Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Time to Say Goodbye, 2009!!

But before you go, let's remember all those good times we had together!!

What a quirky year it's been!!

  I went on a back to school trip with my sister and bestie! We made our first and only webshow while 

With my best friend, Lauren after our spring choir concert! I'm all sweaty and gross from the dancing!

Together with my flute friends after the spring flute choir concert!

In the dressing room during the run of the summer play!

My best friends brought me flowers!!! I ♥ them!!

 I went on a study abroad trip to the UK!! We studied in London for 2 weeks and Edinburgh, Scotland for 3 weeks! We're excited to be in England! Sleepy smiles in Heathrow!

In King's Cross Station!! About to leave for Scotland!!

I fried my bangs with a crappy hair straightener on the first day in Scotland!! Whaa! They are still kinda crispy! It sucked!

In Her Majesty's Royal Gardens in Edinburgh! It was like a forest! We only got to spend an hour there, but I could have explored for hours!

We went to the Edinburgh Zoo!! AND!! I saw a HIPPO!!! My most favorite animal in the world!!

Polar Bear!! She was so gorgeous!!

Being grumpy in London! I was really homesick and it was my birthday! We went to the British Museum and had a lot of fun! They bought me some birthday cake at a little cafe! And we went to see Phantom of the Opera the next day!!

Outside Buckingham Palace! We stayed for the changing of the guard, which I had no idea was such a big deal until there were tons of uniformed men on horseback and a marching band!!

Big Ben!! I synchronized my watch with him!!

London's Eye!! We didn't get to ride it because it was the last days of our month long trip and we were broke!

I dressed up like Marie Antoinette for our Halloween Choir Concert!

George dressed up for Halloween to help pass out candy!

I dressed up like a french maid for Halloween!! My sister is the mad hatter!

Brittany, my best friend, had her senior recital!! I played a flute duet with her!! It was spectacular!

Yay!! That's the best of '09!!

What was your year like, Lovelies??

p.s. Leave me a link if you've made a similar year review post!! I would love to read about your year!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Make Mondays Marvelous!!


Gleeful Giraffe wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!!!

Gleeful Giraffe is the happiest and spunkiest giraffe on the savanna!! He loves to munch on twigs and leaves!! Whenever he is especially happy, he bursts into a cute giraffe happy dance! He loves to make his friends laugh with funny giraffe anecdotes! And he will always be around to help if there is a place too high to reach!

Make this day count!! Don't let anything negative interfere with your day of wonderfulness!! Jump, hop, and skip for joy! Be happy and let your joy spread to all around you!

 Make your Monday the most magnificent and magical day possible!!

Have an amazing day, Lovelies!!

p.s. I've decided that I love doodling for you Lovelies every week!! It makes me squee with happiness!

p.s.s. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!! They make my ♥ happy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happiness is...

"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times." -Aeschylus


...forehead smoochies!!


...sled rides with your favorite person!

...dressing your pets up like other animals!!

...origami with Hello Kitty paper!!

...spending the holiday season with loved ones!


...picking lots of colorful flowers and making someone smile with a bouquet!

...taking a bath with all of your favorite toys!!

Sending you all lots of happiness and joy!!


Saturday, December 26, 2009



I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Wonderfulness is possible if you just open yourself up to it!! Have the most amazing weekend!
Here are some ideas  of what to do to have an extra happy and spunky weekend!!


Make some heart shaped pancakes!!

Write a Holiday story about a Christmas Bunny or a Christmas Beaver! Draw doodles to accompany your story!! Quirky Christmas!

Kick up your feet and relax! Holiday preparations are exhausting and you deserve some R&R!

Pair a full skirt with a pair of matching sneakers!! Super cute and chic!

Make a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy your holiday decorations before it's time to take them down!

Go around town putting quarters into gumball machines! A random act of kindness for a child hoping for something sweet!!

Buy some old vintagey jewelry at an antique store!! Costume jewelry for very little $$$!!

Pack up your leftover Christmas cookies into a bin and take them to a homeless shelter!!

Fold some origami boats and float them in a small pond or puddle!! Spread some clear nail polish on the bottom of the boats to keep them dry longer!

Turn some dried flowers into potpourri!! Spread some the petals in your clothing drawers for a lovely smell!

Start a converse club!! Completely pointless, random, and fun!!

Grab some pastels and create art!! Even cheaper pastels are lots of fun to work with! And they are extra messy which is a plus!!

Watch Disney's Up and make some chocolate covered pretzels!! Yummo! Bring some tissues though! It's a bit of a tearjerker for us lightweights!!

Go away for the weekend to a bed and breakfast!! A lot of these local places are quite affordable and very quaint! A wonderful getaway for a weekend of relaxation!

Watch some tutorials on youtube and learn how to pipe frosting! It's a wonderful skill to have and it makes your bakery creations very beautiful!

Paint your fingernails a very pretty pink!!

Have a Disney day!! Put on your mickey ears and princess dresses! Watch all of your favorite Disney movies!! Play Disney Scene it! Make Cookies in the shape of Disney characters! Such Fun!

Have some ice cream with extra sprinkles!! Sprinkles make my ♥ happy!!

Cut out paper hearts in your favorite colors or on printed scrapbook paper! String them up and make extra cute heart garland!!

Braid your hair and pin it behind your ear to create the look of a headband! Or just buy a braided headband, but make sure it matches your hair color! So cute!

Go see Sherlock Holmes!! We went to see it last night and loved it!!

Be happy, Lovelies!!! Life is much more enjoyable when put a positive spin on everything!!

Have an extra lovely weekend!!