Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Christmas Wish List!!

I was inspired by some of my favorite blogs to write a letter to Santa!! I love seeing what everyone is wishing for this christmas, and I wanted to join in the fun!!

Dear Santa,
I've been super extra good this year!! Here is what I'm hoping for this Christmas:

 Hello Kitty Slippers!

 Hello Kitty Deco Case for iPhonie!

 I ♥ Nerds Hello Kitty Tote

Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story!!

 Hello 2010 Wall Calendar

 Domokun Plushie! He's so cute and scawy!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on DVD!!

 Hello Kitty 2010 Planner!

 Sephora's Makeup For Ever Professionals Creme Palette No. 1

 Anything from the Dainty Squid's etsy shop, but especially this owl wristlet or the zipper pouch of the month!

 Pretty Plum Floral Headband by RVA

xoxo, Jacque

p.s. Tell the reindeer I said hi!! Especially Comet! He's my favorite reindeer!!

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Jenny said...

Great wishlist! I especially love the owl wristlet, Harry Potter DVD, and the beautiful headband! I hope you get EVERYTHING :)

Carrie said...

Ok I want everything on your list too! I get the hello kitty calendar every year! So cute!

witoxicity said...

This is such a cute post! It's as cute as Hello Kitty! :D

Jacque said...

♥ Jenny: Aw thanks!! I hope Santa brings you everything on your list too!!

♥ Carrie: Sweet! I can't wait to get the hello kitty calendar! It always comes with the cutest stickers!

♥ Witoxicity: You're super sweet! Thank you!! I love you're user name! It's really original! It kinda sounds like it would make an awesome name for a band.

LovelyLor said...

I wish I had an iphone just for that hello kitty case! It's soooo adorable!I love Domos!

miss lucille said...

you love hello kitty! so fun. :)

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