Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's Saturday!! The best day of the entire week!! And it's Halloween too! Do you have fun plans for Halloween? Wade and I are having a Halloween Party for just the two of us. We are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, watching lots of Halloween movies, and eating lots of goodies. We are also going to cook dinner together which is something I really enjoy. There are so many wonderful things you can do today!!

♥ Cook a yummy casserole and enjoy! Have people over who make you smile and share the yumminess!

♥ Go trick-or-treating for UNICEF!!!

♥ Carve a pumpkin with a spiffy design! Save the pumpkins seeds to bake! Spread them on a cookie sheet, add salt, and bake at 350 degrees for 10-20 minutes or until crisp. Yummy!

♥ Grab some crayons, markers, chalk, or paint and make some art!

♥ Bake Halloween cookies! Decorate them with icing and sprinkles!

♥ Write hello cards to people you miss!

♥ Build a nest in your bed with pillows and nap!

♥ Have a photo shoot with your friends in their Halloween costumes! Write a narrative about ghosts, vampires, and werewolves for them to act out!

♥ Pack a picnic and go out into nature to find the perfect spot to spread out a blanket. Enjoy finger sandwiches while gazing up at the clouds! Create wonderful things out of the cloud shapes!

♥ Tell someone you love how much they mean to you =D And nothing says love more than cookies!!

♥ Have a scary movies marathon! Bring someone you can snuggle with during the extra scary parts! And popcorn!!

♥ Turn off the television and READ!! Your imagination would love to dive into a good adventure and get lost in another world!!

♥ Write a love letter to yourself! Make sure to include all the wonderful things about yourself that you love! Hide the letter from yourself so you can find it by surprise in the future!

♥ Make a playlist of really happy songs and burn copies for your friends! They can listen to the happiness whenever they need to be cheered up and it will make them think of you!

Have the spiffiest Saturday ever!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy!

Well, this week has been a mixture of happiness and depression. I have been feeling pretty ill the past few days. This post is my weekly what makes my heart happy:

♥ Going to Petco right when obedience school is starting! RooRoo!
♥ Having tickle wars
♥ Laughing out loud while watching cartoons
♥ Yummy enchiladas
♥ Polar bears
♥ Making a playlist of songs that make me =D
♥ Eating lunch with Brittany
♥ Scrapbooking
♥ Climbing into bed after an exhausting day
♥ Flute Choir
♥ All the cute pumpkins
♥ Glitter in excess!
♥ Waking up to the smell of baking muffins
♥ That accomplished feeling after a good workout
♥ My dancing Hippo
♥ Watching Animal Planet while getting ready for class
♥ Going grocery shopping when the cabinets are completely bare.
♥ Freshly cut roses

Yay! Happy Week!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I posted this picture because I was just thinking about how great I've been lately. A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling pretty down because of my bad health. But all the people in my life who love me (and Wade who loves me the most) really helped me get through my depression. And I've just been really happy and positive these days. So, I wanted to come up with a list of things I want to learn how to do. There are so many things that I am interested in! I'm going to compose a list and start tackling them!

I want to learn:
  • how to make fancy cupcakes
  • how to dance ballet
  • how to cook like a pro
  • how to whistle really loudly with my fingers
  • how to make an origami moose
  • how to crochet an elaborate stitch
  • how to sew without using a pattern
  • how to groom my own fox terrier
  • how to write a play
  • how to fold napkins fancily
  • how to not stress about everything
  • how to play the harp
  • how to speak with sign language
  • how to drive
  • how to draw cartoons
  • how to make a fancy cake
  • how to apply all different types of makeup looks
  • how to do yoga
  • how to speak another language (as long as it isn't spanish!)
  • how to decorate like the people on HGTV
I think this is a good list! I might add some more items later if I think of them. You should make a list of your own.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love saturdays!! They are my absolute favorite days! I just have this extra happiness on saturday mornings when I wake up late after a refreshing night of sleep. I'm very strict about always having saturday mornings free for sleep. This is important! I've actually been kind of antzy today because I wanted to write a blog post about all sorts of wonderful things you can do on saturday! And I really want to do something crafty today...maybe some scrapbooking?? Oo or I might learn a new origami fold! I love learning new folds! I've been making lots of origami hearts lately. We decided that I'm going to fold origami hearts as place cards for the wedding. Cute, right??

This blog does have a point! It's saturday and there are so many things you can do today!

♥ You can go see Where the Wild Things Are! I'm dying to see this movie!

♥ You can collect Hello Kitty Figurines and make them dance happily! This one is a MONKEY!! Cute!♥ You can make rose cupcakes (or any kind of cupcake!) and have all your friends over to enjoy the yumminess!

♥ You can make a banner with a lovely message for someone to find! Or just decorate a post-it note and leave it to surprise someone.

♥ You can make a zoo of origami creatures and name them all! Instant friends!
♥ Get all dressed up in a fancy dress and some costume jewelery! Then invite your bestest friends over for a TEA PARTY! Brew up some tasty Scottish breakfast tea or your favorite kind of tea and eat tasty pastries.

♥ Go for a walk and enjoy an adventure in nature! Pick flowers and say hello to all the trees you meet!

♥ You could build a Pillow Clubhouse! Get all your favorite pillows and blankets, construct a clubhouse, and have lots of fun inside your own fortress! For extra fun, fill the inside with pillows so you can nap after you are finished building!

♥ Make S'mores!! They are super tasty and way fun to create!!

♥ You could claim a space of your own to create beautiful things and then get crafty! I'm super jealous of this craft room!

Well, Hope you have the best saturday ever!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy!

evening at my tea house

My journey through the land of sickness the past few weeks has left me a little worn and a little inspired. I was struggling with the news of my thyroid disease when I came down with an upper respiratory infection. I was put on a heavy dose of antibiotics, but because of all the rehearsals for the spooktacular and my school work, I really didn't get enough rest. I ended up with Bronchitis which I am still struggling with the tail end of. The medicine I got put on for my bronchitis makes me feel totally gross. It affects my blood sugar levels, which my doctor said was normal, but is no fun at all. He also put me on a cough medicine with hydrocodone which knocks me out for like half the day. I took it for the first time on Friday evening, and I woke up on saturday...evening. I think it put me in a small coma. But the rest was really nice. I always get a little bummed when I'm sick in bed. I'm not very good at staying at home to rest when I'm sick. I want to be better in an instant and be able to do everything I normally do.

I'm also having to cut back on things right now to avoid stress. We decided that I would drop 9 of my 17 credit hours this semester. It was sort of a hard decision, but I know that I have to take it easy. I'm dropping government, history of western civilization, and spanish 2. All of these classes can be taken again next semester when I'm hopefully doing much better. We also pushed my graduation date back an entire year so that I can spread my remaining classes out over 3 semesters. All of these changes are a little scary, but I have faith that everything will be ok. Everything we have decided is for my own good. 

Well, I've rambled on and on about my sickness. I also wanted to talk about my inspiration! I have really wanted to start a weekly blog list of things that I love or things that inspire me! I know this idea isn't original, but I want to put my own spin on it! So I decided to post a weekly blog about all the things in my life that inspire me or make me giggle.
What makes my Heart Happy this Week:
♥ Hello Kitty in excess! All of her cuteness makes me smile!
♥ Doodling all sorts of creatures and giving them interesting names
♥ Having tea parties with friends and stuffed animals
♥ Chocolate brownies 
♥ Falling asleep in a sea of pillows
♥ Having a Sister who can understand you when you are crying, eating, or brushing your teeth while trying to talk.
♥ Hippos!
♥ Playing Super Mario on my Pink DS and getting Mario-Rage!
♥ Watching cartoons all afternoon
♥ Eating cinnamon toast in bed
♥ Watching Wall-e and making cute robot noises with him!!
♥ Leaving my bed un-made and making nap plans for later!

I think that is all I have for this week! I'll probably have a much longer list next week! It's time for sleepies! Sweet dreams!

♥ P.S. Here is a pic of me as Marie Antoinette! The costume turned out sooo cute! ♥

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween is EXCITING!

I know that Halloween isn't for another 2 weeks, but I'm already super excited! Why?? Because Halloween is the start of the rest of the most wonderful holidays ever! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day!!

My mom made my Halloween costume this year! Well, she makes them every year because she is the most amazing seamstress in the whole world! She already finished mine and is working on my sister's costume right now. I'm dressing up as a sexy Marie Antoinette. My sister is dressing up as a sexy Mad Hatter. The reason my mom made our costumes so early in the month is because we have to wear our costumes in the Spooktacular choir concert. I'm really excited about my costume! My mom did such a wonderful job making it. It sort of reminds me of the Kirsten Dunst movie. I know people complained a lot about historical accuracy, but I really love that movie! I will definitely post some pics of my costume in a later post!

I had to stay home from class today because I was really sick! It was so frustrating because I have already missed some school because of my thyroid disease. I had 102 degree fever so my mom wouldn't let me go to class. We went to the doctor because she was afraid I had the flu, but I test negative for it. I was thankful that I didn't have it because we have a choir concert in 3 days! The doctor gave me major antibiotics and orders to get lots of rest. He wanted me to stay home from school tomorrow, but I think I'll be ok. I don't want to miss school anymore than is necessary. I don't really have a lot to do tomorrow besides my two classes, so I think I will be fine. I always have a good time when my mom and I go places together. She took me out to eat lunch today, which is always fun. I really like talking to her these days. We went to the fabric store together while we were waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. She found some super cute fabric to make thanksgiving day scrubs. And we found the pattern for my bridesmaid dresses!!! The dresses are going to be way more cute than I ever imagined! Here is a pic of the pattern cover( just imagine the pink and green dress in black and white):

I better get some rest like the doctor ordered!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My days are so exciting!

I really want these Hello Kitty Asics!! Aren't they super cute?? But alas, they are also a little expensive for my very frugal budget. I would totally rock these cuties though! Can you believe how much I've been blogging lately?? It really makes me feel good to jot down some thoughts every few days. Recently I've started tweeting! Some people are completely against twitter, and that's totally cool with me. I was once against it too! But now I really really love it! The reason I like it so much is because I can follow lots of people who inspire me, like my fav stars. And it is really fun to read everyone's tweets and connect with them on a small level. I dunno. If that sounds dumb to you, don't tweet! I never use my Myspace, but some people can't live without theirs. I guess it is just a matter of personal preference.

I wish that I wasn't such a shy person. I know that it is just my nature, but I think shy people sometimes miss out on opportunities. I think this when I need a burst of outgoing-ness. I'm actually pretty outgoing and bubbly around the people I know well. It's just the newbies who bring out this shy and scared shadow in the corner girl. I think that I am only shy because I was encouraged to be so when I was a child. I'm very into rationally figuring out why people are they way they are. Like my fear of mice: I'm only afraid of mice because I was conditioned to be afraid of them in my childhood. Whenever I saw a mouse, it would startle me and give me a fright. That conditioned me to be afraid of mice, when I was just startled by them. I have no reason to be afraid of a very small creature who just wants to nibble cheese. I know mice are disease carriers, but so are squirrels. So before my mouse tangent I was talking about my shyness. I've been working on overcoming my shyness. It's hard sometimes, but I think it really is working. I've started trying to talk to people that my shy self would hide from. It really makes me feel fuzzy inside to make new friends. And pushing past my shyness makes me feel really fearless at times. It's the whole idea of doing things outside your comfort zone. It's scary sometimes, but it makes you feel great in the end. I'm also making new discoveries about myself now that I'm more outgoing. It might have been possible that my shyness was directed towards myself as well.

I just discovered a new wonderful blog that I'm now following. It's a blog written by Gala Darling, and it is so lovely! I think it is one of those inspiring and creative websites I was looking for the other day when I googled happiness. Her thoughts are very inspiring! She has this really cute article called "Things I Love Thursday" where she writes a list of things that makes her happy every Thursday. I thought that was such a wonderful idea. I have occasionally made lists of things I love in my journal, but a weekly installment of the list is really imaginative. And I think it promotes positive thinking. I might try to come up with my own version of her really spiffy idea. You should give it a try too!