Saturday, December 5, 2009


My favorite day of the week is SATURDAY!
There are so many spunky, quirky, and exciting things you can do this weekend!!

♥   Go for a bicycle adventure!! Make sure to pack some goodies to snack on like finger sandwiches or fresh fruit! Bring some water or juice and stay hydrated! Take pictures of all the squirrels you meet!

♥   Make some rice crispy treats and cut them into hearts!! Wrap them up in colorful cellophane and Boom! Presents for all your friends! Yummy sweet treat with only 100 calories!!

♥   Adopt a kitty!! Or any pet in need of a good home! Everyday animals are put to sleep because no one wants them.  Visit your local animal shelter today!!

♥   Invite some friends over for a Wii Party! No Wii? Have a video game party! Buy a gift card from your favorite restaurant as a prize for the winner. Agree on what it takes to win and battle it out for the prize!! Make sure to have chips, dip, cookies, and lots of other junk food handy for your gamers to munch on!

♥   Chop up some strawberries or your favorite fresh fruit and toss them into your breakfast cereal! Put on your favorite television show or your favorite music and have a breakfast in bed!! While enjoying your breakfast, think about all the wonderful things you can do during the day!!

♥   Brew a warm cup of tea for someone feeling under the weather.  Make sure to add a little splash of lemon and some honey!! It is soothing for a scratchy throat!

♥   Play board games with your favorite people!! I love spending an entire evening play board games and trash talking my competitors!! It's so much fun! Order a pizza or some chinese food and forget about the diet for one night!!

 ♥   Bop over to Starbucks for your favorite hot drink!!  Enjoy someone's company while sipping the yumminess!!

 ♥   Go for a walk and take your journal with you! Find a park bench to sit down on! Write poetry about all of the tree you have met on your walk!!

♥  Make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!! Yummy!!

♥   Make art in everything you do!! Make a mashed potato Mona Lisa! Doodle on your napkin! Sketch pictures of everyone's shoes!!  Take pictures of random people making funny faces and turn the pictures into a collage! Turn jell-o into art with some cookie cutters and then eat your creations!

♥   Reward yourself for a rough week by indulging in something tasty!!

♥   Go to your local library or second hand bookstore! Have fun discovering old books with character! Make friends with the old copies of classics and imagine what sort of adventures they have been on with their previous owners!!

♥   Take a bubble bath!! Pour in some bath salts and floral scented bubble bath! Relax!!

♥   Transform your bedroom area into a sanctuary! Put extra comfy linen on your bed, place some candles in your favorite scent around your room, and place a stack of your favorite books on your night table.  Escape to your sanctuary when you feel stressed!!

 ♥   Get dressed up and go out with your favorite person! Go eat dinner at a fancy restaurant! Go see a movie! Share lots of laughs and have lots of fun together!! 

Have an amazing weekend, Lovelies!!

p.s. What are you up to this weekend?? Leave me a comment telling what you are up to!

4 Quirky Comments:

LovelyLor said...

Happy Saturday indeed! Today was Walt Disney's bithday! He would be a 109 today,rest his soul.
Those little donuts look delicious! Great ideas for the weekend

Evie said...

I love this segment, quirky girl! Saturdays are my favorite too! Now I want to take a long bubble bath tonight. Awesome ideas for the weekend!

Jenny said...

I LOVE this post! Especially getting dressed up and going to a second-hand bookstore :) Great ideas!

miss lucille said...

such great suggestions! and so many wonderful pictures!

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