Friday, December 18, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy!!

Lovelies, I'm going through a small rough patch right now with some bad health.
I definitely need to make my happy heart list this week!!
I gotta keep my positivity going strong!!
Hope all of you are hanging in there!!

What Makes My ♥ Happy This Week:

♥   Yummy cupcakes!

♥   Watching X-files and hiding under the covers at the scary parts!

♥   All the bright and sparkly Christmas light displays!! I squee at each one we see!!

♥   Adventures with iPhonie!!

♥   Waking up my dog George from a bad dream! (That's George in the picture snuggling with Boogie Bear my polar!!)

♥   Writing lots of personal things down in my worn out journal!

♥   Christmas presents from my sister!

♥   Stopping in at Starbucks on a freezing cold night!

♥   Shopping trips filled with goofy voices and lots of giggles!!!!!

♥   50 followers on my blog!! I feel so special and blessed to have some many wonderful blog friends in my life!! I love all of you mucho mucho!

♥   Handmade Christmas Cards

♥   Color coded to-do list that confuses me a little!

♥   The Princess and the Frog!!! Went to see it and loved it!

♥   Polar bears wearing cute santa hats!

♥   Making Christmas goodies for friends and family!

♥   Catching your favorite christmas song on the radio

♥   Hugs from all your favorite people!

What makes your ♥ happy, Lovelies??

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Leah said...
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Leah said...

Hope you'll feel better Jacque...and that's the spirit, keep the positivity flowing. There are a lot of things that can perk you up.

What makes me happy?
* hugs from my boys
* comments from my blogger friends
* chocolates (any kind makes me happy)
* kraft caramel candy
* gummy bears
* day-dreaming
* doing nothing

I deleted my first comment, had some typo errors. I need to get new glasses. Hahaha!

Rogue said...

What a nice list of lovely things :) Keeping inspired and creative makes me happy. and having honest and caring people around me. mean people and fake friends really get me down :( I cant wait to see the priness and the frog, it looks amazing.

love your blog! xx

Carrie said...

awe this post made me very happy! Feel better soon!

Kate said...

this is a good list :D

tenthings. said...

oh, these photos make my heart happy, too!

Rachel said...

Love your list!

What makes me happy? Christmas movies and decorations. Getting Christmas cards in the mail. And snow! (Because I'm expecting lots of it this weekend!)

mrs. buckster said...

awww! i love this list! reading it made my heart happy!

LovelyLor said...

awww all sooo cute ! I really want to see princess and the frog. Finals being over makes me happy! and my typewriter loudly idleling next to me

chelseybell. said...

i hope you feel better soon!

oh my goodness, i remember watching xfiles with my parents every friday night when i was younger, and it was soooo terrifying. especially when you're still in single digits. i have no idea what my parents were thinking!

Sher said...

I really loved reading through your lists of happy things! It made me rather happy too reading them,so thank you for sharing!!

I'm so happy because my bf is coming home soon, and it's been so long since I've seen him! Oh, how cute that you and your fiance also experienced the same shyness!

Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm following your blog:)Your blog is too sweet!!


Jacque said...

All of the comments you lovelies have left me makes my heart super duper happy!!

miss lucille said...

i hope you get better soon!

witoxicity said...

I hope you're all well by now. As for me, my family makes me happy! :D

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