Monday, December 21, 2009

Make Mondays Marvelous!!


Festive Flamingo wants you to make your Monday MARVELOUS!!

Festive Flamingo is the most vivacious and cheerful flamingo you have ever met!! He loves Mondays!! If you are having a bad day, he will definitely cheer you up with lots of flamingo smiles and hugs!! Yay!

Jump for joy!! Celebrate the wonderfulness that is YOU!! Do something quirky!! Be happy just because you are alive!! Rejoice in the holiday miracles! Make hot cocoa!! Let the warm fuzzies of the holiday season envelop you! Shoo away the Monday crummies and have a splendidly! magnificently! extraordinarily! AMAZING DAY!!

p.s. Hope you like the doodle this week!! My sweetie gave me the idea to doodle a flamingo! He's just wonderful that way!!

Have the best day ever, Lovelies!!

8 Quirky Comments:

Wade said...

Festive Flamingo fancies fantastic frilly feathers for frolicking frivolously in front of facetiously flippant featherbrained flying foxes.

Leah said...

Love the doodle... so festive, great to cure the Monday blues.

Have a happy Monday Jacque!

muchlove said...

the flamingo is so cute! love it :)

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

That's a sweet flamingo:)

Carrie said...

you have a great monday too!

Love the doodle

Lindsay said...

flamingo is adorable :)

Jen said...

A festive flamingo! How fabulous! :)

Costume Queen said...

I just found your blog because someone on another blog mentioned it, and I have to say - I LOVE IT!!! I am also a quirky person (though not nearly as positive). I've been going through some terrible, mostly unexplained depression lately, and your random encouraging posts are exactly what I need. Thank you for making such a wonderful blog!! Keep writing! =)

P.S. That flamingo is adorable!!

My blog: Aria of an Amateur

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