Saturday, December 26, 2009



I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Wonderfulness is possible if you just open yourself up to it!! Have the most amazing weekend!
Here are some ideas  of what to do to have an extra happy and spunky weekend!!


Make some heart shaped pancakes!!

Write a Holiday story about a Christmas Bunny or a Christmas Beaver! Draw doodles to accompany your story!! Quirky Christmas!

Kick up your feet and relax! Holiday preparations are exhausting and you deserve some R&R!

Pair a full skirt with a pair of matching sneakers!! Super cute and chic!

Make a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy your holiday decorations before it's time to take them down!

Go around town putting quarters into gumball machines! A random act of kindness for a child hoping for something sweet!!

Buy some old vintagey jewelry at an antique store!! Costume jewelry for very little $$$!!

Pack up your leftover Christmas cookies into a bin and take them to a homeless shelter!!

Fold some origami boats and float them in a small pond or puddle!! Spread some clear nail polish on the bottom of the boats to keep them dry longer!

Turn some dried flowers into potpourri!! Spread some the petals in your clothing drawers for a lovely smell!

Start a converse club!! Completely pointless, random, and fun!!

Grab some pastels and create art!! Even cheaper pastels are lots of fun to work with! And they are extra messy which is a plus!!

Watch Disney's Up and make some chocolate covered pretzels!! Yummo! Bring some tissues though! It's a bit of a tearjerker for us lightweights!!

Go away for the weekend to a bed and breakfast!! A lot of these local places are quite affordable and very quaint! A wonderful getaway for a weekend of relaxation!

Watch some tutorials on youtube and learn how to pipe frosting! It's a wonderful skill to have and it makes your bakery creations very beautiful!

Paint your fingernails a very pretty pink!!

Have a Disney day!! Put on your mickey ears and princess dresses! Watch all of your favorite Disney movies!! Play Disney Scene it! Make Cookies in the shape of Disney characters! Such Fun!

Have some ice cream with extra sprinkles!! Sprinkles make my ♥ happy!!

Cut out paper hearts in your favorite colors or on printed scrapbook paper! String them up and make extra cute heart garland!!

Braid your hair and pin it behind your ear to create the look of a headband! Or just buy a braided headband, but make sure it matches your hair color! So cute!

Go see Sherlock Holmes!! We went to see it last night and loved it!!

Be happy, Lovelies!!! Life is much more enjoyable when put a positive spin on everything!!

Have an extra lovely weekend!!

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Leah said...

This is a beautiful list... I want that bed and breakfast and I want to braid my hair that way.

Sprinkles make me happy too.

Thanks for this list... it's really very lovely.

tealovecoffee said...

wow those photos (and tips) are so beautiful :D

so fun doing all of it! ^^

Jamie said...

Looove this list!!!!! Such great pictures and inspiration!!!! I seriously love your posts. Happy day to you!!!!! =)

Lindsay said...

wow this post is awesome! We are actually going to watch Up tonight!, just made some chocolate covered pretzels the other day too! I will definetly be doing some of this stuff!! Thanks so much!!

penny threads. said...

lovely post! i will take a few of those things and pencil them in. hope your christmas was wonderful, full of good times and good food! ciao for now.

Rachel said...

Great post!
I so want to braid my hair like that! And I'm dying to see Sherlock Holmes!

Hope you've had a spectacular weekend!

miss lucille said...

how fun! i actually just painted my fingernails pink before reading this blog!!

Carrie said...

love all the pictures! Up is such a good movie :D

don't worry about the mix up with the package I completely understand i do stuff like that all the time!


Evie said...

I love this list of ideas! My favorite is the nail polish idea and the idea to take leftover cookies to a shelter. Really sweet and thoughtful!

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