Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roy the Raptor!! Rawr!

Once there was a raptor named Roy who lived in the tall grasses within the Great Jungle.

He lived with his father in a tree branch apartment within Jungle City. Roy's father loved him very much, but Roy always felt that he didn't fit in.

Roy tried to play with the other children at jungle school, but they never let him join in.  He often heard whispers from the other animals about his large claws and sharp teeth. Roy was so distraught about being an outcast that he decided to run away from Jungle City.

Roy ran in Wall-E on his way out of the city.  Wall-E was a very friendly robot who lived on the outskirts of Jungle City. Wall-E asked Roy why he was upset and Roy explained his situation.  Wall-e told him that the other animals were just afraid because Roy was different, but he should never be ashamed to be himself.

  He told Roy a story about a large and fierce Beast who often terrorized Jungle City. He suggested that Roy defeat the Beast to show the others that he was a good raptor.  Excited at the thought of proving himself, Roy set out for the lair of the Beast.

Roy and the Beast battled for days!! The battle was epic, and word spread through out the jungle about the brave raptor.  All of those who had shunned Roy came to watch as he battled the Beast.  Finally, the Beast gave up and left the jungle in defeat.

Although Roy was victorious, he was very badly injured.

Roy was sent to the Jungle City Hospital right away! After days of rest and recovery, Roy was able to go home.  Roy's father picked him up from the hospital and took him back to their tree branch apartment.  Before he opened the door to his apartment, Roy heard lots of voices inside!

All the animals from his school has gathered to hold a surprise party for Roy!! Yay!! They apologized for shunning him and asked if they could all be friends! Roy was so happy that he did a raptor happy dance! They had lots of fun and stayed friends all through Jungle High School!!

The End!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!! Hang in there, Lovelies!!

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Duchess of Tea said...

Darling this was a hilariously sweet story.

Love & Hugs

Lindsay said...

wow this.is.amazing!!! this was too cute and made me smile smile smile!!

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