Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Happiness!!

Happy Saturday Lovelies!!!
It's time for my favorite segment ever!!
Weekend Happiness (formally known as Saturday Happiness)

Whatcha up to this weekend??

♥   Gather a group of friends and go caroling!! Make sure to wear festive attire and have merry moods! Visit some nursing homes if you want to make some elderly people very happy!

♥   Go to your local pet store or animal shelter and visit with the animals!  Make friends with the stray kitties! Bark happily at the dogs!! Make fishy faces at the fish in their tanks! Chirp at the cute cheep cheep birds!!

♥   Bake some Christmas cookies!! Decorate them with icing, sprinkles, and candies! Pack your freshly made treats into cute containers! Tada!! You've made some of your Christmas presents!!

♥   Make tacos for dinner!! Yum yum!

♥   Make some homemade Christmas cards! Gather up colorful cardstock, patterned scissors, stickers, glitter, and ribbon! Have fun letting your craft creativity take over! Make original and personalized cards for all of your friends and family!!

♥   Make some Jell-o in your favorite flavor inside a cookie sheet (mine is strawberry)!! Add your favorite fresh fruit if you like!! After it has set, use holiday cookie cutters to make cute jell-o jigglers!! Invite your friends over to enjoy your yummy creations! Better instructions here!

♥   Try a new hair-do!! Use curlers, a flat iron, or a crimper!! Anything that differs from your everyday hair!! Watch some hair tutorials on youtube and try them out!! Incorporate the ideas you like into your everyday look!

♥   Have a marathon of your favorite show (my favorite shows are Friends and iCarly)!! Make some popcorn, grab something cold to drink, and get under the covers of your bed!!

♥   Start a dream journal! Pick out a cute colorful notebook and some spiffy pens to record your dreams when you first wake up.

♥   Take some time to write out your favorite recipes onto index cards and store them in a recipe box!! This is very helpful to avoid forgetting to purchase essential ingredients!! Organized chefs are happy chefs!

♥   Spend the day asking all of your friends and family to try to lick their elbow! Laughter will ensue!

♥   Go see The Princess and the Frog!!

♥   Make a Gingerbread house!!

♥   Make some fruity smoothies with fresh fruit!! Have your friends over to share or just make enough for yourself!!

♥   Write a letter to Santa!! Make a list of all the lovely things you are hoping to receive!

♥   Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with someone who likes to snuggle!! Sing along!!

♥   Go to a candy store and pick out some of your favorite sweets!! Stash them away in your desk drawer or kitchen cabinet! They will be waiting to cheer you up on a crummy day!  Or will make a perfect snack to stow away into the movie theater!

♥   Doodle pictures of your favorite animals in santa hats with candy canes and christmas trees!!

♥   Surprise attack someone grumpy with a tickle war!!

Have an amazing and spunky weekend!!


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LovelyLor said...

Great ideas and oh boy those pictures have made me hungry!

I'm bummed I haven't heard any christmas music yet! Usually by this time I'm sick of it but now i miss it!

I'll start blasting some jingle cats or something hehe

S and O said...

OMG I never tried this's damn impossible to lick one's elbow!!!

I think I'll settle for attacking a grump with a tickle-y feather...LOL! ^_^

Hope your having a great weekend!


Mermaid said...

I like this entire list. I really want to go see Princess and the Frog ASAP. Visiting animal shelters, while I like doing it, is so dangerous for me because I want to take every single animal home.

Evie said...

Cute list! I decided to tickle attack my husband because he was grumpy! We ended up huffing and puffing on our bed after a major tickle war. I think you should doodle some christmas animals for us! I can't draw to save my life!

Leah said...

I love these ideas Jacque and I love the pics that you used in each one.

The jell-o, new hairdo, dream journal and the tickle war are my favorites.

I'll be following you. Love your blog.

hellosweetworld said...

Lovely list! I love the tacos for dinner...i may have to do that soon. Can ya tell i'm hungry? Hehe.

penny threads. said...

there are some fun ideas in here. i think i will try some today. :D you have officially inspired me today. thank you!

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