Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Time to Say Goodbye, 2009!!

But before you go, let's remember all those good times we had together!!

What a quirky year it's been!!

  I went on a back to school trip with my sister and bestie! We made our first and only webshow while 

With my best friend, Lauren after our spring choir concert! I'm all sweaty and gross from the dancing!

Together with my flute friends after the spring flute choir concert!

In the dressing room during the run of the summer play!

My best friends brought me flowers!!! I ♥ them!!

 I went on a study abroad trip to the UK!! We studied in London for 2 weeks and Edinburgh, Scotland for 3 weeks! We're excited to be in England! Sleepy smiles in Heathrow!

In King's Cross Station!! About to leave for Scotland!!

I fried my bangs with a crappy hair straightener on the first day in Scotland!! Whaa! They are still kinda crispy! It sucked!

In Her Majesty's Royal Gardens in Edinburgh! It was like a forest! We only got to spend an hour there, but I could have explored for hours!

We went to the Edinburgh Zoo!! AND!! I saw a HIPPO!!! My most favorite animal in the world!!

Polar Bear!! She was so gorgeous!!

Being grumpy in London! I was really homesick and it was my birthday! We went to the British Museum and had a lot of fun! They bought me some birthday cake at a little cafe! And we went to see Phantom of the Opera the next day!!

Outside Buckingham Palace! We stayed for the changing of the guard, which I had no idea was such a big deal until there were tons of uniformed men on horseback and a marching band!!

Big Ben!! I synchronized my watch with him!!

London's Eye!! We didn't get to ride it because it was the last days of our month long trip and we were broke!

I dressed up like Marie Antoinette for our Halloween Choir Concert!

George dressed up for Halloween to help pass out candy!

I dressed up like a french maid for Halloween!! My sister is the mad hatter!

Brittany, my best friend, had her senior recital!! I played a flute duet with her!! It was spectacular!

Yay!! That's the best of '09!!

What was your year like, Lovelies??

p.s. Leave me a link if you've made a similar year review post!! I would love to read about your year!!

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Leah said...

Love this year-end post complete with photos. I find this kind of post more interesting than listing down all the items without any image breaks. You know how to get the readers' attention Jacque. Cheers!

Happy New Year! xoxo

Kate said...

this was fun to look at :)
my reviews hereee http://katesirrelevant.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-was-your-2009.html


Eden Marie said...

this is such a good idea! i've seen it on a couple other blogs...i need to work up the energy to do it. haha.
very very cute blog. i've added your button!

:) have a good day!


Lindsay said...

Love your post, looks like you had an awesome year! Hope 2010 is just awesome for you!!

Mari said...

wow you were bust this year! and omg marie antoinette?? I DIE that is AMAZEBALLS!


Claire xx said...

WOW-What a fab year you have had. I really enjoyed looking at the photos. I have not done a year review, but I have done a look back at 1999! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Claire xx


Jen said...

I love that you came to England - it's such a beautiful place and I forget that, living here!

Happy New Year!

Mari said...

haha thanks for coming to my blog and saying hello!...I still think that wig rocks my socks =)

miss lucille said...

hey! here is my year in review http://the-italian-hippie.blogspot.com/2009/12/happy-new-years-eve-year-in-review.html. your 2009 looks like it was so fun!

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