Saturday, December 19, 2009



It's the weekend, finally!! Whew!
Aren't you excited??!!

It's SATURDAY!! Whoo!!
The best day of the entire week because anything is possible on a Magical Saturday!

If you're not sure what to do this weekend
I have some ideas!! Yippee!! It's time for my favorite segment,

♥   Make a handmade Christmas tree ornament!! Very cute present for someone special!

♥   Curl your hair into pretty ringlets!! And then tie or clip a bow into your hair!! Cuteness!

♥   Drive around town with your friends and marvel at all the Christmas lights on display!! Bring hot cocoa!!

♥   Take a cap nap!!

♥   Try out a color of lipstick that you never wear!! (I've never worn red lipstick!!)

♥   Wake up extra early after getting plenty of sleep!! Make some coffee or tea and watch the sunrise!

♥   Eat some cute goldfish crackers and make them swim around happily! Give your fishies names before devouring them!

♥   Have fun with Post-its!! Make cartoons, leave lots of random messages for your friends, or draw doodles and paste them all over!

♥   Make Yummy-kabobs!!

♥   Pin lots of colorful flowers in your hair! Or one really big flower! Wear your pretty floral hair accessory all day!!

♥   Give someone your heart!

♥   Watch The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and sing along!!

♥   Bake cupcakes in your favorite color!! Give them to everyone you meet during the day!!

♥   Go for a walk somewhere in nature!! Pick flowers for a loved one!!

♥   Bake Hello Kitty cookies!!

♥   Go to a local playground and have lots of fun on the swingset!!

♥   Make some delicious cookies!! Pack up your baked goodies into colorful tins and give them to all of your friends!! Christmas presents!!

♥   Paint the Ninja Turtles on your nails!! So quirky!!

♥   Bake some raspberry muffins for breakfast!! Munch on these while snuggling under the covers!!

♥   Go on an impromptu roadtrip with your besties!! Go somewhere you have never been all dolled up and get lost!!  Adventures will ensue!

♥   Spend the day remembering that you are wonderful, unique, quirky, spunky, happy, and absolutely gorgeous inside and out!!

Do you have plans for this weekend, lovelies??

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Evie said...

Your weekend post is probably my favorite on your blog! Really cute tips! I want to make my hubby take me to play at a playground now! And I love all the tasty treats you suggested!

Jen said...

What a great post. Imagine if you did ALL these things in one weekend - surely the best weekend ever! I have one to add as well - watching Christmas films and wrapping presents. :)

Jamie said...

I just discovered your blog and I love, love, love it!!!!! Can't wait to read more!

Leah said...

Hmmmmm... I want to bake Hello Kitty cookies, put flowers in my hair and paint Ninja Turtles on my nails. My weekend is filled up already. Hahaha!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I'm so glad you did bc I absolutely LOVE your blog. I'm a follower now :D Hope we become great blog friends :D

red food colouring said...

you always come and comment lovely things on my blog and i finally had the time to check out your internet space! now i want ringlets and COOOOOOOKIES. xoxox

mart and lu said...

happy saturday to you too! i hope you have a wonderful weekend. those cupcakes look so yummy...unfortunately i can't bite my screen.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Happy Saturday! So glad you found my blog!! I love yours too!

Sher said...

Gosh, why do I feel like I want to do everything on your list:))

Go put on some red lippie!!


Harriet said...

What great weekend suggestions. Currently all mine are filled up with christmas and family, but I'm looking forward to having a few soon where I can do just what I want!

THanks for visiting my blog! xx

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

this made my evening!!!!!!

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