cookies and cakes!

♥ Have an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon!! You will feel much more chic afterwards! My favorites are Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany's!

♥ Watch Disney's Wall-e!! It makes my ♥ happy!

♥ Wear those ridiculously gorgeous shoes your own but never wear and take them out for a night on the town!

♥ Adopt a pet!! There are lots of happy animals waiting to be your best bud!!

♥ Experiment with makeup using lots of different colors!! Be outrageous and adventurous!

♥ Go for a walk at a local park or garden! Take time to enjoy all the sights and smells! I really want to go to a rose garden like this one!

♥ Wear lots of tulle!! It's the weekend so who cares if you throw on some sneakers too!

♥ Have a bubble war!! Bubbles are so much fun!!

♥ Buy some brand new toys and donate them to a children's shelter!!

♥ Have some alone time where you just daydream and think about your life.

♥ Watch Clueless!!

♥ Paint your nails sparkly teal! So cute!!

♥ Bust out your old troll dolls and play!! Make them dance and giggle! Style their hair! Give yourself a troll hairdo!!

♥ Cook breakfast for your favorite person!! Make something yummy like pancakes or waffles!

♥ Get your friends together and take lots of pictures!! Take some formal group pictures for your album and lots of silly poses! Go to lots of different places!

♥ If you're having a grumpy day, watch Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure! Seriously! This movie made me so happy and spunky!

♥ Go shopping!! Try on lots of clothes even if you don't intend on buying anything! You'll never know if you like how something looks on you if you don't try it on! I want all of these cute dresses! I'm really into teal and blue right now!

♥ Make some cute pink cupcakes! Share them with your friends or horde them all for yourself!

♥ Put on your favorite music and zone out for a little while! Everyone needs some down time every once in a while!!

♥ Make an effort to make your weekend super awesome!! Decide to be happy and make it happen!

♥ you, Lovelies!!

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doodlegirl said...

This is a really cute segment! I want to paint my nails with sparkle teal polish now and eat lots of cupcakes!

Jennifer said...

The smiling dog cracked me up, and I love all the wonderful things that'll bring smiles to people's faces. :D

Leah said...

I'm in love with tulle right now and that keepsake organizer is so lovely. Hope you're having a great weekend Jacque.

Erica Leigh said...

lots of CUTE THINGS TO DO!!! ahhh. i need to do these more often (especially the audrey hepburn movie-athon. i've never seen 'roman holiday'! ack).

a tea party. YES! i wish i had more friends that liked tea. i would love to have a tea party. the kind that involved poufy dresses, big hats, teeny-tiny sandwiches, scones and bad british accents. it would be awesome.


yoli said...

lovely post

Victoria said...

The photo of that park is so beautiful! I want to go there today :) x

Sher said...

This is such a wonderful post, darling! I love all the suggestions you have for the weekend, I will try them out definitely!!

Bubbles are fun indeed and an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon sounds so lovely:)

Happy weekend to you!!


Lindsay said...

I love your posts like this, they always make me smile :)

The Childlike empress said...

what lovely ideas....

watching wallee always makes me happy

Jamie said...

Such a wonderful list of happiness! How do you come up with all these things all the time???
Love it all!

souljane said...

Just discovered your blog.

You have impeccable taste.

Cheers to new follows :)

theblondeonewhohikes said...

Thanks for the comment! Your blog is lovely! Very cute.
And Audrey Hepburn movies are my favorite :)

L.p said...

ADORABLE BLOG! Just love it! Hugs, hope youll have a great day.

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