Monday, January 4, 2010

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

♥Happy Monday!!♥

Humble Hippo wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!!

Humble Hippo is a very shy and bashful hippo, but he is also very friendly once you get to know him better! He's very humble about it, but he is a professional hippo opera singer! He wants to sing you a Happy Monday Song, but he's too shy!!

Let's all make this Monday Magical!! Don't let any crummies and grumpies ruin your day!! Be extra cheerful! Think about your blessings and smile! Share your euphoria with all around you! Do only things that make your ♥ happy!!

Have a wonderfully spectacular day, Lovelies!!

p.s. Hope you like the doodle this week! The first hippo I drew turned out a little creepy so I had to draw a different one to post! And then my purple marker dried up! Blah!

10 Quirky Comments:

Maggi said...

Humble Hippo is too cute! Happy Monday to you! (And happy Bachelor day! lol)

Sher said...

Aww such a cute doodle!! Hugss to the very adorable Humble Hippo!!

Happy Monday to you too:)


myownlittleuniverse said...

haha! you are too funny...i love your title "make mondays marvelous". cute little doodle!

Carrie said...

he is so cute I got my prize in the mail its great and I love the earrings

penny threads. said...

too cute! happy monday girlie!

Rachel said...

Humble Hippo is too cute for words! Love him!

I hope you're having a marvelous Monday! I have an award for you on my blog, so be sure to check it out!

Jen said...

I wish I saw your post before the miserable day I had at work! :)

my wonderland said...

wow thanks for posting that you just made my day!
Im following

muchlove said...

humble hippo is so cute! I love him and his sweet personality ^_^

♥cherry. said...

this came at the exact time that i needed some euphoria spread into my life! you and your blog are adorable and so inspiring!

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