Monday, January 25, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

♥Happy Monday, Lovelies!!hearts;

Kind Kangaroo wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!!!

Kind Kangaroo loves living in the outback with her little kinder kangaroo! She is very kind too all of her friends who live in the Australian outback! She always has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face! 

I know Mondays are rough, but why do they have to be awful by default?? Make this day amazing instead! Mondays are a fresh start to a wonderful week! Let's make this day superb!!

Have a super spiffy day, my loves!!

p.s. I'm sorry that the quality of the doodle of the week isn't great. I've been feeling a little under the weather all weekend, and I didn't have the time to spend on making a more detailed drawing! And I had to use the camera on my iphone because I can't find the cable to upload pictures from my camera. Hope you like it anyways!!

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Evie said...

I love Kind Kangaroo! You always make me laugh when you say that your drawings aren't good because they are always really awesome. I cannot draw to save my life so I appreciate the artwork of those who can draw! Happy Monday to you too!

Rogue said...

I like it :) Love your positive posts on a monday, always such a great start to the week! x

Lindsay said...

I love your kangaroo!!! All your doodles make me smile :)
P.S have you ever made a panda? I would love to hang it up on my craft wall!!!!

xoxoKrysten said...

This post totally makes me smile =-)

penny threads. said...

adorable kangaroo! and i'm sorry to hear you're been under the weather...never a fun place to be. i hope you're feeling better. thanks for the inspiring monday post! we all need this on our mondays. :D

Holly said...

Cute! I love the kangaroo! :D

LovelyLor said...

Cute doodles as always! <3 Have you ever seen the mighty boosh? Ever since I saw their killeroo episode I have felt uneasy about kangaroos but this one makes me feel much better about them!

Leah said...

I always love looking at your doodles.

And I agree with you, don't let Monday blues get you's all in the mind. xoxo

The Curious Pug said...

aww lovely kangaroo is good at his job of making me happy!

cupcake cutie said...

awwww. what a cutie!
i am trying to love monday's
it;'s working so far,
thank youuu

mart and lu said...

its so hard to be supper happy on mondays but because i almost have mondays off i enjoy them a lot. its a wonderful catch-up day for me. i hope you have a lovely rest of the week!

miss lucille said...

hey! i awarded you the "sunshine award" on my blog! you can check it out here:
thanks for being you!

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