Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cheer Up, Buttercup! Ways To Cheer Up On A Crummy Day!

I had such a grumpy day!! And now I feel inspired!!

Ways To Cheer Up On A Crummy Day!

♥  Sometimes the only way to get over a grumpy mood is to vent to someone!! Just be careful who you vent to. Pick someone who cares about you and respects your confidence.

♥  Go somewhere magical and get lost! When I'm stuck in the crummy doldrums, I go for a walk and explore places I've never been!

♥  Take an extra long bath or shower! Instead of just focusing on cleansing yourself, take some time to  relax and breathe. Turn the bath into your temporary sanctuary and turn away all of your grumpy thoughts!

♥  Make a playlist of your absolutely favorite music! Kick up your feet and listen to your tunes!

♥  Think about what you would tell a friend who needed to be cheered up! Take your own advice!

♥  Tell your favorite person in the world that you need to be cheered up! Ask them to whisk you away on a mini vacation from your grumpies! The people in your life who love you are the ones who know how to cheer you up to best!

♥  Bake some cookies for your friends or family! Doing something positive for someone else will definitely make you feel better about yourself!

♥  Watch your favorite childhood movie or television show! There is something comforting in the nostalgia! One of my favorites is Thumbelina !

♥  Make funny faces with someone silly! Take pictures! If you are solo, make faces in a mirror! You will look ridiculous, but it inspired lots of giggles! This is something that always works for me!

♥  Write yourself a letter detailing all the things in your life that make it wonderful! Write all of the things you are thankful for! Hide it away to be read on your next crummy day!

♥  Take some time to relax in a quiet solitude! I try to avoid a lot of people on my grumpy days because I don't to take out my bad mood on someone.

♥  Get lost in your imagination! Often you just need to escape from reality for a little while! Make up a fantasy world where your life is full of adventures and magic (the windmill made me think of Don Quixote!)

♥  Try to doodle in your journal or sketchpad! Sometimes words fail and doodles are a good way of expressing frustrations or anger. They don't have to be neat, pretty, or artistic! Just doodle whatever you are feeling! Scribble if you feel inspired!

♥  Indulge in your favorite dessert! There's no need to feel guilty about this one! Grumpies are a serious condition which deserves a little something extra like cakes!

♥  Take some time to appreciate nature! Fresh air does wonderful things for the body! It's often a wonderful remedy for the staleness in one's life. Go somewhere with a pond and feed the birds bread crumbs!

♥  Have some chocolate milk! It will make your ♥ happy!

♥  Have a tea party in bed with some who likes to snuggle! Bring some yummy tea, your favorite cakes, and put on your favorite movie!

♥  Laugh!! Have a tickle war! Giggle! Guffaw! Laughter is the arch nemesis of the Grumpies!!

♥  Sometimes you just need to go home after an extra crummy day! Transform your home into a safe haven! It will be a place you can escape to after a day of blahness!

♥  Plan a trip to somewhere you've always dreamed of visiting! Start making real plans to make this dream happen! Positive planning is a wonderful way to cheer up and get yourself out of a rut!

♥  Old school milk and cookies always do the trick!! Whenever I had a bad day in my childhood, my mom would always have a plate of warm cookies and and cold glass of milk ready for me!

♥  Don't beat yourself up! Everyone has crummy days! You are entitled to your grumpies sometimes!

♥ Things will get better! Just keep that in mind when you feel your worst! The sun will alway comes out tomorrow! I know that's cheesy, but I'm a super cheese puff!

Hang in there, Lovelies!!

Hope you are all having more sunny days and less cloudy ones!!


p.s. I have a giveaway ready to go!! I will launch it when I reach 100 followers! I'm excited about it! I wanna spoil my readers because I love all of you tons!

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Evie said...

Really cute post! These are some wonderful ideas on how to cheer up. I like the one about making silly faces!

Rogue said...

This post has really cheered me up :) I used to love thumbalina when I was little, such a good story :) xx

Maggi said...

What a lovely list! These are things that would definitely cheer me up on a crummy day!

I hope your today is fabulous!

Lindsay said...

Thank you for posting this, it has already made my day feel a lot better! All these ideas are awesome! Totaly bookmarking this for when I'm having a bleh day :)

Dan said...

Seriously, I can't ever imagine you being grumpy. I bet when it does happen though, everyone runs a mile, like watching Krakatau going off.....

I really like your list. Being a naturally grumpy bastard, it takes a lot to make me smile, but some of the things you have written about I agree with. Especially nature, favourite film (Jaws), and cake.

You can't go wrong with cake.

Mari said...

all those pictures are soo cute I already feel better! Those are great ideas and I'll have to keep them in mind next time I start to beat myself up

Jen said...

I love writing everything out in a letter to myself. I keep them and read them again when I'm feeling better - it seems so ridiculous but at the time it's a great way to get all those feelings out. :)

BuenoBueno said...

everyone should laugh more!
if your sad start fake laughing and it will really make you laugh.:)

Indy said...

I love these pictures...every one of them made me smile!

Your blog is great!

Jamie said...

I love this! I gave you an award on my blog last nite. =)

Kim Bishop said...

These are all super cute and thanks so much for adding my banner to your site.

Rachel said...

I absolutely love this post! And you always use the best pictures! Those panda cookies are too cute.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I just had a fight over something stupid. :( I try apologizing to the person and they just don't listen. I know I was in the wrong and it was such a dumb thing to do... I was mad and wasn't thinking. I want to tell them that but they just don't listen. :( What do you do when you have had a fight with someone?

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