Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Makes You Unique??

What Makes Me UNIQUE!!

♥   I'm a very random person and really enjoy spur of the moment fun, but I also love being organized and making plans in advance.
♥   Sometimes I wake my dog up when he's fast asleep to make sure he is still alive. He gets so annoyed with me because I'm such a clingy owner.
♥   I watch really sappy Lifetime movies late at night and crochet under the covers when it's cold!
♥   Silly things make me giggle, but I don't always laugh out loud at blatantly funny things!
♥   Sometime I make my bed right before I plan to get into it just because it's more comfy to climb into a well-made bad!

Now it's your turn!!

What makes you unique??

p.s. If you missed the last installment of this, find it here! It was called "What Makes You Quirky?"

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Leah said...

Jacque, your first item is so true with me too. I am random but I need to plan in advance... makes me think, how can that be random. Hahaha!

What makes me unique?

* I am one of the few photographers who love being on the other side of the lens... shoo the model, take my pic first.

* I love fashion but the most important part of my wardrobe are my pajamas. I can live in my pajamas.

* I don't drink coffee unless I'm socializing. Hahaha! You know, coffee dates with girlfriends.

Jen said...

I love freshly made beds and making plans!

Jacque said...

♥ Leah: I'm a major pajama person too! I always put my pajamas on when I'm at home! And I never drink coffee unless I'm at a cafe or over at a friend's house!

♥ Jen: Yay!! That makes me feel better!

Evie said...

This is a really cool post! Things that make me unique are that I color code my towels, I usually only wear the colors purple and green, and I refuse to watch movies on television if they have already started. I couldn't think of anything cool!! Hopefully that doesn't sound too lame!!

penny threads. said...

awww! you're adorable! and unique. :D i really enjoyed this post, it was refreshing.

what makes me unique?
i like to drink coffee through a straw (it prevents you from staining your teeth as much AND i'm a clutz so i spill if i have to tip the cup)

i have to tie my straw wrappers into a knot before i throw them away.

i have to have my volume on an even number. :D

Kate said...

i'm gonna have to feature this on my blog, and then do it myself :)

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. this blog suck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i feel so gay when im on this blog. no not that "gay" word, the one that means happy, you narrow-minded vultures!!!

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