Monday, November 30, 2009

Make Mondays Marvelous!

I cannot believe it is Monday again! Blah!! Mondays are like sneaky ninjas, always waiting in the darkness to jump out in a surprise attack!! Sorry to disappoint you, Monday Ninja! I'm going to make my Monday MARVELOUS!!

Capricious Caribou want you to make Mondays Marvelous!!

Hope you like my silly Monday doodle and alliteration!! To be honest, caribou have the weirdest looking antlers.  I gave it my best attempt, but any caribou expert would definitely turn their nose up at my drawing!

Hope everyone has the most magical and magnificent Monday!!

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p.s.s.s. Next week's Marvelous Monday animal will being with a D!! What do you think it should be??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Being Unproductive Really is OKAY!!!

I've been ridiculously lazy today! I was feeling a little under the weather this morning so I decided to take it easy today. And I'm already feeling ten times better after giving myself some down time!
It's days like these that help me to realize that sometimes it is okay to be unproductive.

It is getting cold here! I'm excited! I love the cold weather! It means scarves and sweaters! Toasty fires and hot cocoa!

Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet?? We saw it last night and it was sooo spiffy! Go see it!!

I hope your Sunday is full of relaxation and wonderfulness!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Saturday is the best day of the week, hands down!
What are you up to today??
No idea?!
I think I might have an idea or two!

♥   Go for a jog around your neighborhood and greet all of the dogs you see! They are usually hanging out in their yards all alone =(
If you wanna be cool, bark at them! They appreciate it when we attempt to speak their language!

 ♥  Crochet or knit a scarf in your favorite Harry Potter's Hogwarts colors!! Then pull out your wand to cast some spells and have a magical day!!

♥   Call someone you love but rarely talk to!! Even if you are phone-shy like I am, it makes you feel really wonderful to hear the voice of someone special!! Chat it up and make someone smile!!

♥  Make (or buy) some caramel apples!! They are so yummy, a relatively healthy treat, and very messy to eat! Give yourself permission to eat like a 5 year old and enjoy!!!

♥  If you went shopping on Black Friday, you are probably very tired today!! Put on some comforting music, pulls the blinds closed, and take a nap on your couch!!

♥   Sit down on a park bench and people-watch! It's very entertaining and funny! If you spy someone having a conversation, try to imagine what they are talking about!

♥  Make a cup of tea, grab a cupcake, bring your favorite magazine or book and go to your favorite quiet spot! A comfy windowsill, perhaps! Enjoy an afternoon of "you time"!!

♥ Crown yourself Princess for the day! Don a sparkly tiara and wear it everywhere you go!
If anyone asks you about the tiara, reply that you are visiting your loyal subjects today and they should adore you by presenting you with gifts!!

♥   Make someone breakfast in bed!! They will love you until the end of time afterward!!

♥   Celebrate someone's birthday by making them happy birthday cupcakes!!!

♥  Invite your bestest friends out for ice cream sundaes! They will say "It's not Sunday!!" and you will share a batch of giggles!!

♥   Gather some old photos and make a cute wall display or decoration! Some ideas and instructions here!

♥   Embellish a pair of tights with sparkly beads or flowers!! Your one of a kind creation will look totally chic!! Instructions here!

♥  Go to a park or outdoor area around dusk.  Take pictures of the changing colors! Beautiful and artistic photo opportunity!!

♥   Make a yummy turkey sandwich with the left over Thanksgiving turkey!! Top it with normal sandwich fixings like tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, pickles, etc. Spread a little cranberry on top for an extra Thankgivingey sandwich!

♥   Brew your favorite coffee or tea!! Enjoy a cup while writing down all the exciting details of your life in your journal!! Make sure to include doodles!!

♥   Fold some origami cranes!! Use different colored papers!! String them together or spread them out all over your home as decorations!! Name them!! Instructions here!

♥   Have a formal tea party! Sort of like High Tea! Send out fancy invitations to your closest friends, prepare decadent treats, get dressed up in your frilliest and princess-like dress, put on as much costume jewelry as is possible and serve delicious teas in your best china!

♥   If your Saturday turns out to be rainy, go outside and play in the rain!! Dance in the rain and sing rainy day songs!! Splash puddles with glee!! Once you are completely soaked, take a nice hot shower and relax under a toasty blanket!!

♥   Go to the market and buy all of your favorite fruits!! Clean, chop, and toss them into a bowl! Yummy fruit salad!! Top them with a little whipped cream if you like! Invite your people over to devour all the yumminess!!

♥   Blow bubbles!! Have an afternoon filled with bubbles and giggles!! 

♥  Spend your Saturday remembering how precious and wonderful life is! Do things that make you and others happy!!

Happy Saturday Lovelies!!!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy: Special Holiday Edition!

So, I absolutely adore the holiday season!  I'm planning on dedicating several posts to holiday happiness for the next few weeks! I'm so excited to decorate the house, play christmas music, and feel extremely merry!!

What Makes My Heart Happy: Special Holiday Edition!

 ♥  Handmade Christmas Crafts!!


♥   Driving around town looking for the spiffiest x-mas lights display! 

♥ Stopping at Starbucks on a chilly evening!

♥   Pie, pie, and more pie!! 

♥   Hanging up stockings for Santa to leave treats inside!

♥   Christmas tree smell!
♥   The small coma that ensues after eating turkey!
♥   Decorating the house/apartment in garland, bright lights, and holly!

♥   Christmas cookie candles

♥   Comfy winter socks!


♥   Candy Canes!


♥   Holiday colored Hershey kisses! They are like tiny pieces of heaven!


♥   Sledding down a steep hill covered in deep snow!!

♥   and not crashing when you reach the bottom!


♥   Nutcracker Figurines! I just love them even though they are kinda ugly!



♥   Quirky Christmases!!


♥   A Charlie Brown Christmas



♥   Christmas candies!

♥   Snowflakes


 ♥   Eskimo kisses!


♥   Holiday stickers


♥   Winter Scarves!!!!!

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!! What makes your heart happy this holiday season?? Leave a comment and let me know about your happy hearts!